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Image: Vdaychibilove.jpg   600x600 64688 bytes 2005.02.15

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!\r\n\r\nPS elements chibiwolfie

Image: waiting.jpg   500x500 41521 bytes 2004.09.03

Yeps, nice and random I know. I love the simplicity to it. Copyright Aerona. This one is another of my Photoshop Elements images. And yes the randomness on the computer screen was really typed with my nose.

Image: warstorieslineart.jpg   800x652 81290 bytes 2005.12.05

line art of an old wolf, who looks kind of like a cross between Jak from Jak and Daxter, and Cid Highwind for FFVII...anyways, he's got one of those bomber leather jackets with the fuzzy, on, and goggles ^^ Telling his old war stories again.

Image: whatiknowandwhatifeelcopyright.jpg   700x692 103362 bytes 2006.06.18

My personal Anthro formish self, Aerona. I drew this after my mate of 2 1/2 years dumped me. That teddy bear does exist and yes he is that ugly, I cling to him most nights, he was the first valentines day gift from my ex-mate, he's actually a lot smaller than that though. Anyways, My Anthro formish self is a wolf dragon jackal tiger, who is minus her wings still as of yet because, I have yet to fully pull out of my depression, once I do then they will be back, might start showing up somewhat in later works.

Image: WhyCare.jpg   400x525 66687 bytes 2004.08.24

As it says, why care what the world thinks? This guy was done with ball point pens, one black, one blue, and a red marker. Yeps, he's a wolfy, copyright to me :P

Image: whyhellocopyright.jpg   706x800 179200 bytes 2006.08.02

A unicorn looks down to find a sheltie puppy in his path. He reaches down close to sniff at said puppy and is given a puppy kiss in return.

Image: WithWingsIfly.jpg   756x1000 173174 bytes 2007.03.08

With Wings I Fly

A watercolor and ink painting of my german Shepeard Chebley who died January 11th 2006. I used a photo reference that I took. She's much more beautiful in the picture *nods* I gave her wings...

Tags: German Shepeard Dog Angel Wings Portrait  
Image: wolfdragon.jpg   50x50 4810 bytes 2005.01.02

A little wolfdragon Avatar I made a while back to use for my deviant art account, haven't been there a while, takes too long to load on 56k. Anyways yeps, this is the jpeg version so yips. Done in MS paint.

Image: wolfdragoncolorsbld.JPG   778x579 43282 bytes 2004.08.24

This is a WolfDragon, done completly in Microsoft Paint. Yeps, that's all I've got to say about that heh :P. Image copyright to Aerona of course.

Image: wolfdragonshowl.jpg   1000x756 234936 bytes 2007.03.28

Wolf Dragon's Howl

For the one hundred theme challange, this is number 99: Solitude. Prismacolor markers

Tags: wolf Dragon Howl Moon forest  
Image: wolventigressgoldblue.jpg   500x744 63710 bytes 2005.04.28

The back of a wolven tigress.

Image: youngbuckline.jpg   669x700 56012 bytes 2005.10.06

It's a young deer who's out of his spots but into his horns. More Line Art.

Image: YourSalvation.jpg   758x500 73104 bytes 2005.01.02

A male anthro wolf with pretty see through wings ^.^. Conte crayon on 9x12 paper. I like conte crayon, such a fun medium to play with, this is my first time using it in a picture. This is one of my fav pieces of artwork I've done heh, I just love it. About 2 hours total work on it.

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