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Image: owshoulder_web.gif   500x503 37403 bytes 2011.02.02

Little thing I doodled up in the style of the Swedish children's comic Bamse, after I managed to dislocate my shoulder (and mostly recover so I could draw at all).

Tags: arctic fox bamse  
Image: banner_bitmap_josie.jpg   993x1141 299045 bytes 2010.12.13

My Jersey cow character Josie, "normalized" a bit and drawn up for use in a Flash banner for my Vector Art & Animation course (which for some reason required me to use bitmap graphics in addition to vector graphics).

Tags: cow  
Image: banner_bitmap_donkey.jpg   925x1173 272137 bytes 2010.12.13

Random geeky donkey that I drew up to use in a Flash banner for my Vector Art & Animation course (which for some reason required me to use bitmap graphics in addition to vector graphics).

Tags: donkey geek  
Image: banner_bitmap_cheetah.jpg   1057x1153 263507 bytes 2010.12.13

Old biker character of mine that I "normalized" a bit and drew up to use in a Flash banner for my Vector Art & Animation course (which for some reason required me to use bitmap graphics in addition to vector graphics). Her original design was Norwegian fjord horse / cheetah hybrid.

Tags: cheetah biker  
Image: stripes_ill_full.jpg   1000x914 144723 bytes 2010.12.11


Illustration for a story by Veritas, by the title of "Stripes".

Tags: skunk tiger   [More Info]
Image: mute_swans.jpg   600x665 78060 bytes 2010.09.25

Gift art for my kid brother and his girlfriend, who had their anniversary a week ago. She keeps referring to him as a "rainbow mute swan boy" and when I asked what she was, in that case, she replied "rainbow tiger mute swan girl", and this is what became of it. \r\n\r\nOriginally I meant to do them anthro and base it on a photo of the two of them, but as I was sketching ideas, this one stuck.

Tags: swan gryphon  
Image: close_the_fucking_lid.jpg   450x538 65905 bytes 2010.09.06

Illustration for a "please remember to close the lid" sign I put up in our bathroom. House with ferret and cats is not a good house to leave toilet lid up.

Tags: ferret cat  
Image: josieblush.jpg   378x1244 109163 bytes 2010.08.07

Sometimes, I log onto Tapestries as Josie. She's not the sharpest crayon in the box, and quite naïve, so last I came on a couple of people took it onto themselves to see just how much they could make the poor girl blush. (Answer: A lot!)\r\n\r\nI was going to draw someone whispering in her ear, but then I decided against it.

Tags: cow  
Image: sffmoose.gif   501x687 38475 bytes 2010.08.07

Albino moose for the logo of a furry forum I run.

Tags: moose   [More Info]
Image: felixshoecard.jpg   500x698 98082 bytes 2010.06.22

A card I made for my roommate after my ferret kit chewed up one of her nice shoes.

Tags: ferret  
Image: allyswedding_gift_haiaplusmate.gif   650x265 16129 bytes 2010.06.19

Gift lineart for Haiablkdragon on LJ of his and his mate's characters, as a thank you for helping out with Rezzit's wedding fundraiser.\r\n

Tags: dragon dolphin couple  
Image: toymakers_violet_vixen.jpg   650x441 71298 bytes 2010.06.15

So I had this idea to try to draw my fursona as a (mostly?) FIFe-standards-compliant ragdoll cat. Because ragdolls are awesome.\r\n\r\nThe flat color on the body is a bit dark for a show cat, but adult pointed cats do tend to get visible body color. Especially in the variants with markings as the white will provide contrast.

Tags: ragdoll cat  
Image: nekomata_allyswedding.jpg   500x803 64830 bytes 2010.06.13

Gift lineart for Nekomata on LJ of her character Miraeko, as a thank you for helping out with Rezzit's wedding fundraiser.

Tags: feline  
Image: jack_lineart_web.gif   600x772 19726 bytes 2009.12.21

Gift art for a friend who likes coloring images digitally. Just a random fox and bunny.

Tags: fox rabbit  
Image: mharreff_journaling_lines.gif   600x298 19483 bytes 2009.12.18

Birthday gift art; the Sleeth Mharreff is lying on a branch, writing in his journal. Lineart may or may not be colored in the future.\r\n\r\nMharreff is the property of Brian Bobowski.\r\nSleeth come from the World Tree setting by Bard & Victoria Bloom.

Tags: sleeth  
Image: giftcard_vixen.jpg   400x514 61780 bytes 2009.12.07

Gift card illustration I tossed together at FurryCon; this one is for clean wares only.

Image: giftcard_katla.jpg   400x506 57156 bytes 2009.12.07

Gift card illustration that I tossed together at FurryCon; this is intended for adult gift cards.\r\n\r\nI fail at drawing this character; every time I do, I forget some detail. This time, it was the scales on her forearms.

