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Image: HbluPyel.jpg   712x713 47076 bytes 2005.10.03

Original logo for the Vet Volunteer community im in. (C)AMP

Image: logocompuma-sk2.jpg   491x375 31688 bytes 2005.03.28

A quickly whipped piece of art, to be used as a temporary rough logo for a community in my Vet school, for a group of us who are working with horses voluntarily. The school's pet is the Puma, and the group is called "Puma Community", hence the puma and horse. \r\nSince im not that good with drawing horses i obtained the pose from an image, the puma i did myself. Im planning on making a better version both IRL (in watercolor, probably) and digitally. Image (C)AMP-RLPF.

Image: 20050125-kuneinude.jpg   615x929 51356 bytes 2005.01.25

This is Kunei, a werewolf character of mine in Tapestries Muck, which is an adult RP site, thus the nudity in the picture. Im really proud of how it came out, as a whole, since its the first full frontal male nude i draw. I had some trouble with the testicles, and the penis is not human, its canine (so that's why it looks 'weird'). Some trouble with the hand holding his tail as well as the fingers of the one gripping his penis. Oh, and that thing that you see under his little finger is NOT a condom... its the prepuce of his sheath... Though it doesnt look too much like it. \r\nKunei and pic (C) AMP'05.

Image: 20050103-dragon.jpg   535x628 125618 bytes 2005.01.25

A dragon i drew up in desperation of drawing something in a different media from traditional media i use. Its crayon... Lol, because i didnt have anything else in hand! \r\nI really like it, particularly the pose... image (C) AMP'05

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