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Image: alex-spastic.jpg   220x90 11218 bytes 2005.02.26

\r\n I love it when people give me a link. Aparently someone out there on the internet was nice enough to make me a button. Whoever you are thanks.

Image: dirty_reading.jpg   461x745 42225 bytes 2005.01.29

\r\n\r\n I always knew that those things on their heads were just candles...

Image: elfweb.jpg   802x546 89570 bytes 2007.04.16

elf web

I took a few lines from her face and that helped alot. With adding beauty to a face less lines is always better.

Tags: elf  
Image: furryme122.jpg   497x561 47171 bytes 2006.12.30

furry me

Well, what can i say? i like to see myself as a toon also

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