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Image: maui.jpg   539x697 49742 bytes 2001.04.12

Ahh..Maui-sama. **bows** I did this while listening to the tunes of Linkin Park: Hybrid theory. How sweet is that. Looks like death is on vacation and Maui's moved in for a part-time job...\r\nMaui (c) himself\r\nArt (c) Alexandra Smith (me)

Image: Misetsu.jpg   495x661 46096 bytes 2001.04.12

This is one for Misetsu! What fun! Bet you thought I didn't do hoomans hun? She's poking her tounge out. How rude. **Snicker**

Image: mordoops.gif   467x513 37516 bytes 2001.04.12

This is my newest character: Mord. Don't worry, she's supossed to look like this. She's undead, and kinda scatter brained. (Note the scars/stiches on her wrists and arms.) She even gets her hand caught in a blender. Not that it hurts her. She more like Lenore (Cool comic that, go to to see it) but sweet. Heh, looks like she's done something again. :)

Image: morgantrade.jpg   694x1003 80402 bytes 2001.06.19

Heres the trade sheet for my Gryphon characeter Morigan.\r\n

Image: morghead.jpg   298x370 14849 bytes 2001.06.22

A little coloured sketch of Morigan's head. S'not bad tho.\r\nMorigan (c) me\r\n

Image: moriga2.jpg   741x1016 65270 bytes 2001.05.30

Yayy. Sketch of Morigan. Cheer for me.

Image: Morigan.jpg   711x726 62876 bytes 2001.05.29

Yay. My gryphon character Morigan. Heh. Nice name, 'ery Celtick.\r\nArt and Gryf (c) me

Image: nova.jpg   601x886 64343 bytes 2001.07.04

My trade with Lady Hawk. This is her wolf char Nova.\r\nDamn good art.\r\n

Image: onyxwave.gif   580x763 63742 bytes 2001.04.10

Eeee!! My half with onyx!! I'm really glad this one worked out!!

Image: orca.jpg   523x589 50901 bytes 2001.06.26

My half of an art trade with Orca, she's sitting on a cliff and staring into the wind.

Image: pandezel.jpg   653x773 59473 bytes 2001.04.03

Eee, Pandezel! I did a trade with Weasel Woman (WW) and this is my half, chu. I luv the background on it, I did it in hand! ^.^ She looks really, REALLY good.\r\n I hope you like Wes.

Image: poemjoker.jpg   713x733 51820 bytes 2001.05.25

A quick sketch of Jester in Joker' form sitting in a tree. The first part of the poem is from my poem WILD CARD (Go to my web page to see it) the second part is something I made up.\r\nArt, character & poem (c) Me, Alexandra Smith

Image: purgatori.jpg   295x325 12238 bytes 2001.06.22

Purgatori; my evil little moster plushie. Wif a love for stickin' knives in peoples....\r\n\r\nArt and Purg (c) me

Image: Sindel3.jpg   556x821 61740 bytes 2001.04.23

Ooo...Sindel tweaked, too much heavy metal for me!

Image: sisters.jpg   781x776 66751 bytes 2001.05.30

This is a picture I dedicate to my web sis: Allytha.\r\nThe words mean nothing compared to how much I care for my sister.\r\nAllytha (c) Alexis C.\r\nMorigan (c) Me

Image: sisters2.jpg   700x696 127028 bytes 2001.06.19

Yayy!! the coloured version, Allytha did the colouring for me!! It's soo pwetty!\r\nCharacters (C) themselves.\r\nColouring done by Alexis C.\r\nArt by Alexandra Smith (Me)

Image: sketches.jpg   567x809 39016 bytes 2001.04.12

Yay, character designs for Mord, ooo, big knife thing. Ouch. She's one of my favorite characters to draw. :)

Image: Sliverwing.jpg   475x829 48200 bytes 2001.03.26

This one's part of a trade with Sliverwing. I love the way it turned out!! "s very badass! You gotta see her art, it kicks more ass than Jackie Chan!!\r\n

Image: Swoop.jpg   756x786 121695 bytes 2001.08.10

At last, a semi-good were-raven drawing. But the right legs stuffed. Grrr..

Image: transform.jpg   733x526 46461 bytes 2001.05.08

Again, more from The Birthing. Me trying to accoplish my first transformatian into my crinos (I'm using White Wolf's tearm for it)form. Not half bad, excuse the pun, really.\r\nArt and Character (c) Me

Image: wereravn.jpg   643x925 57585 bytes 2001.04.12

This is me in wereraven form, according to White Wolf their called Corax. It's my first try and it came out quite well. :D

Image: WhilyKat.jpg   745x931 70994 bytes 2001.04.12

Well, This is Whily Kat. Usally he's wandering around and looking broody.\r\nHe's the master of all hand held weapons...but not of a strange gremlin critter named Pipsqeak. Allytha might need to come and collect him soon.\r\n\r\nWhily Kat and Art (c) Me \r\n Pipsqeak (c) Alexis C.\r\n

Image: whitejester.jpg   643x946 73776 bytes 2001.03.20

I did myself in leather, nice stuff. I did myself white because in my normal colours I'd look pretty sucky.

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