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Image: davissternla.jpg   550x598 281746 bytes 2001.03.14

Colored a doodle of Davis, and for kicks put in a thought bubble thingy to fill in that icky blank space that woulda been there otherwise. Meheh. Davis is such a silly lil bugger *pinchies his cheeks* XP

Image: demaburden.jpg   400x575 154311 bytes 2001.04.12

Tis for Dema n Burden n_n Say it with me now, awwwwww~

Image: despair.JPG   570x725 116892 bytes 2001.08.14

But it is, Lupo, and it's your fault, so deal with it. Pay the price of mistakes made, and learn from them.

Image: devcrashfight.jpg   565x683 159349 bytes 2001.02.18

Deville n Crash fighting. Old one, and I went to town with those damnable pshop filters.. probably due to boredom. I don't know. Yessir, fighting in midair when there's fireballish things flyin all about you is most certainly a talent to admire. ohyes ohyes.

Image: Devon.JPG   800x1113 248564 bytes 2000.07.15

My other half of an art exchg. with Lupienne... it's Devon, she's at an oddish angle, \r\nand I fucked up the CG. Poo. I'm sorry. I just hope she thinks it's halfway decent...\r\n Devon is copyright Allison Fluery, image (c) me. Remember that.\n

Image: dirty.jpg   570x636 163555 bytes 2000.07.15

Dying would be fun, about now. Yes. My demise would be an interesting turn of events, \r\nthat's for sure. What fun it would be. Mm-hmm. -.- Reliving my past sux. It's not \r\nfun, and I hate my life. It'd be so easy to end it, if I didn't despise suicide. So I'm \r\njust gonna continue on punishing myself. It just seems like I deserve it sometimes. \r\nI am copyrighted to myself, of course, and if you steal me, I will kick where it hurts most, \r\nand blow out an eardrum or two. So do not kidnap me. I'll take my inner rage out on you. And \r\nyou can feel the clarity of the knives...\n

Image: distant.JPG   560x458 58935 bytes 2002.12.28

Painter work of Tozier taking a stroll.. Probably in his native country or something.. Just something fun to do ^^

Image: Dlm.jpg   700x1282 264217 bytes 2000.07.20

I saw the pic DLM uploaded as part of our art exchange, and I felt I had to load up \r\nthis fer her. DLM X-13, for Elaine Will. Hope she likes it, tho I messed the tail \r\nup. DLM copyright Elaine Will, image copyright me.\n

Image: do_not_bother_me_darker.JPG   450x450 31688 bytes 2004.03.13

An oldy of Camille moping, something she is not very prone to doing.\r\nOpenCanvas, the first version.. I don't like coloring in that program much.

Image: dodgeskeet.jpg   480x701 251134 bytes 2000.04.13

Skeet Sable, the maliferous miscrient of an anarchist Sable-ocelot type guy, in a gunfight. Maybe with Crash, I dunno if they wuz or not. My first shot at photoshop, did okay I guess, but I still think it sux -.-;; Right, so NEwayz, Skeet is to me. Don't bite or rip, its really quite painful.\n

Image: does_it_even_matter.JPG   610x430 57921 bytes 2002.07.27

No it doesn't no it doesn't no it doesn't no it fucking doesn't so just kill yourself and repent for those you've exterminated and it'll all be okay again

Image: dokuvsblaine.jpg   555x724 260852 bytes 2001.02.20

Well slap me silly n call me a dumbass, I never uploaded this here.. and dammit it's one o the few pics I remain proud of for more than a month or so o.-; bah well. Doku making good use of Blaine's face as a mop =P ah, violence at nifty angles, what beauty is of thee.. *ahem* Doku Emily B., all else ter me. yah.

Image: domain.jpg   500x739 133877 bytes 2001.06.01

A very old drawing, just recently colored. Proud of the coloring I did on it, too. I'm just proud of it overall. Even the extremely funky-looking chair. It's just.. the look about him. Yeah. Every king has their domain to overlook, and Lupo, like any other king, has his, and he does so very well ^_^

Image: dont_mind_it.JPG   950x489 79119 bytes 2002.10.04

Metallic Dreaming number nine. \r\nPoking fun and having fun?\r\nYes :3

Image: duck.JPG   450x544 64403 bytes 2002.10.04

This probably belongs in sketches, but it's meant to look the way it does. Just messing around with various things, on a sketch I particularly liked.\r\nIn short: Attacking with boredom!! :D

Image: eee!.JPG   600x626 108948 bytes 2001.08.07

For Iris. Eee! Suchasweetie is she. Eee!

