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Image: lollipop_crew.jpg   660x504 129431 bytes 2001.05.21

For Kami's birthday ^_^ *hugzness to tha kamikam* Hope ya hadda good one now =P *tosses celebratory blow pops to everyone* yippee oo

Image: gag_teur.jpg   420x659 116166 bytes 2001.05.14

The third one of MD. The second one was serenity_down.jpg, Sykes's alcohol ad. Yep.

Image: true_meaning_of_friendship.jpg   500x463 122155 bytes 2001.05.14

"Metallic Dreaming", a little series of shorts that are either funny or whatever else I choose it to be. So far, it's been funny. But there's always that first time.. oh, hey, here's the first one!

Image: pre-bday.jpg   500x452 97742 bytes 2001.05.14

Pre-birthday gift for Reeeedrock. I'm gonna draw her a proper birthday pic. Lalalaaa~ Enjoy this teaser in the meantime ^^

Image: fallingrahne.jpg   300x764 49121 bytes 2001.05.14

Rahne. She's falling. Falling Rahne. Get it? Rahne falls. Ha-ha. Funny.

Image: reverand's_word.jpg   700x549 131660 bytes 2001.05.09

Mmmm...comic-quoting fun. From waaay back in '98, ohboy ohboy. Suffice it to say, Reverand Masterson is a man who has good intentions but goes about it the wrong way. Or perhaps he's a man who just thinks he knows it all. Perhaps.

Image: younguns.jpg   540x443 109111 bytes 2001.05.09

An inseperable group when they were younger, they were. But was Kat, Bo, Kittie, Davis, and Amanda aware of just how fucked up their lives would become? Were any of us when we were kids? Either way, just because the shit hit the fan, that doesn't mean that they'll desert each other. Because they're friends, and that's what they're for: one another.

Image: coy_deville.jpg   330x403 66085 bytes 2001.05.09

Pff! Teaser!

Image: mandabolighted.jpg   490x613 97411 bytes 2001.05.09

Manda and Bo, when they were kids.. probably about twelve or thirteen in this pic here. So.. I guess they were a little more than kids. Either way, they've remained loyal and best friends to each other, and that's all that really matters.

Image: prowl.JPG   286x472 41757 bytes 2001.05.08

Skeet approaches Schömberg House. Yet again part of the new plot, and this takes place later on. Um.. I..don't know where that really is in the BG.. I do know it's in Germany, though. I think..

Image: janibday.JPG   575x594 156101 bytes 2001.05.08

Pretty and sweet birthday pic for Jane~ ..heheh, I guess it's for Sahara too, but it's all good ^_^ and very sweet, too.

Image: benign.jpg   250x390 23788 bytes 2001.04.25

More mouse art of Toz. This 'un took hour or less to do. I don't know, I was sick as a dog. The fact that it was 2am had nothing to do with it, because I'm always up at that time anyways =P

Image: Toz.JPG   300x300 42675 bytes 2001.04.25

Mouse art. New character. He's a lesser panda, otherwise known as a true panda, or, as it's probably more popularly known, red panda. He's German. His name's Tozier Mira Schmerzes, and if you can identify the languages and meaning of his middle and last names, then kudos to you, you deserve a cookie ^_^

Image: pacbuttn.jpg   180x167 21239 bytes 2001.04.25

Rooted through my disks the other day..and I find this cute little button-thing of Pacafee. I like it.. he just looks like he's bein himself =P Even though he's © to me. Just makin sure you know this.

Image: boomshakkaclr.jpg   510x590 62491 bytes 2001.04.12

And wouldn't you know it, mister scanner fucked it up =) Shoulda expected as much. What can I expect from a school's scanner? oo; *rantrave* ah..Yeah, toldja so ^^;;

Image: cheehee.jpg   528x766 274849 bytes 2001.04.12

Older drawing of Dash I drew on the back of one of my notebooks ^^ He looks like he's having fun, and that's all that really matters..right? o.O;

Image: needle.jpg   600x384 73048 bytes 2001.04.12

I leave you to draw your own conclusions on what is truly transpiring here.. and if you've heard the song, then you have a pretty good idea already.

Image: davislashyay.jpg   449x410 35554 bytes 2001.04.12

Davis and his whiplash. Older drawing in my sketchbook. I wish it didn't end up so damned blurry =' pootf.

Image: they.jpg   550x746 159680 bytes 2001.04.12

Hope, Faith, and Soul. Had me a pencil, had me some paper, and had me an urge to draw them ^^ Almost two months old, an I'm still kinda proud of it oo; heheh. Yeah, that is a gun Hope's holding. What of it? o.o;;

Image: demaburden.jpg   400x575 154311 bytes 2001.04.12

Tis for Dema n Burden n_n Say it with me now, awwwwww~

Image: true_joy.jpg   362x251 71871 bytes 2001.04.12

It was a mouseboard drawing, drew it with a mouse, while I was down in depressionville =p She kinda looks like Ayzewi, when her eyes are like that, 'Manda does, don't you think? o.O

Image: noeldoodle.jpg   350x345 82760 bytes 2001.04.12

Not only was this a notebook doodle, but it was in pencil too )=P I guess the fact that I was unable to color those eensy weensy pixels may've givin it away tho.. o.ò; Noel's out in the rain, in the lightning, and is perfectly at homee, just as I would be ^__^ aww~

Image: isabelledoodle.jpg   466x355 130803 bytes 2001.04.12

Austin's sister, Isabelle. Hey, who's picked up yet that whenever "doodle" is in the filename, that it's just that, a doodle, usually notebook doodle? =D

Image: austindoodle.jpg   500x473 90237 bytes 2001.04.12

I like uploading the older images I've got =p sometimes. Yup. Austin VanDerVelt! A boxer by trade. Border collie by species. Yes o.O

Image: shorishh.jpg   520x434 116660 bytes 2001.04.11

Shori is telling you to be quiet. Please respect the other patrons. They can't read with all the noise. The library is closed now, thank you, come again! *[[needs a brain to fill space in her skull]]* =P Ja, Shori © Christine Clark n myself. Funny, she looks nothing like us..o.o;;

Image: marbdayness.jpg   532x688 335174 bytes 2001.04.11

A birthday pic I did for Maria-Ki. Her birthday was months ago, and I drew this months ago, but I found it just recently ^^0 The scanner mangled the reds. Goddamn that scanner, it always mangles the reds. I need a scanner at home. Ah well. Maria-Ki © Lizzie Johnson-Webb ^_^

Image: i_know_you.jpg   600x768 335537 bytes 2001.04.11

Song lyrics in the backround made me think of those two =p heh.. Take a guess on who's POV the song would be from, were they the ones thinking/saying it. I'll give you a hint: s'not the blonde one.

Image: mosey.jpg   301x456 81494 bytes 2001.04.11

Well, it's true, isn't it? Christ, that motherfuckah ain't never happy, is he?

Image: bedlam.jpg   774x385 110591 bytes 2001.04.05

The Bedlam brothers, Jamaal and Kadiil. It's fun drawing their opposite chemistry. Jamaal is the real wild one, carefree, jovial, good-natured and good-humored, while Kadiil is more down-to-earth, sensible, yet prone to temper breaks. So their sibling rivalry is at a maximum. And I like thier southern charm too =)

Image: angiezmouse.JPG   576x360 151622 bytes 2001.04.05

Angie got mouserfied too! =D I must get to work on the next one o.o;; yes! I thought this one turned out rather pretty really ^^;

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