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Image: Momgift.jpg   700x692 184257 bytes 2003.12.23

^__^\r\nMy gift for my mom when I come home. \r\nShe said she liked those cute mice and fuzzy animals that appear on greeting cards so I referred to one my grandma gave me many years ago - just the bunny. \r\nTook about 5 hours from sketch to finish. Done in colored pencils, a tiny bit of marker and white acrylic paint. Going to go find some glitter and frame it with acetate \r\nThe tree reminds me of a giant green cousin it. I also didn't want to over do the yellow on the snow if ya know what I mean, lol.\r\n\r\nart by guyver47

Image: Onca.jpg   368x800 76459 bytes 2003.12.04

My trade with karnokoto :)\r\nThis is her character, Onca, an anthro caracal. \r\nShe was very fun to draw. The line art is 18 inches by 8 inches so it's pretty big. Had to piece both halves together.\r\nShe specified the outfit too. Perdy :)\r\n\r\nOnca karnokoto 2003\r\\r\nart by guyver47\r\n\r\nabout the theft: (warning -swearing)\r\n

Image: G47theft.jpg   390x700 76631 bytes 2003.12.03

Someone has been using the handle "guyver47" on furnet. As much as I've been getting opinions and thinking about it myself, there is no coincidence in my handle being used. \r\nA friend of mine told me they saw this person roleplaying on furnet using my handle and acting slutty. This is their first and final warning to knock it off because I use furnet now under a different name.\r\nMy characters are mine only.\r\nPlaying G47 as your own is definitely the wrong thing to do.........\r\n\r\nHer head is too big again, but that was the last thing on my mind while drawing this.\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros\r\n

Image: Dazen.jpg   430x700 96203 bytes 2003.12.03

My trade with daswolf :)\r\nShe asked me to draw her character, Dazen.\r\nI was looking through her pictures of him and I really like the funny situations she draws him in :) He has pizazz (no not pizza....) XD\r\nThe right eye is too big compared to the left.....and the hips bug me but I think the coloring turned out well. \r\nDRooooooool!\r\n\r\nDazen daswolf 2003\r\\r\nart by guyver47

Image: Konamouse.jpg   482x700 95038 bytes 2003.12.02

My trade with Curi-chan :)\r\nShe asked me to draw her character Kona as an anthro. This was pretty fun turning her from anime to anthro. I chose a mouse to draw her as. \r\nLook! She's not humping cheese! -glares- ..... :aww:\r\n\r\nKona Curi-chan 2003\r\\r\nart by guyver47

Image: Chawmelitecolor.jpg   542x700 144127 bytes 2003.11.27

This is the first appearance of a new character, Chawmelite. She was created from the blood of G47. Guyver47 is a shapeshifter, and her blood serves as a catalyst able to transform any living tissue it comes in contact with. Chawmelite is part wolf and chameleon. She can change colors like a chamleon, but also has traits of Guyver47.\r\n^__^ She's perdy!\r\n\r\nChawmelite Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47D47raptorscolor.jpg   700x538 115118 bytes 2003.11.24

Muaha! Fear the claw!\r\nDrawn this morning at 5am. Heh, this'll probably be my last dino type image for a while.\r\nI don't think I'd mind getting ripped apart by these two \r\nG47's front arm looks kinda funky.\r\nCome and play ;D\r\n\r\nGuyver47 and D4-7 Alicia Boros 2003\r\

Image: G47Neptune.jpg   535x700 134597 bytes 2003.11.23

Pretty off-topic compared to my usual stuff. This is Guyver47, my persona in her general appearance. She was born on Neptune, so can't really say she's "human". Mainly showing off the coloring. \r\nShe shapeshifts, and has telekenetic abilities. She also has Guyver armor.\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003\r\

Image: TrexD4-7.jpg   700x532 64527 bytes 2003.11.22

-grins- HA! This had been intended to be D4-7 as a T-Rex grinning at raptor G47 and saying something like "pay back time".......but adding G into the scene made it look off. I was gonna do a greenery type BG........but Chris was watching me color this and suggested a sunset type sky.....very red. I liked his idea and tried to capture a sunset as best as I could from scratch! RARAR! \r\nBased off the T-rex style from JP.\r\n\r\nD4-7 Alicia Boros 2003\r\n

