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Image: DSC01049.JPG   606x464 67863 bytes 2004.10.22

Title: Figting fish lamp\r\nMateria Artistica : Brush pen and watercolour on paper lamp \r\nNotes : Not being really all that furry but still showing off the cool lamp art. I chose my favorite fish on the lamp to show here \r\nthe other views are at \r\n\r\nin my art galleries

Image: embrace.GIF   510x702 179192 bytes 2005.10.24

Subject: an intimate moment between Tad and Akira. the simple things can be best. \r\nMateria Artistica: Brush Pens and Micron Pens \r\nSpecies: Felinids \r\nNotes: done in a bus stop while i was waiting for tad to come get me. all i could think of was how it good it would be to hug him and hold him. I so miss that.

Image: Embrace.jpg   894x1136 159184 bytes 2009.01.28


Subject: Akira feeds his hunger. \r\nMateria Artistica: Pigma Microns. \r\nSpecies: nekomata, sunbear \r\nNotes: a seldom seen image of Akira totally giving into his deep urges. Nekomata are complex creatures of a strange demonic/spiritual nature. often not malign. but they like everything have to feed. Like many japanese mythicals they often feed off life essences of one kind or another. Nekomata often feed from life force from sexual encounters. sometimes though the hunger if left unchecked leads to a bit more hardcore life force gathering. Many days he can subsist on the scent of flowers of the spirit placed in art. often he needs sex. sometimes only blood can sate his hunger. Though he never kills. That would be wasteful :)

Image: Fairy1.jpg   693x815 36358 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: FireBird.JPG   813x521 99713 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: Firebird_bordered.GIF   702x510 197351 bytes 2005.10.24

Subject: Firebird \r\nMaterira Artistica: Brush Pen and Microns\r\nSpecies: Avian - Mythical - Firebird \r\nNotes: This image came to me one day while doing laundry ( i get ideas at the darndest times) this is a improvement on the original. i took the original and did a new border on it to make it more complete since i loved this image but it seemed unfinished.

Image: FooDog.GIF   589x755 123040 bytes 2005.10.24

Subject: Food Dog on Mountain gaurding a sword\r\nMateria Artistica: pens \r\nSpecies Canine Mythical \r\nNotes: I love mythical creatures and some simply never get enough coverage. FooDogs are actually based on what we know now as pekinese dogs. yes those tiny yappy snarfy things. Once before constant inbreeding brought them to thier current state they were large dogs that gaurded temples and palaces and the like. then they began to shrink and grow more useless for thier positions. But so feared were they that staues of them were made to continue in thier place

Image: Furakushiru.GIF   510x702 212393 bytes 2005.10.24

Subject: My ex Furakushiru with his favoured weapon \r\nMateria Artisitca: Pigmamicrons and brush pen \r\nSpecies: Lapine \r\nNotes: done for my old mate Fura. I am particularly happy with the bamboo details. i love backgrounds a lot. the anchor and tell more story with the image. i used ot do a lot of backgrounds for other artists as well. and am more than willing to do so for others!

Image: gargoylesketch.jpg   737x939 270870 bytes 2009.01.28

Random Gargoyle.

Subject: random gargoyle \r\nMateria Artistica: Pigma micron \r\nSpecies: gargoyle \r\nNotes: if truth be told. there is a guy who goes to an event i go to annually. he is the biggest gargoyle fan in the universe. i do not think highly narcissistic gargoyles could be more obsessed. So i try to do something for him every year. though often in the past that has failed. i was desperate to get something new for him. so i dug out an old technique and worked it. and i must say i am happy with it.

Image: glass_dragon.GIF   510x660 146222 bytes 2005.10.25

Subject: Dragon in a world of stained glass. \r\nMateria Artistica: Pigma micron pens and Brush pens \r\nSpecies: Mythical - Dragon \r\nNotes: i did this sitting in a line waiting for registration to open at Acen. when coloured i intend the dragon to be shaded more real and such and the background to look as if it is stained glass only

Image: Griffin.jpg   1050x629 235105 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: Gryphon.jpg   896x575 210066 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: herne.jpg   559x814 136277 bytes 2009.01.28


