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Image: Orrin_and_Nathan_5.jpg   350x652 55097 bytes 2002.09.26

Awwwww... aren't they adorable?!?!\r\n\r\nNate (c) me, Orrin (c) Trevor

Image: Nate_Cheer.jpg   404x557 134984 bytes 2002.09.21

Heehee... Orrin always thought Nate would look cute in a cheerleader's outfit, so... TA DA!! \r\n\r\nNate (c) Me

Image: Trev_Commission_small.jpg   300x554 68167 bytes 2002.09.04

A pic I did for a friend... despite the filename, it's not really a commission because I'm not selling it. I just called it that for lack of another name. \r\n\r\nOrrin (c) Trev MacPherson <3<3 Art (c) Me \r\n

Image: Jase_And_Adri_2.jpg   678x402 87331 bytes 2002.09.01

Adriana and Jasen in both anthro and human forms. Aren't they cute?\r\n\r\nAdriana (c) Me; Jasen (c) Tempest Brandford

Image: Nate.jpg   479x760 64626 bytes 2002.09.01

A character I RP with frequently. His name's Nathan, but everyone calls him Nate. He's currently involved with another wolf, an alpha male character. Nate's rather subbish. (He's gay.) There will be a few pics of Nate and his boyfriend. \r\n\r\nNate (c) Me.\r\n

Image: Cheetah.jpg   500x846 151466 bytes 2002.08.30

A character I created rather haphazardly. I had seen another image of a cheetah woman on VCL, a long time ago, and that picture inspired the beginnings of an African Goddess. The mohawk just kind of happened. Her name is Chaitali, and she always speaks in third person. \r\n\r\nUnfortunately, I have no reference for the aforementioned inspirational image\r\n\r\nChaitali (c) Me. \r\n

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