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Image: simsim6.JPG   516x434 81922 bytes 2001.07.25

Simon making a hissing face. He looks evil ish here, but he's actually one of my more normal characters. His scleras are red instead of white.

Image: kennithsktclr.JPG   503x420 93213 bytes 2001.07.23

A sketch of Kennith that I doodled over with photoshop.

Image: jenny12.jpg   642x824 190166 bytes 2001.07.06

This is my character Jenny, posing for a photograph. This took me a long time to do because I couldn't figure out how I was \r\ngoing to color the skirt and the wall. I eventually used charcoal to shade both parts. Her eyes are actually yellow, and the fur is \r\nwhiter, but the scan made it weird. If you like it I have a commission up on furbid:

Image: furnik.gif   204x363 13185 bytes 2001.02.07

I'v been drawing boots on my digitigrade chars, and I wanted to know what a sneaker type shoe would look like...As bad as they do on people it seems.

Image: fishpic.gif   400x313 55440 bytes 2001.02.07

Photo for the fishschool yearbook.

Image: tapejs.gif   625x465 70544 bytes 2001.01.31

Its Jesus again. I did this at like 6 in the morning so some of its kinda screwed up.

Image: eatp2per.gif   380x837 98947 bytes 2001.01.31

This is what happens when "What should I draw" and "I wonder what that paper tastes like" are both thought of at once... Maybie I have pica..

Image: druglab.gif   300x621 48680 bytes 2001.01.30

Jesus in his lab. Hes supposed to be holding an eyedropper and a test tube, but I think I messed them up.

Image: rdkll.gif   465x804 134519 bytes 2001.01.30

This is Roadkill, my half of an art trade. I hope the bird's not to gross... I'v been in an inking mood recently and I wanted to try drybrush shadeing. I like how arm shading turned out but I think I need a bigger brush for the other stuff. Some of the details like the teeth died in the scan... Roadkill is copyright Jim Russo .

Image: ctstbrd.gif   473x460 46356 bytes 2001.01.30

I'm going to trace this on to watercolor paper once I get a light table so I can paint it. That may take awhile, but I'll take this down once I color it.

Image: toodrag.gif   701x389 82071 bytes 2001.01.30

This is a tattoo I made for Raoul to go around her arm. But I had to trace it to a single linewight to make it cheaper. I scanned it at Pipkins house and it turned out all grey so I had to screw with it a ton in paintshop to degrey it. Its not really so blue and the color is smoother.

Image: mskgts.gif   299x488 18581 bytes 2001.01.29

Its an anthro mosquito.

Image: strdg.gif   425x434 31281 bytes 2001.01.29

This is just some weird thing I doodeled.

Image: ltrzchp.jpg   555x761 100035 bytes 2001.01.29

Its the lightbulb of DOOM...or not. But it is RazBerri, in a tailwarmer, waistwatch and anklet. I made grass that looks almost normal for once... RazBerri is copyright Erin Vernon.

Image: Lightcol.jpg   336x475 47209 bytes 2000.12.21

I noticed that I havn't put my photo up yet. You cannot however, see the bees. \n

Image: iffcol.gif   500x642 112108 bytes 2000.10.31

My couisin wanted me to make a comic for her zine, she said it did not have to make sense. Image copyright Amanda Adams.\n

Image: royt.jpg   573x498 83845 bytes 2000.09.13

I'v decided to name her Roy. Some of the bottom and alot of the top of this was cut off becase it was too big for the scanner. Her tail looks funny becase I was origanaly going to just use gouache for this and a more realistic tail would have looked better with the colored pencil. It is gouache, colored pencil and pen\n

Image: furcaidt.JPG   400x624 65892 bytes 2000.09.13

This was requested by Jennifer Thomas. Its in furcadia so I tried to make the trees look like they do there. There was a little more on the bottom, but it was cut off by the scanner. This is the first time I have done black fur, I like how it turned out. It is gouache, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, and micron pen.\n

Image: fervilf.JPG   440x832 83402 bytes 2000.09.13

I got the idea for this from my evil ferret. It is gouache, watercolor pencil, colored pencil and micron pen.\n

Image: drag12.jpg   656x493 32630 bytes 2000.06.13

Its a dragon, it tells me to buy Ifflipo brand products. The backround is black in the origial, but it scanned weird so I used paintshop on it.\n

Image: drag223.jpg   500x787 35477 bytes 2000.06.13

I decided to try to draw an anthro dragon, his neck turned out odd looking.\n

Image: veepsmall.jpg   346x566 41692 bytes 2000.02.06

Cuteish cat type thing in charchol.\n

Image: ratblue2.jpg   396x505 46576 bytes 2000.02.05

I drew this while waiting for my friend to get off of work, usualy I cannot draw\r\nwell around other people. My friends told me to draw a rat so I did. It is pencil,\r\npen and paintshop. bees\n

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