Image: rritz_charsheet.png   600x737 83025 bytes 2009.06.02

Rritz Whitepaw character sheet

Concept art for my (redesigned and renamed) hermaphroditic cougar taur character, formerly known as Ritz Cougar.

Image: brian_giftart_20081220.jpg   800x713 104158 bytes 2009.05.13

Gift art for a lovely boy who was asked to share my life back in December when this was drawn.

Image: alitharku_web.jpg   500x608 69246 bytes 2009.05.12

Alitharku the Netherdrake was my "spiritual self" for a day over April 1st 2009, in what was intended equal parts as a flat-out joke and a commentary on claims on "spiritual bonds" to all kinds of weird fictional species. Character concept is an anthropomorphization of the netherdrakes in World of Warcraft, which was an interesting exercise considering the design doesn't, really, anthropomorphize well. \r\n\r\nCopic markers on heavyweight smooth printer paper.

Image: hound_illus.jpg   590x820 89708 bytes 2008.11.30

Illustration for my story "Hound in the Coverts", of Marina Turquoise and her ex-boyfriend Jake Fang, a rather... disagreeable werewolf fellow. Click "More Info" for link to story.

Tags: werewolf fox kitsune   [More Info]
Image: strek_babysitter.jpg   400x400 71986 bytes 2008.08.10

Old piece from 2005 that I don't know why I didn't upload before. Rebecca Cooper, a red pinto ball python, being babysat by her father's familiar-of-sorts, a black cougar named Strek. I rather like the digital coloring style I was playing with at that point.

Tags: cougar python  
Image: alej_n_becky_card.jpg   500x706 116218 bytes 2008.07.08

Father and Daughter

Ale!van Ruby and his daughter Be!ii Agat, posing for a photo somewhere or something. Becky was a right pain to color. I need to never again use a mottled gemstone to base fur color on. Original art is about the size of a postcard.

Image: nikita_showgirl_card_web.jpg   500x695 132938 bytes 2008.07.07

Nikita Can Can-Can!

My Chinese Crested/red fox hybrid Nikita Zorro in a loosely Moulin Rouge-inspired showgirl outfit. As I didn't have any glitter handy, I had to simulate the sequines on her outfit, think it turned out fairly well. The original is about the size of a postcard.\r\n\r\nCopic markers on cardstock, inked with Microns.

Tags: fox dog hybrid nikita   [Comment]
Image: vixen_laptop.jpg   600x439 63485 bytes 2008.04.28

My personal character, going typity-typity, like I tend to do. Coloring camo pants is massive do not want, but at least it looks good.\r\n\r\nCopics on cardstock.

Tags: arctic fox  
Image: couch_snuggles_web.jpg   800x773 120224 bytes 2008.01.10

Gift art for Veritas, quite a bit belated, because he is awesome and I love him. Fairly happy with how it turned out though the scanner did a bit of a number on the shading.\r\n\r\nCopic sketch marker and Faber Castell brush pen on cardstock.

Tags: skunk arctic fox  
Image: brian_icon_gift_sample.jpg   808x813 82924 bytes 2007.10.14

Some cleaned-up drawings from class, colored in Photoshop, to be made into icons. Ignore the bright eye-stabbing background, please, it's mostly there so I could see where I'd not put any white yet.

Tags: skunk  
Image: fox_pointerstick_web.jpg   500x604 84328 bytes 2006.12.11

Let Me Point it Out to You...

An illustration for a handout I'm making for my Oral Proficiency English class. It's going to have a blackboard with a bunch of furry vocab in the background.

Tags: arctic fox   [Comment]
Image: stripeytail_bday_2006.jpg   600x983 137835 bytes 2006.12.11

Hold Me While I Sleep

A birthday gift for a very dear friend. Skunk tails make nice blankies when it's cold. Getting more and more into the whole inking-with-brushpen deal.

Tags: skunk human   [Comment]
Image: musicport2_egenmaane_web.jpg   500x725 122392 bytes 2006.11.30

Jag vill ha en egen måne

My piece for Symphonies in Fur Minor: Second Movement, based on a Ted Gärdestad song titled "Jag vill ha en egen måne" (approx. "I want a moon of my own"), featuring my fursona and my boyfriend's sitting on the moon, looking down on Earth, with the Milky Way in the background. \r\n\r\nThe drawing style on the figures is somewhat inspired by the sprites in Breath of Fire III, the Earth was loosely referenced off a Google image search for "Earth". \r\n\r\nTools used in one way or another: Illustrator, light box, Pitt pen, 03 Micron, Copic Sketch markers, white gel pen\r\n\r\n©2006 Alexandra Malmberg

Tags: wolf arctic fox   [More Info] [Comment]

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