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Image: asboxsmall.jpg   491x505 192388 bytes 2004.11.13

Title : Akira Portrait \r\nSpecies : Cat/ Mythical - japanese shapeshifter demon / Angel\r\nMateria Artistica : Brush Pen, Berol prisma colour pencils on Bottom of personal pan pizza box (i was inspired and it was all i had with me.) \r\nNotes : My character \r\nwas a simple piece to show placement of some of his chakral jewels and other jewelry

Image: aschastitybelt.jpg   543x596 275501 bytes 2004.11.13

Title : Chastity Belt \r\nSpecies : Bunny \r\nMateria Artistica : Quick brushpen sketch with berol prisma colour and pastel colour on bristol\r\nNotes : Character is Thorn Copyright Zynthalay\r\nDone for Yiff tcg

Image: ASdirtymagazinesmall.jpg   570x560 128811 bytes 2004.11.13

Title : Dirty magazine \r\nSpecies : Dog\r\nMateria Artistica : Brush pen sketch with Berol Prisma colour and Pastel on bristol\r\nNotes : Rock collecting is a hobby of mine and can be quite dirty. So the obvious pun for me was this \r\nI wonder what his Mohs hardness is \r\n\r\nincidently the crystal he is holding is a danburite of unususal size \r\n\r\ni think i may be doing more Rock Hound pics like this someday

Image: asgenderswitch.jpg   578x560 118763 bytes 2004.11.13

Title : Gender swap \r\nSpecies : Wolf and cat \r\nMateria Artistica : Brush pen sketch with Berol prismaclours and pastels on bristol \r\nNotes : another for Yiff tcg

Image: asStraponwingssmall.jpg   564x581 120001 bytes 2004.11.13

Title : Strap on Wings \r\nSpecies Cat / Mythical japanese shapeshifter / Angel \r\nMateria Artistica : Quick brush pen sketch with berol Prisma colour and pastel on bristol \r\nNotes : My own character Akira with strap on wings for Yiff tcg

Image: broken.GIF   510x702 162703 bytes 2005.10.24

Subject: My avatar Akira when i had a very very very bad day and i was listening to Psychc warrior by blue oyster cult \r\nMateria artistica: Brush Pens \r\nSpecies: Felinid (nekomata) \r\nNotes: Everything in this has meaning. the shakojo staff should have6 rings but three have broken off. The necklace is a labarynth which is sued as a meditation and defense and it too is broken as is the Engramme on the handflower.

Image: CavePainting.JPG   295x317 18040 bytes 2000.08.29

Image: Chinese_Pheonix.GIF   660x510 187148 bytes 2005.10.24

Subject: Chinese pheonix \r\nMateria Artistica: Micron Pens \r\nSpecies: Avian/mythical pheonix\r\nNotes: the Pheonix is the symbol of female power and creative power in some chinese mythology. it shared a lot of common traits with the russian firebird in both behaviour and looks and may indeed have been based on an older extinct bird whose memory was exagerated. possibly something related to the peacock considering it had "eyes" on the feathers as well.

Image: chriki.jpg   226x327 10301 bytes 2000.08.01

Image: Christ~1.jpg   402x465 79034 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: Clouddragon.jpg   589x755 156686 bytes 2004.03.10

medium: Ink\r\nSpeicies: Draconus Orientus\r\nWas taken from diseased portion of my brain stem \r\n Just a pretty dragon for an upcoming con \r\nCopyright Theadeaus Shaffer

Image: Comfort.GIF   510x660 204146 bytes 2005.10.24

Subject: Tad, Fura, and Myself in a moment of perfect stillness \r\nMateria artistica: micron pens and Brush Pens \r\nSpecies :Felinids and Lapine. \r\nNotes: one of my favorite pics i have done. everyone looks at peace the details are very good and this is one of the best art nouveau borders i have ever done. Also Note the image of the triad over and over indicating what we once were.

