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Image: shakira_portrait.jpg   558x827 172994 bytes 2001.08.23

Color picture of Shakira. Tried for a border that looked Magic Knight Rayearth-ish but failed miserably.

Image: furry.jpg   714x797 158818 bytes 2001.08.23

Random furry I did during the last few days of school.

Image: skeptical_artemis.jpg   272x806 66819 bytes 2001.06.21

Re-upload. Prolly the best picture I've done of Artemis to date ^_^ Can't remember which class I did this in. Artemis is my favorite furry I've made up so far. There isn't any story behind her (or any of my furries for that matter) but she's still interesting.

Image: mothersday.jpg   982x616 175323 bytes 2001.06.21

Re-upload of the finished version of my Mother's Day gift. I did the original sketch on lined paper then copied it into my sketch pad. Fire dragon and wierd little cross dragon both belong to me. \r\n

Image: wolftwins.jpg   614x932 338056 bytes 2001.02.16

Shakira with her twin brother Aaryn, who just happens to be an enormous flirt with practically every girl he meets. Both Aaryn and Shakira belong to me.

Image: shakira.jpg   380x970 200285 bytes 2001.02.16

One of my anthro wolfies, Shakira. I really like how this came out. ^_^ Shakira belongs to me.

Image: collegedrgn.jpg   598x832 259834 bytes 2001.01.24

Yay! First picture uploaded here!(after ignoring my account for a whole month) This is a mountain dragon I created awhile ago. Drawn while I was following my mom around at college. The wings actually came out semi good.

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