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Image: Meesha.gif   267x450 15005 bytes 2002.09.20

Better copy of Meesha, one of the four dancing harem mice I designed awhile back. They turned out to all have some of my best inking to date. Ink on bristol. Meesha copyright to me.

Image: Sasha.gif   370x450 17239 bytes 2002.09.19

Better upload of number 3 of 4 dancing harem mice I created. Ink on bristol. Sasha is copyright to me.

Image: Tasha.gif   337x450 18175 bytes 2002.09.19

Better upload of Tasha, one of four mice harem dancers I created to help a friend with a painting, she was doing for me. They were not intended to see print form, but enough people saw them in my sketchbook, that they wanted copies. I inked them up. Tasha is copyright to me.

Image: Yasha.gif   380x450 16809 bytes 2002.09.19

Upload of a better copy of Yasha. She is one of four harem dancers I created to help a friend with a painting of a harem dancer for me. I enjoyed the challenge of the pose and costume, no reference used. Ink on bristol. Yasha copyright to me.

Image: HoneyBunni.jpg   300x450 24578 bytes 2002.09.11

One of my first bunny pics. I was playing around with designing different characters to populate Mayhem County with. She might end up dropping in sometime, in one of the stories. Pencil on bristol. Honey Bunni copyright to me.

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