Subject: Herne the hunter \r\nMateria Artistica: Pigma microns and a hint of brush pen. \r\nSpecies: god \r\nNotes: Herne the hunter. Always inspired by my good friend Kyrielus. i seem to do semi epic works of Stag headed gods when he is around. epic in that can i possibly put another detail in this thing. (which i know i could) this one was started when i was in of all places a gay club in Pittsburgh called The Eagle. a rather nice place actually. \r\nI put quite a lot of the things i associate with him in the image such as the snake which was a very complex symbol and his horn to call the hunt and oak leaves for the oak king and ivy for the evergreen male principal through the winter months. the sun and moon for the travel of the year

Image: Hunter.jpg   1252x937 249226 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: Icedra~1.jpg   506x687 89879 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: jackalXmas.jpg   781x587 116430 bytes 2005.12.20

Another bad scan I think my scanner is going the way of the anomalocarius \r\n\r\nSubject: Christmas /egyptian jackal stuff \r\nMateria Artistica: Colour pencil Brush Pens Pens \r\nSpecies: Jackal \r\nnotes: again everything drawn from my imagination or memories of egytian art and such.

Image: Jakebe.jpg   794x604 145716 bytes 2004.03.10

Medium : Complexe pigmented molecular substances on a biomass sheet \r\nSubject: Jakebe as an angel from Neon Genesis Evangelion\r\n\r\nI guess this is me saying hi \r\nThanks to you and 2 for your words of encouragement \r\n\r\nthe Angelic writing was a close aproximation of "Watcher of the Sun" and the lower symbol is "Jakebe" Ploted as an angelic glyph on the Suns kamea (magic Square)

Image: Javirookungfu.jpg   1131x1493 326025 bytes 2009.01.28

Javiroo Kung Fu!

Subject: Kung Fu Kangaroo \r\nMateria artistica: Pigma micron brush pens, water colours\r\nSpecies: Kangaroo \r\nNotes: done at AC. Javi wanted a piece of art from me !YAY! and well since Kung Fu Panda had just been out and i had done a huge lobby thing for it at the local theater (painting on windows, doing a display of chinese culture and artifacts, designing games for the kids to play. I was still kinda hopped up on it. So this was done. Also i had not really used water colours in a while so it was refreshing to get them out and go nuts.

Image: Kensu3.jpg   368x580 49869 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: Kensuy.jpg   368x580 47111 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: Kensuy2.jpg   368x580 72895 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: Kierstal.GIF   602x825 76424 bytes 2005.10.25

Subject: Kierstal herself. playing stripper dancer using the border as a pole\r\nMateria Artisitca: Pens and Brushpens \r\nSpecies: Kierstal (felinid) \r\nNotes: something i did a while back and recently finsihed. I have so much to finish yet! Kierstal is copywrite Kierstal and stuff

Image: Kitsune_Ikebana.GIF   660x510 159586 bytes 2005.10.25

Subject: Kitsune doing Ikebana \r\nMateria Artisitca: Freehand brush pen. \r\nSpecies: Mythical, Vulpine\r\nNotes: This was done utterly freehanded. no sketch or pencil marks there. i thought it looked nice when i did it. i am getting better at simply drawing with the brush pens and brushes. She is doing Ikebana which is the art of flower arranging in japan which first began as floral offerings to Buddha and other gods/spirits/ancestors. it slowly evolved to its present form over 500 years of history and has MANY schools

Image: KRA_021221CatPriest.jpg   548x700 459296 bytes 2002.12.22

species Cat (duh)\r\nPen work and original concept Kierstal \r\nColour work inspired by the tortured visions in my diseased brain (of course those are copyright me: ) ) \r\nMateria Artistica : solid pigments suspeneded in a hydroxide solotion (water colours) and pigmented polymer wax contained in a tree derived cellulose casing (coloured pencils {berol})\r\n\r\nbesides causing strange angst halfway though colouring this piece reminded me of a being of light \r\nso to me i thought of him as Lucien a concept i had for magic users that worked only with light \r\nI tried out new colour cobinations for shading to see what i would get and i rather like the over all effect

Image: Lopan.jpg   384x494 55222 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: ltbohmy2.jpg   640x468 81497 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: mates02.JPG   608x810 134179 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: Minitaur.jpg   1080x1664 417761 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: Minota~1.jpg   619x928 144966 bytes 2000.10.03

Image: Pafblnd1.jpg   401x1325 99554 bytes 2000.10.03

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