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Image: bedlam.jpg   774x385 110591 bytes 2001.04.05

The Bedlam brothers, Jamaal and Kadiil. It's fun drawing their opposite chemistry. Jamaal is the real wild one, carefree, jovial, good-natured and good-humored, while Kadiil is more down-to-earth, sensible, yet prone to temper breaks. So their sibling rivalry is at a maximum. And I like thier southern charm too =)

Image: belle.JPG   400x496 55880 bytes 2002.08.06

Quonset in a sort of ..chibi-anime style.\r\nThe presence of pastel pink in this is almost to the level of offensive.

Image: benign.jpg   250x390 23788 bytes 2001.04.25

More mouse art of Toz. This 'un took hour or less to do. I don't know, I was sick as a dog. The fact that it was 2am had nothing to do with it, because I'm always up at that time anyways =P

Image: bidness.JPG   600x485 35989 bytes 2002.07.31

Business as usual with Esteban and Rianna.\r\nVery old picture..

Image: bitchnincubus.jpg   610x1022 238658 bytes 2001.02.18

*gnaws her comp some more* it's shitacular =_=; frmf. Bitch admirin Incu's pendant, drawn cuz they've got similar hair, yet another oldold pic ^^; Once again, apparently Incubus is also a sexy bitch o_o; hmm.. Bitch Christine Clark, all else moi. mewl o.o;

Image: bix's_breaking_point.JPG   540x505 150654 bytes 2001.04.03

He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.

Image: Bix.gif   574x523 320510 bytes 2000.05.11

Bix Ermine... I think I was depressed and pissed at people who have ridiculed me and made my emotions suffer for no good reason. I shaded this with those trusty old shading sketching drawing pencils... I think this is the first one I did using those... Bix is (c) me.\n

Image: bixcamsit.jpg   681x674 89191 bytes 2000.05.10

The other night, I was thinking about the past like I sometimes do, and I was thinking about my great-grandpa, who died about a year ago. All I could think about was how messed up things have been in my family since he died... things are so fucked now, and I can't stand how it's become... my family is so screwed up now, and things won't ever be the same again... so, I drew Camille and Bix sitting in a living room, similar to the one in my late great grandpa's house, sort of represenative of me and my brother... I'd have drawn my dad too, but Bix and Camille don't have a dad... Bix and Camille (c) me.\n

Image: bixkb.gif   748x711 362438 bytes 2000.04.14

KB and Bix, Bix and KB, why are you two en-em-mies? n.n Yeah, they do hate each other and they hate each other lots. It's a very long story, their hatred is. I don't really like this one, it sux x.x Next time, it will be better. Bix and KB are to me.\n

Image: bixnstar.jpg   599x853 82092 bytes 2000.04.14

Heheh...Bix is colored! Looks lots like his sis, don't he? And the chick with the funky rifle's named Starbane Lockheed. I reckon Bix has got a major thing for her--that'd account for the dumbfounded look on his face ^^ Bix n Star are me.\n

Image: blaaah.JPG   750x520 185381 bytes 2001.06.22

Eh. Tides just getting verbal with his anger and frustration toward Logan-Xi'an. Quite obviously, the man doesn't care, nor has he ever.

Image: blainefall.jpg   576x552 78456 bytes 2001.02.11

Blaine DeLaSoca. He's ..falling out of that tree there.. trying to look all macho.. and.. I was told his arm was sort of confusing o.@; hmm..

Image: bleak_silence.jpg   600x460 84534 bytes 2001.02.11

It's the first, and apparently the last fight she's ever lost. But at least she gets her wish.

