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Image: dobecreature.jpg   534x700 55766 bytes 2003.09.26

This is something I sketched a very long time ago, about a year. This creature is a hyrbid of doberman, shark and dragon. The colors I chose for him is either green and yellow plus black or I will use a navy blue instead of black for the body fur. I haven't thought of a name for him yet but he will be a pet.\r\n\r\nartwork Alicia Boros 2003\r\n\r\n\r\nThis will be colored another time, I just wanted to get the lineart up :)

Image: Pirate47.jpg   700x536 138723 bytes 2003.09.19

For talk like a pirate day :)\r\nD4-7 as a parrot, and G47 decked out in oceanly garb including bling blingin' gold tooth, hook and wisk!\r\nA Pie Rat.\r\nA smelly F-ARRRRR!-T (-laughs at shark's expression-)\r\nYAAAAAAAAAR!\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47D47play.jpg   700x542 78209 bytes 2003.09.19

Drew this today. Wanted to do cute versions of D4-7 and the scary version of G47. Took me about two hours, and the background is entirely from scratch. Oooooooo.........perdy night sky :)\r\n\r\nGuyver47 and D4-7 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47dollietorture.jpg   535x700 116709 bytes 2003.09.18

Well well, looks like D4-7 may actually be getting hers this time. Guyver47 is in her clutches as a mousie. I don't think she likes the idea of doll clothes. XD Go D4!\r\nI forgot to black out the tiny uncolored pixels that remained at the end......but I'll fix that another day.\r\n\r\nGuyver47 and D4-7 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47roolab.jpg   700x542 128118 bytes 2003.09.13

Guyver47 takes a stroll through a lab (for some unknown reason, hah ha!) and sees an attractive blue cat-roo hyrbid in one of the testing cells.\r\nIt seems as though he wants out...but can he be trusted? Is he wild or being held against his own will?\r\n\r\nGuyver47 and CR-151 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: D4-7Jesonite.jpg   509x700 104659 bytes 2003.09.11

This is a gift for Jeso on deviant art.\r\nHe drew me an awesome pic of D4-7, and I love his rottie character. I love his drawing style.\r\nThis took me about 4 hours because Photoshop crashed and I lost the black shading on him. Argh.\r\nThat's supposed to be a cupid doberman over\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nJeso Jesus A. Bautista\r\nArt and D4-7 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Ebonytigressperdy.jpg   517x700 107730 bytes 2003.09.02

Gift art for Sheryn Brown, because she is a very kind hearted person. She also drew me fan art several months ago and I've been wanting to repay her. \r\nI love her character Ebony, and her big cat style. If you've never seen her art go look at it! She's here on the VCL and\r\n\r\nEbony Tigress Sheryn Brown 2003\r\nart by Guyver47

Image: mournforyou.jpg   700x517 154232 bytes 2003.09.01

A young mother dragon cries as her young one bellows loudly across the grasses. All she can do is watch him slowly die, and nothing can ease his pain. \r\n\r\nprismacolor pencils, and markers\r\nart Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47taurscold.jpg   547x700 145409 bytes 2003.08.31

Finally got to color this one as well. The colors I chose for Lily are yellow, dark purple/black and red. I think her hair turned out pretty nice.\r\nGeneric grass scene included :)\r\n\r\nGuyver47 and Lily Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47wolftaurtribal.jpg   494x700 88165 bytes 2003.08.30

Finally colored her...........but I think I liked the line art better. >__O Heh.\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: ChromeD47.jpg   541x700 102266 bytes 2003.08.30

Sat down and decided to color something for myself. This is the second time I've drawn Chrome. She is a doberman, husky crossbreed. She is black and aqua with a rainbow tipped tail. Since D4-7 is a doberman too, I drew them together.\r\nRAR! \r\n\r\nChrome and D4-7 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47evil.jpg   700x573 95282 bytes 2003.08.22

