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Image: insult_me.JPG   545x329 54725 bytes 2003.01.10

Amanda and Starbane aren't exactly fond of one another, it'd seem.. Done entirely in opencanvas.. *coughiwannahaveasessionwithsomeonesomedayhackwheeze* ._.; ..\r\nI still think this is funny.

Image: ready.JPG   488x661 78400 bytes 2003.01.10

Drew this for Verm on his b-day last year.. aaannnd it only took me months to actually get to finish it with color :p Oh well. I kinda like it..

Image: field_of_gold.JPG   490x420 54062 bytes 2002.12.28

Blaine in a field, watching a butterfly.\r\n..Him and butterflies seem to have some sort of rapport goin'.

Image: distant.JPG   560x458 58935 bytes 2002.12.28

Painter work of Tozier taking a stroll.. Probably in his native country or something.. Just something fun to do ^^

Image: away.JPG   544x447 35745 bytes 2002.12.28

I was depressed, what with.. remembering stuff and all.. so I drew this.. and.. uh.. here it is.

Image: need_you_here.jpg   755x450 76960 bytes 2002.12.28

Killall and a hallucination of his ex-ex girlfriend.. This was much fun to draw and color :D

Image: chop_it_up.jpg   550x451 58860 bytes 2002.12.28

I was in a pissed off mood, and so this got spurted out in OC.. and I fiddled with it in Phototshop.. cuz I loves the Photoshop..

Image: this_is_me.JPG   450x435 35344 bytes 2002.10.04

Memory returning. Not a good thing.\r\nIt's all happening.

Image: duck.JPG   450x544 64403 bytes 2002.10.04

This probably belongs in sketches, but it's meant to look the way it does. Just messing around with various things, on a sketch I particularly liked.\r\nIn short: Attacking with boredom!! :D

Image: dont_mind_it.JPG   950x489 79119 bytes 2002.10.04

Metallic Dreaming number nine. \r\nPoking fun and having fun?\r\nYes :3

Image: why_must_you_do_this_to_me.JPG   580x479 72752 bytes 2002.10.04

Just let it go.

Image: hilt.JPG   358x322 50511 bytes 2002.10.04

Rather old picture of a fairly older character named Hilt.. I just never uploaded it o_o....

Image: afterwards.JPG   400x480 37739 bytes 2002.10.04

Messing around in painter. I've done better since then, but tis a sweet picture nevertheless :3

Image: resting.JPG   720x411 48331 bytes 2002.10.04

Drew this awhile ago in the trusty ol' sketchbook. Tried to gussy it up a bit. Kinda half-assed the colors on it, but it looks sweet to me all the same. \r\nDrawn from memory?

Image: out_of_sequences.JPG   600x518 75740 bytes 2002.10.04

Can't say a word about the meaning behind this, or anything. If I did, I'd give away a lot of the story before it's time, and I don't want to do that. So NYRR.\r\nNote: If -anyone- has any idea where I got some of the brushes, please tell me.. I don't know where I got 'em and I'd love to give credit where it's due x_x;;

Image: hit_me.JPG   743x453 112143 bytes 2002.10.04

Something for the ultra-suede-cool Redrock :3 Gotta love her.. and her characters.. Clark whupping Esteban's butt in blackjack.\r\n...And 'Sarr trying to impress Vivan in the bg somehow.. Yeah~!

Image: please_dont_gut_me.JPG   932x400 102536 bytes 2002.09.05

A simple drawing drawn due to something cute said :P Sort of an in-joke I reckon.. chee-hee!

Image: quite_contrary.JPG   500x577 73612 bytes 2002.09.05

The grass is always greener on the other side.

Image: not_the_one.JPG   600x470 76792 bytes 2002.09.05

Another scene out of Tozier's past. An exchange between him and his ex-girlfriend, the rich Ute of the equally rich Fleischer family. All but two of them folk are dead now, yay! Pretend they're speaking in german, and please excuse the poor phonetic spelling of their accents. This is over a year old now.. oh my.

Image: scouters.JPG   650x483 77272 bytes 2002.09.05

Kittie and Davis out a-scoutin' like good lil soldier folk. Done for a class awhile back. I have one print. Perhaps I shall sell it? Hm. I kinda need money. I don't wanna be an animator. I need sleep.

Image: gone_climbing_color.JPG   600x514 82790 bytes 2002.09.05

Sid climbs like a good little lynx.\r\nIt's an escape; something to do to help the mind think clearer. I have one of those.

Image: posing.JPG   430x621 55111 bytes 2002.09.05

Drawn awhile ago for the super-freakin' sweet Mizzy.. Must draw more for her, to repay her sweet generosity of sweetness sugar packets.. What?\r\nI really hope she likes this~

Image: futuristic_disreality.JPG   522x410 46435 bytes 2002.09.05

This is actually fairly old.. as is the same with most of the images I've been uploading and finishing.. It's me being busy. Suck.\r\nDid this for my Photoshop class, which I did indeed pass, heh heh heh.

Image: i_need_your_hands_on_me_now.JPG   500x470 64885 bytes 2002.09.05

More lazy crap!\r\n...I like how KB's face looks, and that's about it.\r\nKilbourne lovith 'Manda, oh dear me.

Image: butterfly_in_color.JPG   610x543 66089 bytes 2002.09.05

Here's some of that aforementioned crap I was talking about :) \r\nActually, I like how simple and sweet it looks.. Manda lovith Tozier, und vice-versa, yes yes. \r\nIllustrator is pretty to draw with..

Image: Bari.JPG   350x496 47389 bytes 2002.08.06

A simple drawing of Bari and one of his paintings.

Image: fwak.jpg   450x718 112927 bytes 2002.08.06

AHAHA oh man, another very old one. Drew it for Arekku, because he was the 6,000 th hit to my site.. God, I wonder if he ever saw it.. I had bad email troubles back then.. and I don't get online that often.. Shame, shame..\r\n...I thought this was particularly witty when I first drew it :P

Image: victorsofthehunt.jpg   500x735 120826 bytes 2002.08.06

Sort of a polaroid-thing, again from Tozier's childhood.. after Adolf and Justine spared him. A nice story, if somewhat twisted, I think.. Egh, very old picture. Like, a year old. I'm slow.

Image: never_again.JPG   489x420 43397 bytes 2002.08.06

In the comic, Sykes is through taking shit he doesn't need. So, he takes a stand.\r\nWho needs shit anyway, yes? Of course.

Image: look_at_what_you_are.jpg   600x514 70477 bytes 2002.08.06

Everett finds her to be fascinating. Doesn't mean he's too terribly fond of her, though.

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