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Image: af_snugs.jpg   526x565 45956 bytes 2004.06.07

One of the bunch of gift pieces of artwork I made for a friend... Prismacolor markers, nothing fancy, one of my earlier attempts at shading with them. Also finally has my proper markings.

Image: ahli_linn.jpg   400x400 45311 bytes 2003.02.24

Half-faerie comforting half-wyvern... Another Painter experiment, this time, drawn almost entirely (you might still see a few orange-ey guide lines in the background) with the sable-tip brush. Very fun. Though Ahli's wings were NOT supposed to be that mangenta, I don't know when that happened. O.o

Image: alej_n_becky_card.jpg   500x706 116218 bytes 2008.07.08

Father and Daughter

Ale!van Ruby and his daughter Be!ii Agat, posing for a photo somewhere or something. Becky was a right pain to color. I need to never again use a mottled gemstone to base fur color on. Original art is about the size of a postcard.

Image: alexchar.jpg   473x573 41589 bytes 2002.01.07

Character design for myself in SpiritFighters battle costume. Colored using Paintshop Pro 6. SpiritFighters is a collaboration project between several furry cartoonists and fans, idea by Angie of Furfire. Character and image are copyrighted to me as of 2001.

Image: alitharku_web.jpg   500x608 69246 bytes 2009.05.12

Alitharku the Netherdrake was my "spiritual self" for a day over April 1st 2009, in what was intended equal parts as a flat-out joke and a commentary on claims on "spiritual bonds" to all kinds of weird fictional species. Character concept is an anthropomorphization of the netherdrakes in World of Warcraft, which was an interesting exercise considering the design doesn't, really, anthropomorphize well. \r\n\r\nCopic markers on heavyweight smooth printer paper.

Image: allyswedding_gift_haiaplusmate.gif   650x265 16129 bytes 2010.06.19

Gift lineart for Haiablkdragon on LJ of his and his mate's characters, as a thank you for helping out with Rezzit's wedding fundraiser.\r\n

Tags: dragon dolphin couple  
Image: banner_bitmap_cheetah.jpg   1057x1153 263507 bytes 2010.12.13

Old biker character of mine that I "normalized" a bit and drew up to use in a Flash banner for my Vector Art & Animation course (which for some reason required me to use bitmap graphics in addition to vector graphics). Her original design was Norwegian fjord horse / cheetah hybrid.

Tags: cheetah biker  
Image: banner_bitmap_donkey.jpg   925x1173 272137 bytes 2010.12.13

Random geeky donkey that I drew up to use in a Flash banner for my Vector Art & Animation course (which for some reason required me to use bitmap graphics in addition to vector graphics).

Tags: donkey geek  
Image: banner_bitmap_josie.jpg   993x1141 299045 bytes 2010.12.13

My Jersey cow character Josie, "normalized" a bit and drawn up for use in a Flash banner for my Vector Art & Animation course (which for some reason required me to use bitmap graphics in addition to vector graphics).

Tags: cow  
Image: brian_giftart_20081220.jpg   800x713 104158 bytes 2009.05.13

Gift art for a lovely boy who was asked to share my life back in December when this was drawn.

Image: brian_icon_gift_sample.jpg   808x813 82924 bytes 2007.10.14

Some cleaned-up drawings from class, colored in Photoshop, to be made into icons. Ignore the bright eye-stabbing background, please, it's mostly there so I could see where I'd not put any white yet.

Tags: skunk  
Image: brother-slave.jpg   411x680 81891 bytes 2002.08.14

Two half-brothers, born by the same father, on the very same night. It's Ja'al, the feline half-everything mutt, who can in his background find faerie, elven, human, xi'lavri (cat furs, basically), and then some races, among them an as-of-yet unnamed race of furs from "far away" and Hrasssl, half-draconian, quarter-xi'lavri and quarter said unnamed race of furs. Both are trained sex slaves, though Hrasssl is only ever used as a labor worker. Both characters, as well as the xi'lavri and the draconian, are copyright to me.

Image: brownhen.jpg   692x1072 91885 bytes 2004.01.11

First of three images mounted together that were showed in the MFF '03 Art Show. Technical pen and Prismacolor pencils.

Image: bun_girl.jpg   764x1140 105795 bytes 2004.01.11

A little bunny girl looking at the stars... Watercolor, technical pen and Prismacolor pencils.

Image: close_the_fucking_lid.jpg   450x538 65905 bytes 2010.09.06

Illustration for a "please remember to close the lid" sign I put up in our bathroom. House with ferret and cats is not a good house to leave toilet lid up.

Tags: ferret cat  
Image: couch_snuggles_web.jpg   800x773 120224 bytes 2008.01.10

Gift art for Veritas, quite a bit belated, because he is awesome and I love him. Fairly happy with how it turned out though the scanner did a bit of a number on the shading.\r\n\r\nCopic sketch marker and Faber Castell brush pen on cardstock.

