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Image: pinkpig.jpg   448x1016 73988 bytes 2004.01.11

Second of three images mounted together that were showed in the MFF '03 Art Show. Sure, she looks like Miss Piggy, but at least I managed to get a pig to look cute. Technical pen and Prismacolor pencils.

Image: r_slash_r.jpg   450x879 69429 bytes 2002.02.27

Now, most of those who have been following my comic's forum, the Erigineea Saga LiveJournal, and my own journal, know that I am a S/E 'shipper. And this is what happens when one gets started on my opinions on such close relatives having a relationship... Pencil and colored pencil on *gasp* good paper (as opposed to my printer paper drawings).

Image: recipeportfolio_gingerbread.jpg   500x702 44903 bytes 2006.04.20

My gingerbread piece for the Furry Recipe Portfolio. Obviously it's going to have a recipe on it when it's done, but that'll be available on the CD only.\r\n\r\nThe busty dobermann is Keita, one of my comic characters.\r\n\r\nThe image was inked with Microns and colored with Copic markers on cardstock.

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Image: recipeportfolio_lemonade_fi.jpg   500x702 60513 bytes 2006.04.20

Strawberry Lemonade in the Summer Sun

My third and final piece for the Furry Recipe Portfolio -- Strawberry Lemonade! The finished piece will be available on the portfolio CD and have my personal strawberry lemonade recipe (modified from one I found online long ago) in the glass.\r\n\r\nThe image was inked with Microns of varying widths, and the fruit and the mouse girl were colored with Copic marker. Then I pulled the image into Photoshop and did the lemonade in the glass digitally. I like the look of the strawberries and the lemons at the bottom of the piece.

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Image: recipeportfolio_meatballs.jpg   500x999 77899 bytes 2006.04.12

First of my pieces for TigerMelanie's furry recipe portfolio. Sah'togar Theaña's wife Zavayi is serving a large dish full of Swedish meatballs. Real Swedish meatballs, like they're made in Sweden. Of course, her oven mitts and apron go in blue and yellow -- just like the Swedish flag!\r\n\r\nThe final version will have the recipe next to Zavayi, and will be available on the Recipe Portfolio CD. \r\n\r\nZavayi is my intellectual property. \r\nImage ©2006 Alexandra Malmberg

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Image: rel_zvee.jpg   375x376 24216 bytes 2003.02.24

From a point far ahead in PH continuty... A certain boar has fallen... Fallen HARD. But the object of his affections is hardly pleased with him. \r\n\r\nA lot of play with the watercolors in Painter Classic. I like how the stormclouds behind Zvee came out, and the tear trail in Rel's face. I know tears aren't -technically- blue, but a dark trail wouldn't show up on that dark fur...

Image: rosetattoofinbw.JPG   679x937 74930 bytes 2004.04.08

Tattoo design, the finalized version of the concept I came up with so long ago. Looking to get the inkwork done maybe this summer... \r\nStaedtler Pigment Liners on cardstock, pretty blah far as techniques go, but I like the lines and the way the rosettes turned out, very stylized.

Image: rosevixen_valentine.jpg   500x609 64400 bytes 2006.03.25

Come Smell the Roses

I call this "Come Smell the Roses"...\r\n\r\nGift for my boyfriend for Valentine's day. Let's forget that V-Day's long past, I was silly in the head and forgot. \r\n\r\nI'm mostly satisfied with it, except my scanner put a bunch of dirt on it (needs cleaning) that I had to retouch away by hand, and the left (our right) breast got inked rather lopsided, and is way smaller as a result. \r\n\r\nMicrons and Copic sketch marker on cardstock.\r\n\r\n©2006 Alexandra Malmberg, all rights reserved, yadayada.

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Image: rritz_charsheet.png   600x737 83025 bytes 2009.06.02

Rritz Whitepaw character sheet

Concept art for my (redesigned and renamed) hermaphroditic cougar taur character, formerly known as Ritz Cougar.

Image: sffmoose.gif   501x687 38475 bytes 2010.08.07

Albino moose for the logo of a furry forum I run.

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Image: smartypants.jpg   700x1011 109694 bytes 2002.01.29

General wackiness inspired by a comment in IRC (comment that I think was response to me being vain and mock-bragging how smart I was...), and it resulted in this... Don't ask about the dumb line at the top, it seemed oddly approtiate... Pencil and watercolors on printer paper. Yay anime-esque victory poses!

Image: smokie.jpg   492x740 79209 bytes 2002.08.05

Picture requested ages ago by an online friend, that was done in about two days, but then never scanned. Because I am having certain scanner problems. It looks a LOT nicer in person, but the scanner decided to be a bitch and not pick up on the shadows and things. I'm rather satisfied with it. Mechanical pencil and 'fine' size black ballpoint pen on ordinary printer paper.

Image: soemanermine.jpg   500x768 53001 bytes 2004.06.30

Soeman Fir, a very shy boy with a natural gift for scrying, lost his focus one day. He found an acceptable new one in an antiques shop, not knowing a ghost had placed it there for him to find... And that the item in question had a very old curse tied to it. And so, he was promptly turned into an ermine. \r\n\r\nThere are plans for a background (and color) for this, I just wanted to get him in there first, and inked, so I wouldn't ruin something when trying to get the background in place.

Image: soerminefin.jpg   600x790 78387 bytes 2004.11.14

Finished version of the piece, finally... Prismacolor pencils and Caran d'Ache watercolor pencils (for the walls), with some little help from Photoshop to smooth out some shadows put on there by the scanner and the cardstock's inability to hold watercolor well.