Image: Elisebridge.jpg   724x949 267994 bytes 2000.07.12

Elise, for the very talented Lupienne, cuz she drew such kickass pics for me. The x-change is only half-done, tho--\r\nI'll finish it at a later time (soon) I hopes ya like it, Lupienne! (even though the BG sux, cuz I got sick of trying to use layers, so I opted to just use airbrush stuff--sorry!) \r\nElise is copyright Allison Fluery, and the image is (c) me. You rip, you catch hell. As per usual ^^\n

Image: everett_glares.JPG   500x392 48115 bytes 2002.07.27

Everett is, in short, an intelligent ass. \r\nHe's also a colobus monkey.\r\nNot to say that all colobus monkeys are asses.

Image: fagansketch.JPG   400x614 173314 bytes 2002.03.19

I never uploaded this one here, either. Shoot, my brain was a naughty forgetful thing, no? Yeah. Tis Fagan. It was a pencil drawing. Again, drawn over a year ago. When I sucked. Ew.

Image: faithbutt.JPG   1760x2492 737608 bytes 2000.07.09

Faith LesMercy--One of the few times one of the sisters is without the other two. \r\nI think I'm gonna draw a singular pic of each of them once, as a sort of ref for \r\ntelling the three of them apart. I think I drew her this way to show off the leather \r\npants... mmm...leather... o.o Bah, anyhow, character and image are copyrighted to me.\n

Image: fallingrahne.jpg   300x764 49121 bytes 2001.05.14

Rahne. She's falling. Falling Rahne. Get it? Rahne falls. Ha-ha. Funny.

Image: femfem.JPG   1320x1245 720774 bytes 2000.07.12

I admit, this pic was inspired by a comment made that my chick chars were all hot. \r\nSo, uh, I drew all my fem chars.. in a kiddie-anime-ish sorta deal.. cuz I haven't \r\ndone one of those in a while, and cuz I was afraid I'd run outta room if I drew em \r\nnormal, and I didn't wanna spend so much time CGin' it. I thought it was a crap \r\ncolor job, but in retrospect, it actually does look nicely done. Wonders. It's \r\ninspired me to to a similar one with all my male chars, as well, just for the hell of \r\nit all. And this just happens to be my 100th upload too, I just noticed. I know; whoop-de-doo. \r\nAnyway... all chars here are copyright me. and me. and me too.\n

Image: field_of_gold.JPG   490x420 54062 bytes 2002.12.28

Blaine in a field, watching a butterfly.\r\n..Him and butterflies seem to have some sort of rapport goin'.

Image: flipit.JPG   700x667 223059 bytes 2000.07.21

I felt this way the other day, or at least something similar. I was engaged in \r\nconversation, and this image popped up in my head. That neat-o spiffy poem (of sorts) \r\nwas a spur of the moment deal, because, it wouldn't be the Fucked Up Wall if it didn't \r\nhave writing all over it! I like this, anyway. Turned out just the way I wanted it to. \r\nAmanda and content copyright me, so do NOT steal any of it.\n

Image: forget_it_all.JPG   500x470 56730 bytes 2003.02.06

The second one I did, this time of Rahne, and a little cameo of Pacafee..

Image: forward.JPG   520x864 184964 bytes 2001.08.07

Fwoosh! Jaogoda, he pounces! Myup. For GinsuJustice. He is such a wondrously talented artist. Yes, you see I speak the truth. :P

Image: four_monkeys.JPG   810x433 72409 bytes 2002.07.31

Metallic Dreaming number eight.\r\nBased on a true story.

Image: friendsmsr.gif   540x441 213641 bytes 2000.05.10

I drew this a very long time ago, as a sort of tribute to those who are truly my friends and actually give a flying fuck about me. I drew it in pen and shaded it with my favorite mechanical pencil the day before I lost it. Mellie, Skeet, and Reisarr are (c) me.\n

Image: frrawll.jpg   650x505 99505 bytes 2001.09.18

Pacafee an' Angie snugglin' ^.^ Ahhh, such cuteness~

Image: fun_and_joy.jpg   636x571 137785 bytes 2001.09.16

Skiddy n Sykes, gettin' their groove on, and all that. ...And apparently, have a shrunken Incubus on a leash. o_O I have.. no idea whatsoever why I drew Incu in there like that ><; Beans.

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