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Image: whisked_away.jpg   760x791 210792 bytes 2002.03.19

Another old one.. almost a year, now. I never uploaded it here because I feared getting some flak from it's content.. But really, it's an emotional scene to me, a scene direct from Tozier's childhood. \r\nFirst thing I ever colored with my tablet, too..\r\n..This is still my favorite picture.

Image: sultry_blue.JPG   350x350 58309 bytes 2002.03.19

Oekaki of Tozier. I like his eyes. He's a cutie, he is.

Image: cupcake.JPG   550x391 44201 bytes 2002.03.19

For Verm's birthday.. back in February. I drew this quick, you see.. because the proper picture I had drawn wasn't going to be finished in near enough time.. And because I've been so danged busy, neither was this. Hehe, laugh! Tis funny.

Image: cocky.JPG   400x762 50151 bytes 2002.03.19

One day, I felt like drawing Anarkis. Not just some pencil sketch thing, but something I'd eventually color so folks could see what color she is. This'd be the result.. Still, sort of old for my tastes.. Evidently, I consider drawings done in August "old"..

Image: peace.JPG   561x484 41267 bytes 2002.03.19

A delightful blend of Open Canvas and Painter Classic.\r\n'Manda and Tozier.\r\n..Awwwww~

Image: annius_the_puppet.JPG   500x511 49414 bytes 2002.03.19

Annius and Ayzewi. Annius is nothing more than a living-dead puppet, plain and simple. Thankfully, Ayzewi (the puppeteer) makes it interesting and fuuuuunnnn. \r\n..As for the background, I think I got bored or something..

Image: fagansketch.JPG   400x614 173314 bytes 2002.03.19

I never uploaded this one here, either. Shoot, my brain was a naughty forgetful thing, no? Yeah. Tis Fagan. It was a pencil drawing. Again, drawn over a year ago. When I sucked. Ew.

Image: lupoacereststuffz.jpg   650x567 124312 bytes 2002.03.19

Huh, this is old.. like, a year or more. I just realized that I never uploaded this here for some strange reason.. So, please pardon how bad it looks. I wasn't very good back then.. Although I still enjoy the feeling in it...\r\n...Hello o_o

Image: hunting.jpg   600x676 136489 bytes 2001.09.25

Davis catches both dinner and a date with gravity.

Image: kwar.jpg   591x482 115140 bytes 2001.09.25

Angie! Playin' a guitar to a concert.\r\nAgain, need more detail to backrounds do they actually look like what I want them to be.\r\nShiny.

Image: oh_the_pain.jpg   695x572 99165 bytes 2001.09.25

Metallic Dreaming number six.\r\nManda gets her first tattoo :P

Image: confusion.jpg   960x330 91699 bytes 2001.09.25

Metallic Dreaming number.. five. \r\n..Yeah, it was a slow day.

Image: crashbutton.jpg   258x278 42128 bytes 2001.09.25

In the spirit of the Pacafee button, only now I'm a bit angrier about stuff :P Plus it's bigger, and it's of Crash. But both drawings are the same age.

Image: buffly.jpg   530x382 99992 bytes 2001.09.25

An attempt with anime style and coloring with an older picture concept of Blaine.\r\nI plan to someday draw it out proper, like I originally intended. Yessir.

Image: mister_winkles.jpg   500x523 78123 bytes 2001.09.25

Also pretty old. \r\nAccording to the scribble I had written down on the corner of the paper, I was just making use of crappy paper.\r\no_o

Image: mistlemctoe.jpg   620x475 69494 bytes 2001.09.25

A doodle of Incubus.\r\nGuess when I drew this! Guess! XP

Image: tash_go_yee!.jpg   530x878 145083 bytes 2001.09.25

An old-old drawing of Tashi. It was subjected to my horrific coloring experiments. Eeeef.

Image: ha.jpg   320x556 84414 bytes 2001.09.25

An old doodle of Hematite and Queequeg. Mmm, colors.

Image: memory.jpg   550x570 119588 bytes 2001.09.18

Father, mother, children.\r\nAnd then, not long after the family photo was taken, Lupo started cutting them down one by one. \r\nThey dropped like flies..

Image: leathah.jpg   580x646 154532 bytes 2001.09.18

Old drawing, old concept, and I thought it was neat. Ambience wearing a buncha belts. Yippy-skippy.

Image: frrawll.jpg   650x505 99505 bytes 2001.09.18

Pacafee an' Angie snugglin' ^.^ Ahhh, such cuteness~

Image: corrupted.jpg   540x576 99084 bytes 2001.09.18

Oooo, Rev William, you delusional man.

Image: swing.jpg   590x764 147876 bytes 2001.09.16

At the MD, Christine is a stripper. And well.. yeah, just see for yerself, it's pretty much self-explanatory, eh? :P I liked the coloring. Mm, purty.

Image: fun_and_joy.jpg   636x571 137785 bytes 2001.09.16

Skiddy n Sykes, gettin' their groove on, and all that. ...And apparently, have a shrunken Incubus on a leash. o_O I have.. no idea whatsoever why I drew Incu in there like that ><; Beans.

Image: kahdi.jpg   500x672 91154 bytes 2001.09.16

It's kinda old, and only this past summer did I get a chance to color it. Dang it >o; Anyway, it was for Tannie, fer her B-day, an' cuz I really loved th pic she drew for me waaay back in Eastertime ^^0 Ayuh. I'll prolly draw another, cuz this one seems sorta dated to me ><; Grr.\r\nBeen drawin a lot o pics for people lately.. I only wish I had a scanner.. or hell, even a decent computer.. Pmf. Bah, well..

Image: take_him_away.jpg   700x605 151331 bytes 2001.09.16

Ah done drew it fer Turkituuuck :3 *snugglesTurk* Mewl ^.^ She's such a sweetheart~

Image: mine!.jpg   740x561 136396 bytes 2001.09.16

I'm quite angry with Spree.\r\nNow then.\r\nThis, this was a spur-of-the-moment drawing for Dema, just claimin' ownership (^_~) over Kilbourne. Even after a couple months, I still like how it came out, drawing and coloring n_n Mewl~

Image: shooting_star.jpg   470x560 48408 bytes 2001.09.12

While when I did this, I didn't have anything in mind for it other than what it was.. And now, it just seems too fitting.. All this.. hit right home with me.. it flew right over my head just a few minutes before it hit.. can't stop shaking.. Damn.. it..\r\nSuch a tragedy, and such a loss of life.. \r\nI wish their souls safe, and I wish them peace. Godspeed.. my heart, as well as the millions of a nation are with you..

Image: ambush.JPG   600x787 209290 bytes 2001.08.14

So.. very.. old.. eeeegh.. Year.. Damn did I suck back then o_x'

Image: seductivelighted.JPG   570x723 123496 bytes 2001.08.14

A damn old drawing. Had to tweak a few things before cracking down on coloring it, twas so old. Anyway.. as has been my experience, clubbing can lead to this.. Remy (Sam's other personality) and 'Manda. To answer your question: 24.

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