Image: G47raptor.jpg   421x700 67431 bytes 2003.11.15

Ahh.........been wanting to take this one to completion for a while. :) Drawn this morning. I compiled this version of G47 from bits of Jurassic park raptors and Talon from Primal Rage.\r\nSince this is my first raptor, I'm pretty satisfied with the anatomy, except for the raised claws, and the left thigh. I was hard to angle that leg. heh.\r\nI plan on drawing her again soon this way I suppose.\r\nMaybe a D4-7 raptor ^_~\r\n\r\nI loooooooove raptors :) They are my 2nd favorite dino, next to the "spitter". I think I'm gonna go rent the movies now. -runs away-\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Diceside.jpg   603x700 64714 bytes 2003.11.10

Dice is my demonic red doberman character. I drew him a while ago in the image "dobermania.jpg" and wanted to draw him again. \r\nSpecial note for "they know who they are": You may NOT use this character or image for your own personal roleplaying. You do not have my permission.\r\n\r\nDice Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Aliciacoon.jpg   524x700 94474 bytes 2003.11.10

Rar! Decided to draw a fursona that is closer to what I actually look like. No, I'm not that hairy. HAr Har :) I matched my current hair color and body shape. Guyver47 is more muscular than I am and is designed for battle. I am designed for.........whatever I'm supposed to be doing. :D\r\nI am about 5'7 1/4th" and 217 lbs. I don't know for sure why I chose a coon. I guess they reflect my stay-up-all-night habits. I love neon green and stars too.\r\n\r\nAlicia Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Emeraldsunlight.jpg   700x537 136513 bytes 2003.11.09

This a the finished trade with Sam Gwosdz.\r\nHe wanted Emerald, my belly dancing blue vixen in an outfit he picked out.\r\nThis took a while X__X but....I feel that this is my best coloring attempt ever on the computer. -falls over-\r\n\r\nEmerald Alicia Boros 2003\r\nView the sketch:\r\n

Image: ZelwulfJax.jpg   700x537 128883 bytes 2003.11.09

Gift art for Jax God of Yaoi\r\nI wrote to him a very very long time ago asking if I could draw his characters, Zelwulf and Jax. Finally I feel that I've done them justice.\r\nHe has great variety in his art here on the VCL, and on deviant art. \r\nBesides, he loves Pokemon too :)\r\nZelwulf (left) has a hold of Jax's tail. \r\n\r\nZelwulf and Jax Jax Bourdeau 2003\r\nArt by Guyver47 2003

Image: G47floatinghead.jpg   687x700 89831 bytes 2003.11.06

Drew this at 8 this mornin', went to school and then bought the exact colored pencils I needed for G47's hair and fur. Look! Not computer colored! OOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo! ...........heh....... I cleaned up the mess around her head. \r\nDone in prismacolor colored pencils. Yo yo yo\r\nThe colors are more vivid on the paper... -looks at scanner disappointedly- \r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: JCchibiattacksmall.jpg   530x700 101344 bytes 2003.11.04

For J.C., an artist here on the VCL. I've been keeping an eye on her art and finally was able to create something I felt was decent enough to present. I love the chibi yellow kitty version of herself. I love her style, and computer coloring ability. So there :) \r\nVisit her : \r\n\r\nJ.C. J.C. 2003 \r\nGuyver47 and art by Alicia Boros 2003 \r\n

Image: NightMagic.jpg   496x700 91555 bytes 2003.11.01

Night Magic is my purple/pink tiger striped vixen character. After enduring an abusive relationship, she transforms into this furry fem at night. She then spends each night mating as much as possible to dispell her inner turmoil, and wakes up human again unknowing to her actions.\r\n:D\r\nNight Magic (named after my favorite Avon perfume) Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Gemsbokfem.jpg   474x700 83986 bytes 2003.10.31

Rar! One of my favorite animals is the Gemsbok, a relative of the antelope. They are very appealing because of the contrast of black, white and grey, not to mention females have horns like the male. I haven't named her yet. Her head is a bit big. @___@ BG made from scratch.\r\n\r\nGemsbok character Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Aloeskunknightsky.jpg   700x543 86468 bytes 2003.10.31

My skunkie girl, Aloe on a grassy hill at night. Tried to make the grass look very soft because she herself is soft.\r\nHer head is a smidgen too big XD Ah well, love her hair. :)\r\n\r\nAloe skunk Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47countstripes.jpg   700x539 102553 bytes 2003.10.31

