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Image: ^_^.jpg   550x436 84264 bytes 2003.03.19

This started out a long time ago as a simple black and white drawing...then I felt the need to color in a few things. I left the old pencil shading in for a more beveled affect.\r\n\r\nArt Aislynn Rain eternally!

Image: bgcircle.jpg   500x392 39974 bytes 2003.03.19

It was a simple black and white sketch untill I played with the color balances, as well as inverted everything. Love meee! =")\r\n\r\nArt Aislynn Rain eternally!

Image: lynn222.jpg   500x716 74656 bytes 2003.03.19

This started as a light light LIGHT drawing and coloring job...I think I about broke the scanner with this one! ="P

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