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Image: giftcard_katla.jpg   400x506 57156 bytes 2009.12.07

Gift card illustration that I tossed together at FurryCon; this is intended for adult gift cards.\r\n\r\nI fail at drawing this character; every time I do, I forget some detail. This time, it was the scales on her forearms.

Image: giftcard_vixen.jpg   400x514 61780 bytes 2009.12.07

Gift card illustration I tossed together at FurryCon; this one is for clean wares only.

Image: gifts.jpg   419x591 33384 bytes 2003.03.12

I am grateful and soinlove, as much or more in love than I were a year ago.

Image: gre_corn.jpg   656x772 69488 bytes 2004.01.11

Third of three images mounted together that were showed in the MFF '03 Art Show. Technical pen and Prismacolor pencils.

Image: hound_illus.jpg   590x820 89708 bytes 2008.11.30

Illustration for my story "Hound in the Coverts", of Marina Turquoise and her ex-boyfriend Jake Fang, a rather... disagreeable werewolf fellow. Click "More Info" for link to story.

Tags: werewolf fox kitsune   [More Info]
Image: i_wish.jpg   984x1281 165736 bytes 2002.06.09

You see, Shadowrose has this crush on this other guy... Who is a 'phobe... Poor kitty... He's also not used to interacting with other people in an even bordering to "normal" manner, which means he tends to screw delicate matters up even more. Watercolors and watercolor pencils over pencil sketch on watercolor paper. Crappy watercolor paper, it can be added. Characters and image copyright me, no stealing, I'm nice and let people borrow, most of the time, anyways.

Image: jack_lineart_web.gif   600x772 19726 bytes 2009.12.21

Gift art for a friend who likes coloring images digitally. Just a random fox and bunny.

Tags: fox rabbit  
Image: josieblush.jpg   378x1244 109163 bytes 2010.08.07

Sometimes, I log onto Tapestries as Josie. She's not the sharpest crayon in the box, and quite naïve, so last I came on a couple of people took it onto themselves to see just how much they could make the poor girl blush. (Answer: A lot!)\r\n\r\nI was going to draw someone whispering in her ear, but then I decided against it.

Tags: cow  
Image: katla_alex_kg.jpg   600x797 142723 bytes 2004.11.14

A piece I intend to laminate a print of for a "pencilboard" for my sketchbook, it has my two avatars, Katla-in-Shadow and just plain ole Alex vixen, cosplaying as Eclair and Lumiere, the main characters from the anime Kiddy Grade. (And Alex-Lumiere is holding Kagetsu, the psychotic chinchilla that lives in my basement.)\r\nKatla's left wing is proof I watched Angel Sanctuary one too many times. \r\nCopic markers on cardstock.

Image: kitsune_persocom.jpg   450x807 127429 bytes 2006.02.10

The Persocom I designed for Swedish Manga Mania's CLAMP contest a few issues ago. I always liked that kind of "robot ears".\r\n\r\nDrawn on heavyweight printer cardstock, inked with Microns and colored with Copic Sketch markers. \r\n\r\n©2006 Alexandra Malmberg

Image: lanis_kait3.JPG   400x400 29195 bytes 2003.02.09

Lanis Trinket, a ferret, and Kait Lark, a skunk. Former slaves, roommates, bought and later released by a kind-hearted visitor to their country of origin. Drawn in Painter Classic with a Wacom Graphire 2, Kait's eyes turned out too dark, which I didn't notice as I was working on it, and the structure in the white looks odd. Stupid scratchboard tool, I'd have wanted to use a pencil, but light pencils won't draw on dark backgrounds in that program. Also, I had tonnes of problems with Kait's legs, and it still looks odd. Despite those glaring errors, I'm fairly satisfied.

Image: leonapencil.jpg   581x755 22593 bytes 2003.03.12

My scanner hates me, today. Figuring out Leona's proportions, those huge feet are a pain in the tail. Will be inked and colored at a later point.

Image: leongirl1.jpg   400x400 16901 bytes 2002.12.06

First somewhat successful drawing with my new Wacom Garphire 2 tablet, of the intensely homophobic Leon Carpenter. Who is learning the hard way that expressing that homophobia in front of powerful mage!dragons. So. The human boy was morphed into a female sandhare. I'm thinking the muzzle might've turned out a bit too kangaroo-esque, but mostly satisfied. Painter Classic is my friend!

Image: leonwalk.JPG   400x400 25243 bytes 2002.12.15

More play with my Wacom tablet, RPG situations, and Painter Classic. Leon, the male human turned female sandhare, does not quite know how to walk on those huge feet. So she needs a bit of help...\r\nLeon Carpenter is copyright to me, Falconeio is copyright his player.

Image: lizardbeth.jpg   400x400 47130 bytes 2003.02.26

My drawing of Lizardbeth for furartxchange, some endless toying with Painter Classic... Lookit the pretty graffiti!

Image: luxzelle2.JPG   600x600 64797 bytes 2003.01.21

Something I've been meaning to do for a long time, Illucian in the shape of a wozelle. Note that wozelles normally have two horns, like gazelles, and female wozelles generally have none at all. I'm rather satisfied with this piece, acctually...

Image: mainrooz.jpg   496x911 56243 bytes 2002.01.07

Irooz Wolf of the Everlasting Ice, werewolf, schaman, and after an unfortunate "accident" also a ghost. Image intended for use in a fanzine ("Raptor") based on the world the story takes place in. Inked pencil art on printer paper, colored in Adobe Photoshop using Aeire's (artist of the webcomic Xenith) Photoshop tutorial.\r\nCharacter and image © 2001 Alexandra Herakai.