The graphic that will be on the index page to my personal site. The image has touches of lion, caracal, tiger and wolf and is supposed to be Guyver47...kinda like the representation of her personality. ahrah :)\r\n\r\nArt Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47roopretty.jpg   493x700 97213 bytes 2003.08.21

yargh, finally received color! I did G47 as a grey roo this time instead of brown. I like blue, if you can't tell. I tried something knew on her frontmost ear by shading in the center to give a rounder feel, and added some light along the bottom edge.\r\n*pbbbbt*\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47taurscold_LA.jpg   508x650 99323 bytes 2003.08.17

First appearing ever is a husky/rabbit taur hybrid by the name of Lily. She shows a bit of fear after G47 scolds her for something.\r\nLily will be drawn alone sometime soon, and this image will be colored by next weekend.\r\n\r\nGuyver47 and Lily Alicia Boros

Image: G47wolftaurtribal_LA.jpg   494x700 85325 bytes 2003.08.17

Another older drawn image stashed away. I liked the form of this wolftaur's body, and transformed her into Guyver47. She has black markings on her face and black stripes on the fur at the sides of her face. She also has tribal markings among her body stripes. Just playing around with her style. Will be colored by next weekend.\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47roopretty_LA.jpg   493x700 102467 bytes 2003.08.17

Line art of Guyver47 as a roo looking pretty. I drew this pic over a month ago but gave up on her body due to frustration. I finished and inked this yesterday. It will be colored around next week end. \r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Anthonydragon.jpg   700x533 104871 bytes 2003.08.07

This is a good bye gift for a friend of mine named Anthony, from offline. He is my best friend Sarah's ex. I met him through her, and have never met someone so spectacular in under 2 years time. He loves dragons, and black and purple. \r\nHe is moving to South Carolina to attend college and chances are I'll never see him again.\r\nHe has an awesome sense of humor, and I hope to never forget all the nights I watched him attack Sarah and beat her down. \r\nThis is to thank him for all those times he dyed his hair varities of color, dressed goth and surprised me at Walmart, for the "kitty" poster, the wrestling match, and drove me insane for I could never be with him.\r\nheh...........\r\n\r\nGo away before I chop off yer legs.....!\r\n\r\nArt by Guyver47 2003

Image: G47buck.jpg   513x700 109644 bytes 2003.08.03

To go along with D4-7 as the doe, here is Guyver47 as a buck. -grins- \r\nShe's so evil :) Heh.......I like the way the antlers turned out. I definitely need to draw more deer, cuz I am not familiar with their anatomy. I forgot her spiked collar but I think"he" looks better without it in this form.\r\nDon't buck with him! AHAHAHAA.............. >_ <\r\nAgain, the BG was done entirely on the computer.\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: D4-7doe.jpg   700x552 70330 bytes 2003.08.03

On a lovely summer morning, a strange looking doe has frittered onto the clearing. What's this? Is it D4? Why, YES, it is!...............(sorry.....heh)\r\n\r\nHere's D4-7 as a Bambi style adult Doe. I used Bambi's mother as a reference, and shaped the form into my own. :)\r\nThe BG was done on the computer. GEE those mountains are so awesome. hehe -winks-\r\n\r\nD4-7 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: Huskie666color.jpg   502x700 100185 bytes 2003.07.28

Gift art for Mayra Boyle.\r\nFull length comment available on deviant art.\r\nLine art colored with Photoshop 7.\r\n\r\n(\r\n\r\nHuskie Mayra Boyle 2003\r\nArt by Guyver47 2003

Image: Huskie666BW.jpg   502x700 90668 bytes 2003.07.28

Line art of the colored version of Huskie :)\r\n\r\nHuskie Mayra Boyle 2003\r\n\r\nArt by Guyver47 2003

Image: dragontribalthorn.jpg   539x700 130484 bytes 2003.07.26

I started this image on Thursday while I was at home watching Jay Leno. This image was done entirely without pencil. I had to be very careful not to mess anything up. -wipes forhead- whew!\r\nI finished the thorn-like tribal markings around the edges today (Saturday 7/26) and the right arm/wing.\r\nIf the image is a bit confusing, the dragon has two spine like quills protruding from his back. The dragon is sitting on the near edge of a cliff, and his tail is curling around to the front of him. His body has armor-like spikes as well. His wings are attached to his arms and are placed infront of him. I think the tribal fire looks pretty neat coming from his mouth.\r\n\r\nart Alicia Boros 2003\r\n\r\nThis image will remain B&W. I think it looks better w/out color. :)