Image: boomshakkabw.JPG   600x679 110616 bytes 2001.04.03

Aro, my musclebound chica character. I'm trying to get proportions right. Aro makes for a perfect test subject =P Yes indeedy. I'm gonna color this sucker with colored pencils, too. Then it's gonna scan horribly and piss me the fuck off. Then we'll all have a good laugh over it, and then it will be over =)

Image: boomshakkaclr.jpg   510x590 62491 bytes 2001.04.12

And wouldn't you know it, mister scanner fucked it up =) Shoulda expected as much. What can I expect from a school's scanner? oo; *rantrave* ah..Yeah, toldja so ^^;;

Image: BouniformBW.gif   310x423 115572 bytes 2000.05.22

Bo Raccoon, in the war uniform he wears in battles. I drew it this morning when I was supposed to be paying attention in American Cultures, on the back of a WW II worksheet (so don't mind the type). I thought it looked nice for a BW, so I scanned it and put it up. I think I'll do a colored one of him in it tonight. Bo (c) me.\n

Image: budsie.JPG   600x677 223470 bytes 2001.08.14

Just some close friends cuddling on a bed. You know, a lot of these pics, they start out so innocent.. and then I get ideas. Bad Mandi. Bad. :P

Image: buffly.jpg   530x382 99992 bytes 2001.09.25

An attempt with anime style and coloring with an older picture concept of Blaine.\r\nI plan to someday draw it out proper, like I originally intended. Yessir.

Image: butterfly_in_color.JPG   610x543 66089 bytes 2002.09.05

Here's some of that aforementioned crap I was talking about :) \r\nActually, I like how simple and sweet it looks.. Manda lovith Tozier, und vice-versa, yes yes. \r\nIllustrator is pretty to draw with..

Image: by_the_light.JPG   450x718 43151 bytes 2001.08.07

Later story, the beginning of it, anyway. Yeah yeah, mushy goophla. S'allright. ^^

Image: camille.jpg   322x471 21904 bytes 2000.04.14

Camille Ermine, Bix's sister. I did one of her in color, and I think I should put up a colored one of Bix now, too. Someday...someday soon...Camille is my char, too.\n

Image: camsmile.jpg   259x358 90247 bytes 2000.05.24

My first attempt at coloring a pic on the computer, here--and I'm proud of myself\r\nI didn't think I could do it all that well, I'm afraid... but actually, it looks\r\npretty darned good, in my humble opinion. Camille is (c) me.\n

Image: can't_keep_him_down.jpg   602x969 447008 bytes 2001.04.03

As the filename suggests, it's damned hard to keep Annius down and beaten. It's even harder when he's got the evil influence cast over him.

Image: carefulihaveaspork.jpg   439x395 49111 bytes 2000.11.17

English class is sooo boring, yet it produces nice pics in notebooks, no? ^^;; at least.. I thought so o.o;\n

Image: carosel.JPG   610x666 219092 bytes 2001.03.14

I don't dabble in the mystic much with my characters, save for these lot (and Ayzewi too). Totentanz, Noel, an Willi that is, are of a magick sort o bearing..mystical or whatever. Fagan, a part of this little group of destiny, however, is not. It's a curious thing indeed..

Image: carry_that_weight.jpg   500x357 41965 bytes 2004.03.13

Lupo leaving Marselle.. goin' through the Barrens.. probably on the back of a truck, but he doesn't like moving vehicles. Nope nope...

Image: Catlawexch.jpg   620x539 280675 bytes 2000.06.06

My half of a pic exchange with Catlaw. 0.@ I may've screwed up with how the char \r\nlooks, but otherwise, it looks nice! Hope ya like it, Catlaw! ^^ Catlaw (c) Forrest \r\nInness III, art (c) myself.\n

Image: caved.JPG   550x403 50243 bytes 2002.06.22

Guoache painting of Totentanz from way back when. I don't see what's so spiffy about it really, but folks were tellin me it was good.. Bah. I can't paint. What on Earth are you talkin' 'bout, bro?

Image: cell_shit_on_you.JPG   550x513 72537 bytes 2001.08.14

Simple drawing of Silas that I hope to animate someday down the line. Colored it the way I did to emphasise the natural black streaks under his eyes. What a darling filename.

Image: ceri.jpg   510x405 37889 bytes 2001.06.01

Some mouse are of Cerisha. Been doing a lot of mouse art lately. But out of all of them, I like this one the best thus far.. it just seems to me like it's the prettiest..

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