Image: strek_babysitter.jpg   400x400 71986 bytes 2008.08.10

Old piece from 2005 that I don't know why I didn't upload before. Rebecca Cooper, a red pinto ball python, being babysat by her father's familiar-of-sorts, a black cougar named Strek. I rather like the digital coloring style I was playing with at that point.

Tags: cougar python  
Image: stripes_ill_full.jpg   1000x914 144723 bytes 2010.12.11


Illustration for a story by Veritas, by the title of "Stripes".

Tags: skunk tiger   [More Info]
Image: stripey_valentine.jpg   595x956 84643 bytes 2003.02.14

Perhaps I am a tool, but I wanted to make something for Valentine's Day too, damnit! Because I am in love, and it matters a lot to me. Been a while since I played with Photoshop, and it shows... But it's the thought that counts, not? So... For me, and for my much-beloved stripeytail.

Image: stripeytail_bday_2006.jpg   600x983 137835 bytes 2006.12.11

Hold Me While I Sleep

A birthday gift for a very dear friend. Skunk tails make nice blankies when it's cold. Getting more and more into the whole inking-with-brushpen deal.

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Image: swordbun.jpg   921x1064 118729 bytes 2004.01.11

A bunnygirl with a huge sword, and more than a touch of Arabian Nights. Technical pen and Prismacolor pencil. And those streaks in her hair are bright pink on the actual drawing.

Image: thankeebrian.jpg   450x746 41123 bytes 2002.02.27

A thankyou for all that a certain lovely 'coon did for me to cheer me up and boost my self-esteem when I was feeling down. Should have been finished long ago, but three trips to the vet with chins have come in the way. I like playing with computer coloring... 'Nuff said. You'll find Ach's stories in his VCL library, at

Image: thiskiss.jpg   411x791 63868 bytes 2002.03.30

Mmmm... Me and Brian... Art teacher complimented me on it when I inked it in Art class... Quite like the coloring job, too... As am I satisfied with the hands. I'm NEVER satisfied with hands. I love that 'coon, yes I do.

Image: toymakers_violet_vixen.jpg   650x441 71298 bytes 2010.06.15

So I had this idea to try to draw my fursona as a (mostly?) FIFe-standards-compliant ragdoll cat. Because ragdolls are awesome.\r\n\r\nThe flat color on the body is a bit dark for a show cat, but adult pointed cats do tend to get visible body color. Especially in the variants with markings as the white will provide contrast.

Tags: ragdoll cat  
Image: troja_scraps06.jpg   400x403 58443 bytes 2006.11.20

Scraps for Troja

A quick picture of Troja Fetcher that I drew up for an invitation to a Christmas party. \r\n\r\nDrawn on my usual cardstock, inked with a brushpen, colored with Copic Sketch markers.

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Image: tussi_lineart_web.gif   600x783 31581 bytes 2006.11.20

Dagens .SE?

Tussi Coltshoof, a canid/horse hybrid with a perky, sunny disposition, doing what perky sunny people do best: handing out magazines to passers-by. I'm not very happy about the shoes (Converse are freaking HARD to draw!), and I think I screwed up the foreshortening a bit, but I'm still rather happy with it. This piece will be digitally colored by me when I get the spare time. \r\n\r\nYes, I am making fun of my work dresscode. You would, too.\r\n\r\nDrawn on cardstock, inked with Microns. \r\n©2006 Alexandra Malmberg

Tags: horse canid tussi   [Comment]
Image: tussi_punktSE_web.jpg   600x783 123899 bytes 2006.11.28

Dagens .SE?

Tussi Coltshoof hard at work, handing out free newspapers to passers-by with a friendly smile. This is my first digitally colored piece in a while; handling the tablet went surprisingly easy. Only thing I'm not happy with, really, is the color of Tussi's hair, but that may partially be due to my monitor being shoddy about color display. \r\n\r\nThis piece is inspired by the dress code my job had when I started. It's changed a little since, but back then it was pretty darn stupid.\r\n\r\nTussi Coltshoof is my intellectual property.\r\nImage is ©2006 Alexandra Malmberg

Tags: horse canid tussi   [Comment]
Image: uni_gryf.jpg   402x714 75265 bytes 2002.08.14

I was going to draw a sample piece for a page about taking commissions from me, and wanted, for some reason, to draw a parrot servant kneeling/bowing next to his master/mistress... The innocent sense of it all. It turned out... Not so innocent. I really like the unicorn's outfit. Personally wouldn't be caught dead in it, but it looks nice on her. Could've done a better job on the coloring, I'll blame lighting conditions.

Image: valenroo.gif   623x635 56072 bytes 2004.08.15

"You make my heart bounce!"\r\nAn illustration for a Valentine's Card, the b/w version. It's just a random kangaroo male sitting there, with a big floofy heart-shaped pillow on his lap. How cute. \r\nWill be offered as a card on eventually

Image: vixen_laptop.jpg   600x439 63485 bytes 2008.04.28

My personal character, going typity-typity, like I tend to do. Coloring camo pants is massive do not want, but at least it looks good.\r\n\r\nCopics on cardstock.

Tags: arctic fox  
Image: wendy_c.jpg   442x569 51189 bytes 2002.09.27

In connection to the redesign of Wendy Blackglove, I was invited to a moving-in party. Instead of buying potted plants or something equally stereotyped, I decided to give the three hosts a manicure each. So I was going to draw for the gift certificates. Who would be more excited about pretty nails than Wendy?

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