Image: Coyoterests.GIF   688x882 110360 bytes 2005.10.24

Subject: Coyote rsting by a canyon stream. \r\nMateria Artistica: Micron Pens and Brush pen\r\nSpecies: coyote \r\nNotes: this is taken from a dream. quite a sexy one in fact. But is was coyote taking a cool dip while on a walk in a canyon with him a flute and a book he kept showing me but would not let me look into.

Image: CrystalFaeryColour.JPG   679x694 138622 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: DandyLion.jpg   568x782 126721 bytes 2004.11.05

Title: Dandy Lion \r\nMateria Artistica: Pen, Brush Pen, and paper\r\nInspiration: Bad Pun \r\nNotes: on of the first of the bad pun art pieces i have been working on

Image: dorhackcat.GIF   510x660 147917 bytes 2005.10.24

Subject: thecat character from .hack/sign name begins with M but i have no clue anymore \r\nMateria Artistica: Microns and Brushpens \r\nSpecies: Felinid\r\nNotes I am fairly amused with this charachter in the series though i have not finished seeing it all yet. and i wanted to do i picture of him and it gave me an excuse to do some of those wonderful backgrounds from the show

Image: dragon01.jpg   392x481 67180 bytes 2000.08.01

Image: dragon02.jpg   914x569 150073 bytes 2000.08.01

Image: dragon03.jpg   518x694 135804 bytes 2000.08.01

Image: Dragon1.jpg   867x1122 258378 bytes 2000.08.29

Image: dragon2.jpg   894x1086 199151 bytes 2000.08.01

Image: dragon5.jpg   1056x1350 483841 bytes 2000.08.01

Image: dragon6.jpg   1116x813 496585 bytes 2000.08.01

Image: DragonFly.JPG   507x687 106481 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: DSC00724.JPG   524x420 43649 bytes 2004.10.22

Title : Fox Madien with spider crysanthimum\r\nMateria Artistica : Free handed brush pen, water colour, and metalic paint markers on teastained and salt leached blueprint from NY NY \r\nNotes: Inspired by tokugawa era (edo era) sumi style painting

Image: DSC01041.JPG   466x422 45280 bytes 2004.10.22

Title : Dragon Pheonix lamp (view one) \r\nMateria Artistica : Brush pen and watercolour on rice paper lamp \r\nNotes: Inspired by more scroll art and a wild idea \r\nI had a lot of fun doing this and plan to do quite a few more of these for sale probably at anime cons and AC. I am looking forward to getting this down so i can accept furry commisons on these lamps \r\n\r\nlamps collapse flat for ease of shipping \r\n\r\nalso \r\n\r\nfor more art and such

Image: DSC01042.JPG   430x406 44128 bytes 2004.10.22

Title Dragon Pheonix lamp (view 2) \r\nMateria artistica : Brush pen and watercolour on rice paper lamp \r\nNotes : This is the second view (it was hanging 8 feet up in the tent where it was for sale so it was hard to get good shots of it. This peice was done late at night in the shower house at Pennsic

Image: DSC01043.JPG   496x479 49189 bytes 2004.10.22

Title : Dragon Pheonix lamp (view three)\r\nMateria Artistica : brush Pens and Watercolour on rice paper lamp\r\nNotes : this is a shot of the swirly cloud bits on the sides betwixt the dragon and pheonix the other side has swirly bits too \r\n

Image: DSC01044.JPG   498x394 59765 bytes 2004.10.22

Title : Dragon Pheonix Lamp (view iv ) \r\nMateria Artistica : Summon type ...i mean Brush Pen and Watercolour on rice paper lamp\r\nNotes: THE PHEONIX SIDE FINALLY \r\ndid i mention i like doing these

Image: DSC01045.JPG   470x336 45196 bytes 2004.10.22

Title : Dragon Pheonix lamp (view five) \r\nMateria artistica: Brush pen and watercolour on a paper lamp \r\nNotes: a bit of a better view of the pheonix \r\nincedently the colours are translucent so they glow real nice when lit

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