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Image: Airguitarhide.jpg   497x700 104772 bytes 2003.10.18

Ever do an air guitar without your pants on? I have! Here's Airguitar without her pants! HAHA!...... -__-\r\nMy trade with Erin Hughes (Airguitar) here on the VCL and on deviant art.\r\nShe let me draw her sexy. :) I really like how the blue and black turned out in her tail. Added a touch of Pink Floyd as well.\r\nRar! \r\nAirguitar Erin Hughes 2003\r\nArt by Guyver47

Image: Aishataur_guyver47.jpg   542x700 94598 bytes 2003.02.02

This an aisha taur morph from neopet's aisha. I don't think anyone has ever drawn one of these before! I'd like to see Neopets make a pet like that. ^_^\r\n\r\nArt by Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Aliciacoon.jpg   524x700 94474 bytes 2003.11.10

Rar! Decided to draw a fursona that is closer to what I actually look like. No, I'm not that hairy. HAr Har :) I matched my current hair color and body shape. Guyver47 is more muscular than I am and is designed for battle. I am designed for.........whatever I'm supposed to be doing. :D\r\nI am about 5'7 1/4th" and 217 lbs. I don't know for sure why I chose a coon. I guess they reflect my stay-up-all-night habits. I love neon green and stars too.\r\n\r\nAlicia Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Aloeskunknightsky.jpg   700x543 86468 bytes 2003.10.31

My skunkie girl, Aloe on a grassy hill at night. Tried to make the grass look very soft because she herself is soft.\r\nHer head is a smidgen too big XD Ah well, love her hair. :)\r\n\r\nAloe skunk Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Anthonydragon.jpg   700x533 104871 bytes 2003.08.07

This is a good bye gift for a friend of mine named Anthony, from offline. He is my best friend Sarah's ex. I met him through her, and have never met someone so spectacular in under 2 years time. He loves dragons, and black and purple. \r\nHe is moving to South Carolina to attend college and chances are I'll never see him again.\r\nHe has an awesome sense of humor, and I hope to never forget all the nights I watched him attack Sarah and beat her down. \r\nThis is to thank him for all those times he dyed his hair varities of color, dressed goth and surprised me at Walmart, for the "kitty" poster, the wrestling match, and drove me insane for I could never be with him.\r\nheh...........\r\n\r\nGo away before I chop off yer legs.....!\r\n\r\nArt by Guyver47 2003

Image: bloodhoundomega.jpg   532x700 67274 bytes 2003.06.08

Bloodhound Omega

Gift art for Bloodhound Omega!\r\n\r\n\r\nArt by guyver47 2003

Image: Camussharkdobedragon.jpg   534x700 73589 bytes 2003.10.17

Camus is a canine/doberman plus shark/dragon hybrid character of mine. I may anthro-ize him at another time.\r\nI am pleased with the coloring result since I had not chosen a scheme, however I really like the tones of dark blue and blue green. *pets*\r\n\r\nCamus Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Catreena01.jpg   408x700 74564 bytes 2003.03.03

Catreena is a Sonic the hedgehog influenced character from back in the day. She's kinda like an over-grown girl scout. She's 17, and is about 5'7. There's a second image of her on the way which features both of her outfits she wears frequently. Her hair was influenced by Amy, the little pink hedgehog but Catreena is a cat ^_~ \r\nI love rollarblading.\r\n\r\nCatreena Cat Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Catreena02.jpg   458x700 100357 bytes 2003.03.08

I made a design sheet for Catreena, one of my Sonic based character. She has two outfits she normally wears, shown here. On the left is her "scout" type outfit and on the right is her casual/exercising outfit. She always wears leg warmers, rollarblades, and a french berret. She's about 5'9, and is a female pink cat. Color swatches are provided.\r\n\r\nCatreena Cat Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Chawmelitecolor.jpg   542x700 144127 bytes 2003.11.27

This is the first appearance of a new character, Chawmelite. She was created from the blood of G47. Guyver47 is a shapeshifter, and her blood serves as a catalyst able to transform any living tissue it comes in contact with. Chawmelite is part wolf and chameleon. She can change colors like a chamleon, but also has traits of Guyver47.\r\n^__^ She's perdy!\r\n\r\nChawmelite Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Chrispanther02.jpg   449x700 70304 bytes 2003.03.18