Tags: skunk arctic fox  
Image: crayon_troja_web.jpg   600x597 171018 bytes 2006.11.19

Gift-Giving Season

My art for the current WTFolio project: a piece done in crayon. I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Prints of this piece will also serve as Christmas gifts, because I am poor. \r\n\r\nMechanical pencil and crayon on a drawing pad. \r\n\r\nTroja is my cheerful multitailed golden retriever, please don't nab her. 2006 Alexandra Malmberg

Tags: dog troja golden retriever   [Comment]
Image: cwa_fall.JPG   400x400 125698 bytes 2002.12.25

Nitash'cwa Quall, photography/magic student at Avelyon High, quarter draconian, out in the dry season to photograph colorful nature, perhaps... And once again out of his wheelchair... Drawn with a Wacom Graphire 2 tablet in Painter Classic. Nitash'cwa is Copyright to me, as is the image... Read more about Avelyon High at

Image: dancers.jpg   796x887 107114 bytes 2003.02.18

A butterfly/wyverndrake 'taur girl dancing with a female wozelle. Mediums used were Staedtler Pigment Liners for the inking, Caran d'Ache watercolor pencils to lay down base colors and Derwent metallic and metallic color pencils and Derwent colored pencils for shading and details.

Image: dandlion.jpg   846x637 170390 bytes 2002.07.28

Picture I started sketching way back. Things happened, and it was never finished. Or, rather, the coloration of it wasn't. I was lacking what I needed to finish it. He makes a pretty kitty, doesn't he? The dandelions were acctually a lot harder to draw than I'd expected. Either case, I love you, Brian-ashke.

Image: declaration.jpg   600x627 62710 bytes 2002.03.12

Some things I can't explain, nor totally sort out. Thank you, Brian, for causing some of the most wonderful confusion I've experienced.

Image: drawink.jpg   580x582 54460 bytes 2002.09.27

Entry for a small drawing contest, drawing the arranging fur Ink. The subject was Drawing Ink, so I drew a drawing Ink, drawing... Ink! Ever-perfect hindsight tells me I probably should've put his tail in a separate layer, highlighting it was a bitch when the already-shaded arm was in the way. Still, I'm rather satisfied.

Image: duhdrrabeanie.jpg   383x244 25768 bytes 2003.02.04

Based on the keychain I gave one of my characters on a whim, here is the beanie tie-dye duhdrra. The tie-dye effect was created by putting six or so layers of sunburst gradients in Fading Spectrum and Cyan-Magneta-Yellow (pre-existing gradients in PSP) and Rainbow (self-created gradient) with various opacities, merging them, running noise, gaussian blur and blur filters over them. Rather satisfied with how it turned out.

Image: falc_leon_a.jpg   446x767 35244 bytes 2003.03.13

Inspired by roleplay, Falconeio, a bit more mature Leon, and Leon's female form, Leona. Didn't happen, just inspired it. Because they are soinlove. 2B pencil on printer paper, in Art class.\r\n\r\nLeon and Leona are the intellectual property of Alexandra Herakai\r\nFalconeio is the intellectual property of his player\r\nImage &copy; Copyright 2003 Alexandra Herakai

Image: falconeio.jpg   314x402 33605 bytes 2002.09.18

Recent discussions have frequently ended up with bad mental images, and so, I, too, had mental images. Of Falconeio with mental images. But since I'm underage, I can't draw those, can I? Artist pencil and watercolor pencils on my beloved heavyweight printerpaper.

Image: felixshoecard.jpg   500x698 98082 bytes 2010.06.22

A card I made for my roommate after my ferret kit chewed up one of her nice shoes.

Tags: ferret  
Image: fen_rose.jpg   783x777 96138 bytes 2002.04.07

*ahem* This. Is. The Unlikeliest Pairing In Erigineeaverse. And it's still canon. Howabout that? Most of Fenni's family has been slain, and her father, the sole remaining family member excepting herself (and she's illegitimage, anyways), is for reasons not to be named as to not spoil the story, unable to sire more children. So Fen has to pass the genes on... Is it then so strange, she asks her best friend to father her child? Shadowrose and Fenni copyright me, as is the image.

Image: fox_pointerstick_web.jpg   500x604 84328 bytes 2006.12.11

Let Me Point it Out to You...

An illustration for a handout I'm making for my Oral Proficiency English class. It's going to have a blackboard with a bunch of furry vocab in the background.

Tags: arctic fox   [Comment]
Image: friskethug.jpg   500x835 74885 bytes 2006.03.18

Hug for Frisket

Gift art for Frisket, because I thought she could use a hug. Nothing that special... -_-; I'll do something more involved next time.\r\n\r\nMicrons on my usual heavy paper, colored with Copic sketch markers. And I know I can't write straight, my teachers keep telling me to letter my comics with a ruler.\r\n\r\nImage is 2006 Alexandra Malmberg\r\nFrisket is the intellectual property of Melissa O'Brien

Tags: dog arctic fox frisket   [Comment]
Image: furminor_frozen_wm.jpg   500x702 129464 bytes 2006.04.20


My piece for the furry art portfolio "Symphonies in Fur Minor" that Tyreenya is putting together. I was illustrating the song "Frozen" by Madonna, specifically the line "love is a bird, she needs to fly", because I think it's beautiful.\r\n\r\nCopic marker on cardstock, inked with Microns, and with a bit of input from a white gel pen for the shimmers on the ice butterfly. I'm satisfied with the result, and even more so because I so rarely do backgrounds. The mountains were referenced off "lapporten" in northern Sweden, a natural cliff formation that looks really impressive.\r\n\r\nWatermarked because it was explicitly asked that all pieces posted are watermarked.

Tags: bird collie dog   [Comment]

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