Image: mari_reading.jpg   559x589 42858 bytes 2003.01.19

Five-tailed kitsune RA of one of three sections of a floor at Avelyon High (, Marina Turquoise, reading a favourite book. I have trouble drawing plump people, this is my first somewhat decent try in a long while.

Image: me_x_5.jpg   700x687 80757 bytes 2002.01.27

Me and my consciences, my alternate form, and my gryphon persona Chitterz. Rather than having a good and a bad conscience, I've got a magpie and a ferret, which would be a thieving girl who thinks she's sexy, and a totally innocent and childish counterpart. The drawback? Both of them tell me to take care of shiny things... The winged kitsune is my mage form, and Chitterz is the ferret/magpie gryphon that gave me the idea for the consciences. Pen, pencil and colored pencil on printer paper (which ought to account for how the colors got all grainy). I don't quite like how it turned out when I adjusted the background, if you know a good way to do this in PSP6, please let me know?

Image: mharreff_journaling_lines.gif   600x298 19483 bytes 2009.12.18

Birthday gift art; the Sleeth Mharreff is lying on a branch, writing in his journal. Lineart may or may not be colored in the future.\r\n\r\nMharreff is the property of Brian Bobowski.\r\nSleeth come from the World Tree setting by Bard & Victoria Bloom.

Tags: sleeth  
Image: musicport2_egenmaane_web.jpg   500x725 122392 bytes 2006.11.30

Jag vill ha en egen måne

My piece for Symphonies in Fur Minor: Second Movement, based on a Ted Gärdestad song titled "Jag vill ha en egen måne" (approx. "I want a moon of my own"), featuring my fursona and my boyfriend's sitting on the moon, looking down on Earth, with the Milky Way in the background. \r\n\r\nThe drawing style on the figures is somewhat inspired by the sprites in Breath of Fire III, the Earth was loosely referenced off a Google image search for "Earth". \r\n\r\nTools used in one way or another: Illustrator, light box, Pitt pen, 03 Micron, Copic Sketch markers, white gel pen\r\n\r\n©2006 Alexandra Malmberg

Tags: wolf arctic fox   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: mute_swans.jpg   600x665 78060 bytes 2010.09.25

Gift art for my kid brother and his girlfriend, who had their anniversary a week ago. She keeps referring to him as a "rainbow mute swan boy" and when I asked what she was, in that case, she replied "rainbow tiger mute swan girl", and this is what became of it. \r\n\r\nOriginally I meant to do them anthro and base it on a photo of the two of them, but as I was sketching ideas, this one stuck.

Tags: swan gryphon  
Image: mystic02.jpg   569x1031 42790 bytes 2002.01.29

Kind of birthday gift for Mystic, daughter of a friend of mine, a very sweet kid. Mystic figure skates, so I drew her a unicorn doing some kind of a spin. It's probably not correct, seeing as I don't know a thing about figure skating, but... Pencil and watercolors on ordinary printer paper...

Image: nekomata_allyswedding.jpg   500x803 64830 bytes 2010.06.13

Gift lineart for Nekomata on LJ of her character Miraeko, as a thank you for helping out with Rezzit's wedding fundraiser.

Tags: feline  
Image: newjersey.jpg   402x398 29184 bytes 2004.04.12

Political cartoon done for my Government class, on the subject of the Articles of Confederation and the drawbacks thereof. \r\n"Mr. New Jersey, I'd like to ask you to please pay your annual contribution to the federal government..."\r\n"Umm... Nah. Don't feel like it."\r\n\r\nColored with Prismacolor Markers, because they're awesome.

Image: nikita_showgirl_card_web.jpg   500x695 132938 bytes 2008.07.07

Nikita Can Can-Can!

My Chinese Crested/red fox hybrid Nikita Zorro in a loosely Moulin Rouge-inspired showgirl outfit. As I didn't have any glitter handy, I had to simulate the sequines on her outfit, think it turned out fairly well. The original is about the size of a postcard.\r\n\r\nCopic markers on cardstock, inked with Microns.

Tags: fox dog hybrid nikita   [Comment]
Image: owshoulder_web.gif   500x503 37403 bytes 2011.02.02

Little thing I doodled up in the style of the Swedish children's comic Bamse, after I managed to dislocate my shoulder (and mostly recover so I could draw at all).

Tags: arctic fox bamse  
Image: page10.jpg   461x463 89376 bytes 2004.03.23

One of the illustrations for a children's storybook I made for class. Unicorn lives in the middle of the forest, and the main character is sent to him when she cannot find friends anywhere else. But also Unicorn has to send her away... I love the detail on his robes and look! A real background!\r\nInked with Staedtler Pigment Liners, will later on be colored with Prismacolor markers and -pencils, most likely.

Image: page12.jpg   410x557 81558 bytes 2004.03.23

Another storybook page, the turning point of the story. The main character, Windflower, an albino wolf, has given up on ever finding her place in the world, and dismisses Raven's talk as the senseless words of someone who knows what he's talking about. I have a better version of this on a zip disk, where the misstakes in the knotwork are corrected. \r\nSame media as page10.jpg

Image: panda_dress_resize.jpg   500x751 53774 bytes 2006.03.05

A somewhat larger panda in a fancy old dress, from MFF '05. I just haven't gotten around to scanning and uploading her until now. I should've. I think I may've gotten her coloration wrong, but I'm satisfied with the borders on her dress, at least.\r\n\r\nShe didn't seem to be leaning so much on paper.

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