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Image: ayden.jpg   396x311 69079 bytes 2001.06.27

Ayden is creepy. He's the only one of my furry characters to have a background as soon as I drew him. He's also creepy in the fact that I'm not quite sure what he is. I *think* he's a combination of a Bogan and a Siol (pronounced 'See-all'), for the markings, but then wings and ears.. anyway, he likes tatoos.. big long ones. Here he is, mourning the loss of someone (rather, someTHING) near and dear to him- his pet rock, who fell from his window one day and, due to the extreme heights, went splat when hitting the concrete below. 'Rocky' was his only friend, and he sorely misses him. And the reason he's got no shirt.. well, how the heck would you put a shirt on with wings? One of my many quasi-peeves about angelic characters (including my own..) x.x Bleh.. he's supposed to be a hottie.. oh well, hot or not, he's me.

Image: felinoid_plains.gif   640x480 71657 bytes 2002.08.20

Wow, it's been a while, and I felt poor VCL was being neglected by me so~ you have the image you see here. Hopefully it shows I've improved at least a little oO; Whether she's pregnant or not, you decide. May replace this later with a coloured version, might not. I like her foot X3;;

Image: invertedpurpleskunk.jpg   311x606 121223 bytes 2001.08.24

I wouldn't be surprised at all if someone claims I stole this, since it looks absolutely *nothing* like *any* of my other pictures. Praise the scrapbook paper, incidentally.. it doesn't smear, it scans in WHITE instead of peach, it doesn't capture any of the lead from the pencil while I'm trying to erase, and it takes inks scrumptiously. Mm.. Anyway, this is me. Yeah, you heard right, all high and mighty Zoma is a skunk. This is actually the *only* name someone else has given me. I dyed my hair purple recently, and the dye smeared into a big streak down to my butt. Ma saw this, and was like 'change your clothes, you look like an inverted purple skunk.' This is probably the only time I'll ever draw in this kinda style, but it was fun.. and the kanji? Just a weirdo font on my computer, a combination of real and fake kanji, but hell if I know what they mean (I just typed in 'Alex') ^^; The Inverted Purple Skunk is Alicia 'Xellandria' Kilpatrick, due to the fact that it *is* me...

Image: lila.jpg   300x450 79298 bytes 2001.07.23

Random girl.. started drawing her with the hand, then went to the arm, then the neck, then the hair, the head, then more hair, then the ears and the body and the skirt, then tail. Drawn entirely while Rachel was telling me her life story, yay. It was actually not as long as it sounded.. but.. yah. sketched, then inked, then colored wif my new Prismacolor markers! Yah, this was the first thing I drew wif 'em, besides random blobs to see what the colors looked like.. I've got 12 colors, this uses 11 of 'em. Asked Rachel for a name (I'm still on the phone with her ^_^), she suggested 'Lila' so that's what she's called. P#3@R. Lila is meh ^-^

Image: nekonobaka.jpg   222x308 24026 bytes 2001.09.29

I've drawn this lil' person twice.. once when I first heard 'Dynamite Heaven' on Bakaneko Neko Radio, the second time when I was listening to Bakaneko Neko Radio AGAIN, and heard Datte, Daisuke Dakara. This is the second time (the first time, she's holding a stick of dynamite, allowing me to remember the song title to find online somewhere, which I did ^^), and she's just posin'....

Image: poweroutage.jpg   370x497 104381 bytes 2001.09.29

On Tuesday, September.. whatever it was, twenty-something, I had a report due. I convinced my ma to let me stay home and work on the essay on Monday.. and I was about to save it when the power went out. Which meant, lost essay. No music. No anime. I was... freaking out, needless to say.. *cough* Inverted Purple Skunk (who is actually at this point, the Inverted Inverted Purple Skunk o.O;) is Alicia 'Xellandria' Kilpatrick (that's me XP)

Image: spacecat.jpg   228x622 48967 bytes 2001.09.30

Re-upload coz' I didn't realize my first background layer was on an odd setting, making it look grayed out o.O;\r\nThis used to be Xella.. now its not. Obviously o.O; It's some random sci-fi-space-cat-thing.. now in *color* Ooh...

Image: vincent_acromion.jpg   249x478 68748 bytes 2001.07.11

"I've tasted sweat mixed with blood/mixed with tears, mixed with mud/I've had my share of the pain we all feel/From the teeth to the claws/to my heart in your jaws/I clench my fists and pray that it's not real".. 'k, that was random, but it's also part of my newest song (I write 'em a lot o.O), 'Eyes of Blood'.. at least, that's the working title, anyway. You could call Vincent here a furry version of my human character James, but what's the fun in that? He WAS originally James, but he managed to get himself a muzzle and big floofy ears while I was trying to come up with the lyrics to said EoB, so.. he's blue. And he's got an orange background because my orange Prisma was feeling lonely and dejected. And he's got red eeeyes! I have an obsession with red, gold/yellow, silver, purple, and/or green eyes XD.. anywho, his last name comes from a muscle by the scapula.. an' he's -ed ta me. See dat symbol by his foot? Dat means he'sa mine. An' he's floating! XD

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