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Image: badgecol.jpg   600x445 41826 bytes 2005.08.23

I tried again to modify my char and used the idea to make my first badge :)\r\nI like the colors much and the fact that i found 2 more useful Photoshop tools

Image: bluesfurscol.jpg   724x900 104824 bytes 2005.09.19

The left one is supposed to be John Belushi as a Bernhardiner and the right one Dan Aykroyd as a lynx

Image: fimoorca.jpg   1024x456 75928 bytes 2008.05.14

Fimo Clay Orca

Not my latest project and already online on Deviantart, but well... here it is :)

Tags: fimo orca  
Image: lawbig.jpg   1024x890 89529 bytes 2005.08.07

In case you're not able to read these old text fonts :\r\nThe book laying on the ground says "Law & Order" and the other one \r\n"Bureaucracy". Originally this character was meant to be the modification of my character (mix of red fox and fennec). But i think i'll keep my current image :)

Image: levmezzocolor.jpg   515x800 72594 bytes 2005.09.10

Done for Lev Lion. He feeled annoyed that Mezzo Mix isn't also sold in the UK although he likes it much, so i did this little image for him :) \r\nDrawn with polychromos.

Image: levmezzopccol.jpg   479x800 53564 bytes 2005.09.10

A second color version, this time done with Photoshop.

Image: meral.jpg   472x399 24328 bytes 2005.07.04

Made for a classmate who had a flu at the time i drew this image. I think she's still not absolutely sure if she is a furry or not :) but that's her decision.

Image: messengerhell.jpg   1061x698 181501 bytes 2006.05.26

An everyday phenomenon...or maybe Murphy's Law ?

Image: metalgir2.jpg   998x826 175116 bytes 2006.02.20

A little Hommage to Metal Gear Solid and Invader Zim.\r\nZim and Gir are copyrighted by Jhonen Vasquez.

Image: poldi.jpg   702x760 104391 bytes 2005.07.04

My first try to use markers and ordinary pencils instead of coloring all with Photoshop. I still haven't decided yet if this character is female or male...

Image: seifenblase2.jpg   800x655 61979 bytes 2005.07.04

My first Art Trade ever ! \r\nIt shows the fursona of the artist this image is for, Kaze666 and my fursona, Aki. I intended to let the bubbles look this edgy. And if you say edgy bubbles don't exist...have you ever seen a bubble being strong enough to lift up a rather big animal ;) ?

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