Would you like to count her stripes? -smiles-\r\n\r\nWanted to draw Guyver47 looking sexy again. Did this while I was at the laundramat waiting in my car. \r\nIn celebration of my new site:\r\n\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003\r\n

Image: G47countstripes_LA.jpg   700x539 98552 bytes 2003.10.31

Uploaded Size: 98552 Re-compressed Size: 124227\r\nRecommendation: Use yours, my version sucks \r\n\r\nThat made me crack up..... :)\r\nNew "sexy" pic of Guyver47 I drew in my car while waiting for laundry to finish. Going to color her soon.\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003\r\n

Image: G47tearsoflove.jpg   508x700 81598 bytes 2003.10.24

A portrait image of Guyver47 I drew a few days ago. This is the other main graphic for my site under construction...minus the text.\r\nI will post the link when my site is finished. I will be hosted at \r\nMuch appreciation goes to Maxx! \r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47EvaAcris.jpg   700x540 136404 bytes 2003.10.23

Finished trade with Call of Spirit \r\nEva and Acris (left, right) are two characters of Call of Spirit's. She asked me to draw them all coming towards the viewer ready to attack.\r\nThe striped trio!\r\nFirst time I've drawn Guyver47 as a dragon. \r\nEva is part alien and dragoness. I really like this character.\r\nI like how Acris' eyes turned out. I like the coloring of G47's wings.\r\nI estimated wrong, heh......took me about 5 hours to color. Photoshop crashed four times and I lost bits here and there. wee!\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003\r\nAcris and Eva

Image: G47sega.jpg   550x700 96858 bytes 2003.10.20

Trying my hand at a more Sonic-type of style. I plan on drawing D4-7 in this fashion, and maybe some new characters. I love Sonic. I plan to draw Rogue too. She rocks.\r\nHere's cutie Guyver47 at the pool!\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Airguitarhide.jpg   497x700 104772 bytes 2003.10.18

Ever do an air guitar without your pants on? I have! Here's Airguitar without her pants! HAHA!...... -__-\r\nMy trade with Erin Hughes (Airguitar) here on the VCL and on deviant art.\r\nShe let me draw her sexy. :) I really like how the blue and black turned out in her tail. Added a touch of Pink Floyd as well.\r\nRar! \r\nAirguitar Erin Hughes 2003\r\nArt by Guyver47

Image: Camussharkdobedragon.jpg   534x700 73589 bytes 2003.10.17

Camus is a canine/doberman plus shark/dragon hybrid character of mine. I may anthro-ize him at another time.\r\nI am pleased with the coloring result since I had not chosen a scheme, however I really like the tones of dark blue and blue green. *pets*\r\n\r\nCamus Alicia Boros 2003

Image: PoofLerChell.jpg   526x700 85609 bytes 2003.10.13

This is my trade with PooF Ler who contacted via e-mail about drawing his girlfriend, Chell, as an anthro skunkie. I used two photos of his gf for reference located in his yahoo albums. I chose the pink nurse looking outfit, along with the neat looking tights. She also was holding a Kuronekosama (Trigun) plushie (I also own one) and I had to add him in too. ~_o\r\nI was a bit ickish about the purple and black but after completing her body tone..I like it.\r\nThanks for being patient with mah slowness, PooF Ler!\r\n\r\nChell herself\r\nArt by Guyver47 2003

Image: Firebringer.jpg   800x686 117726 bytes 2003.10.08

Gift art for a VCL artist. I really like her character, Firebringer, a unicorn that can control fire! FLAAMieeeeeeeeeeeee FLAAAMbey!\r\nI feel silly though because I do not know her real name \r\n\r\nFirebringer her owner\r\nart by Guyver47 2003 \r\n\r\n

Image: G47nolinescloseup.jpg   900x557 93138 bytes 2003.10.07

A closeup! Also features zeh eye of ze Guyvah!\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47chainsofgloom01.jpg   700x622 81014 bytes 2003.10.07

A lineless piece of Guyver47. Worked on this for many hours using my mouse and smudge tool in PS7.\r\nI like the final result very very much, but cannot settle on a background. \r\nShe is chained to reflect a crappy mood I've been struggling against.\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

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