This is a furry version of my boyfriend. It's hard to describe what he is (besides a panther ofcourse). He is 5'9, 145 pounds. He has a thin build, and eyes that paralyze me.\r\nHe's into Star Wars like it's religion, Marvel superheros, Counter Strike (PC game), multimedia, and hockey. He's from Brooklyn though he doesn't have that New Yorkie accent. (Hey, I'm from PA and I say "Yens" "Buggie" "Gumbands" "Burm") ^_^\r\nAnyway, I had to get rid of the background of the picture because it was very very dirty looking. I can't draw male bodies that well but practice does make for improvement.\r\n\r\nChris Panther Alicia Boros 2003

Image: ChromeD47.jpg   541x700 102266 bytes 2003.08.30

Sat down and decided to color something for myself. This is the second time I've drawn Chrome. She is a doberman, husky crossbreed. She is black and aqua with a rainbow tipped tail. Since D4-7 is a doberman too, I drew them together.\r\nRAR! \r\n\r\nChrome and D4-7 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: D4-7bones.jpg   532x700 95770 bytes 2003.05.19

Here's D4-7 the doberman in a nice blue doggie bone swim suit. :) I like her shiny shoulders ^__^\r\nRiff rowlf.\r\nThis same image is on my deviant art account (guyver47), so feel free to leave comments there if you like.\r\nChaaa!!\r\n\r\nD4-7 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: D4-7doe.jpg   700x552 70330 bytes 2003.08.03

On a lovely summer morning, a strange looking doe has frittered onto the clearing. What's this? Is it D4? Why, YES, it is!...............(sorry.....heh)\r\n\r\nHere's D4-7 as a Bambi style adult Doe. I used Bambi's mother as a reference, and shaped the form into my own. :)\r\nThe BG was done on the computer. GEE those mountains are so awesome. hehe -winks-\r\n\r\nD4-7 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: D4-7Jesonite.jpg   509x700 104659 bytes 2003.09.11

This is a gift for Jeso on deviant art.\r\nHe drew me an awesome pic of D4-7, and I love his rottie character. I love his drawing style.\r\nThis took me about 4 hours because Photoshop crashed and I lost the black shading on him. Argh.\r\nThat's supposed to be a cupid doberman over\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nJeso Jesus A. Bautista\r\nArt and D4-7 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: D4-7obeyme.jpg   470x700 67096 bytes 2003.03.31

D4-7 can be just as quirky as G47. ^_^ This drawing was influenced by the styles of Desoto and Roscoe of Oliver & Co. I love those dobermans. heh.\r\n\r\nD4-7 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: D47G47MLP.jpg   700x479 92292 bytes 2003.07.24

As it has been going on, G47 likes to shape shift herself into various types of species and creatures for fun or along with D4 as a joke. :) \r\nI know MLP shows up alot here but I have to get it out of my system just this once.\r\nI actually gave D4 hair this time. Should she keep this hair color/style or is she better suited without hair like G4?\r\nSo sadistic :)\r\n\r\nGuyver47 and D4-7 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Dazen.jpg   430x700 96203 bytes 2003.12.03

My trade with daswolf :)\r\nShe asked me to draw her character, Dazen.\r\nI was looking through her pictures of him and I really like the funny situations she draws him in :) He has pizazz (no not pizza....) XD\r\nThe right eye is too big compared to the left.....and the hips bug me but I think the coloring turned out well. \r\nDRooooooool!\r\n\r\nDazen daswolf 2003\r\\r\nart by guyver47

Image: Diceside.jpg   603x700 64714 bytes 2003.11.10

Dice is my demonic red doberman character. I drew him a while ago in the image "dobermania.jpg" and wanted to draw him again. \r\nSpecial note for "they know who they are": You may NOT use this character or image for your own personal roleplaying. You do not have my permission.\r\n\r\nDice Alicia Boros 2003