Image: D47G47MLP.jpg   700x479 92292 bytes 2003.07.24

As it has been going on, G47 likes to shape shift herself into various types of species and creatures for fun or along with D4 as a joke. :) \r\nI know MLP shows up alot here but I have to get it out of my system just this once.\r\nI actually gave D4 hair this time. Should she keep this hair color/style or is she better suited without hair like G4?\r\nSo sadistic :)\r\n\r\nGuyver47 and D4-7 Alicia Boros 2003

Image: dobermania.jpg   537x700 79420 bytes 2003.07.15

Was doodling lastnight while chatting and started with the doberman that is running, Bax. I then continued drawing around him and came up with the rest of the dobies. :)\r\nI guess you could say I got into the "dober-zone".....\r\n\r\n>___<

Image: Jean-louis_helly.jpg   599x700 96035 bytes 2003.07.15

I finally finished my half of a trade with helly of deviantart. I had accidentally spilled a drink on the first draft of the image and was unable to save it. Disturbed, I set the task aside for a while. I will say that the pose is alot better than the first. -nods- :)\r\n\r\nKitty! -opens arms-\r\n\r\nJean-louis Francis Alex Coe 2003\r\n(\r\nArt by Guyver47 2003

Image: G47teicrutch.jpg   536x700 115759 bytes 2003.07.15

This is my half of a trade with kawaii tei of deviant art.\r\nI read in his journal that he had broken his leg, and it sparked a drawing idea. \r\nHe's a very cute kitty, and what better to prolong his agony than to have G47 snuggling him and uttering a rather ill joke. Get it?? ILL! AHAHAHAA!...........\r\nI am such a pervert. Oh well, atleast I don't have neon green poka dot thigh highs on. Yeesh >__<\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003\r\nKawaii tei himself (

Image: G47togetherD47color.jpg   486x700 129670 bytes 2003.07.01

I'd kill for some sicillian pizza. Maybe D4-7 sees some over there off in the corner.\r\nHeh. Guyver47 is originally anime-ish, but I drew her here with D4-7 in her normal feral doberman form. I used a reference from a doberman manual I bought from a cheap book store. It has a child's cat sticker on the cover. heh\r\nI really do like the way the coloring job ended up, and I like D4-7's appearance and G47's hair.\r\n\r\nGuyver47 and D4-7 Alicia Boros 2003\r\n

Image: FelisLynx_2003.jpg   527x700 175351 bytes 2003.06.21

Felis Lynx is another older character of mine that I had only drawn twice. This is the third edition, and the first to be colored on the computer.\r\nShe is very fast and agile like a cat. (obviously......heh) She is part lynx and part cheetah. \r\nThis took me a while to ink cuz of all her markings. She is about 5'10" feet tall.\r\n\r\n\r\nFelis Lynx Alicia Boros 2003

Image: gotheroticabat.jpg   533x700 114125 bytes 2003.06.17

Gotherotica is another character of mine made a good bit of time after guyver47. Goth is a vampire succubus. (succubae are female demons that have their way with men in their dreams and they never wake up ever again cuz they DIE!) mUAhaha.\r\nThis is the first time I've drawn Goth as an anthro bat. This pic took me a good while cuz of the details and my headache. heh. I drew this several months ago.\r\nThe outfit she is wearing was based off a torsolette from a JC penny catalog. A torsolette goes down to the hips , further than a corsette. Her weapon is a whip. The shape on her forhead turns into a long staff with a bladed end.\r\n\r\n\r\nGotherotica Alicia Boros 2003

Image: G47mouse.jpg   538x700 91382 bytes 2003.06.15

This is a second attempt at drawing G47 as a mouse. I made her muzzle wider. Giant cheeeeese! :)\r\nI wanna spin her around my head like a lasso with that tail.\r\n\r\nGuyver47 Alicia Boros 2003

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