Image: dobecreature.jpg   534x700 55766 bytes 2003.09.26

This is something I sketched a very long time ago, about a year. This creature is a hyrbid of doberman, shark and dragon. The colors I chose for him is either green and yellow plus black or I will use a navy blue instead of black for the body fur. I haven't thought of a name for him yet but he will be a pet.\r\n\r\nartwork Alicia Boros 2003\r\n\r\n\r\nThis will be colored another time, I just wanted to get the lineart up :)

Image: dobermania.jpg   537x700 79420 bytes 2003.07.15

Was doodling lastnight while chatting and started with the doberman that is running, Bax. I then continued drawing around him and came up with the rest of the dobies. :)\r\nI guess you could say I got into the "dober-zone".....\r\n\r\n>___<

Image: dragon.jpg   700x675 78727 bytes 2003.02.05

I wanted to draw a dragon, and rummaging through old stuff I found this one. :) I haven't named him, but "he" looks male to's settled. heh.\r\nOh yes, also testing another logo for myself. Shadow Graphics is named in memory of my cat, Shadow, who passed away in 1998.\r\n\r\ndragon design Alicia Boros 2003\r\nShadow Graphics Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Dragonmidnight.jpg   486x700 92485 bytes 2003.05.09

A neon green and black dragon named Midnight.\r\n^__^ grrrarl.\r\n\r\nart Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Dragonrace.jpg   680x531 112484 bytes 2003.01.06

This is Dragon Race, art trade with an artist from the Lion King Archive. I couldn't sleep so I started drawing all my trades and commissions to get people their pictures sooner. :)\r\nDragon Race is her owner. (Find her at\r\nArt by Guyver47 2003

Image: dragontribalthorn.jpg   539x700 130484 bytes 2003.07.26

I started this image on Thursday while I was at home watching Jay Leno. This image was done entirely without pencil. I had to be very careful not to mess anything up. -wipes forhead- whew!\r\nI finished the thorn-like tribal markings around the edges today (Saturday 7/26) and the right arm/wing.\r\nIf the image is a bit confusing, the dragon has two spine like quills protruding from his back. The dragon is sitting on the near edge of a cliff, and his tail is curling around to the front of him. His body has armor-like spikes as well. His wings are attached to his arms and are placed infront of him. I think the tribal fire looks pretty neat coming from his mouth.\r\n\r\nart Alicia Boros 2003\r\n\r\nThis image will remain B&W. I think it looks better w/out color. :)

Image: Ebonytigressperdy.jpg   517x700 107730 bytes 2003.09.02

Gift art for Sheryn Brown, because she is a very kind hearted person. She also drew me fan art several months ago and I've been wanting to repay her. \r\nI love her character Ebony, and her big cat style. If you've never seen her art go look at it! She's here on the VCL and\r\n\r\nEbony Tigress Sheryn Brown 2003\r\nart by Guyver47

Image: Emeraldadmire.jpg   577x800 131779 bytes 2003.04.13

Emerald, one of my characters was requested by a friend. :)\r\n\r\nEmerald (c) Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Emeraldsunlight.jpg   700x537 136513 bytes 2003.11.09

This a the finished trade with Sam Gwosdz.\r\nHe wanted Emerald, my belly dancing blue vixen in an outfit he picked out.\r\nThis took a while X__X but....I feel that this is my best coloring attempt ever on the computer. -falls over-\r\n\r\nEmerald Alicia Boros 2003\r\nView the sketch:\r\n

Image: FelisLynx_2003.jpg   527x700 175351 bytes 2003.06.21

Felis Lynx is another older character of mine that I had only drawn twice. This is the third edition, and the first to be colored on the computer.\r\nShe is very fast and agile like a cat. (obviously......heh) She is part lynx and part cheetah. \r\nThis took me a while to ink cuz of all her markings. She is about 5'10" feet tall.\r\n\r\n\r\nFelis Lynx Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Firebringer.jpg   800x686 117726 bytes 2003.10.08

Gift art for a VCL artist. I really like her character, Firebringer, a unicorn that can control fire! FLAAMieeeeeeeeeeeee FLAAAMbey!\r\nI feel silly though because I do not know her real name \r\n\r\nFirebringer her owner\r\nart by Guyver47 2003 \r\n\r\n

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