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Image: i_know_you.jpg   600x768 335537 bytes 2001.04.11

Song lyrics in the backround made me think of those two =p heh.. Take a guess on who's POV the song would be from, were they the ones thinking/saying it. I'll give you a hint: s'not the blonde one.

Image: I_messed_up_badly.JPG   400x548 44148 bytes 2003.01.10

For Jane, for being an incredible individual :D *muchadmirationfor* \r\n..and a little Augerburn named Beanbean on her shoulder for her. ;)

Image: i_need_help.JPG   410x410 75997 bytes 2002.07.27

Bo may not be real, but he's always a great friend.. A source of comfort whenever I need it most, and have no one else to turn to.. Sound stupid? You wouldn't think so, if you were in my brain...

Image: i_need_your_hands_on_me_now.JPG   500x470 64885 bytes 2002.09.05

More lazy crap!\r\n...I like how KB's face looks, and that's about it.\r\nKilbourne lovith 'Manda, oh dear me.

Image: impressuck.jpg   587x580 173957 bytes 2001.08.14

For an Art assignment in my old school. It was supposed to look impressionistic, for that was the style we were learning about at the time. It's of Rahne, but I ain't fond with how it turned out. Hey hey! It's Impressucknistic! Mmmm, bad jokes..

Image: incuacecut.jpg   718x776 107987 bytes 2000.10.06

I was so..very..depressed..when I drew this. A nice little preview of things to come... Incubus and Amanda me...\n

Image: incuacetech.JPG   700x1082 464026 bytes 2001.02.11

It's been reuploaded. Now in smaller flavor! =D

Image: incubus1.jpg   457x824 64986 bytes 2000.05.04

Incubus...looks a bit devious...jest like his creator! >=D Looks okay, but I colored him a shade too dark...x.x Incubus (c) me.\n

Image: incubusayzewi.gif   602x504 276456 bytes 2000.05.31

My mood is greatly reflected in this pic. My mood sorta took a major downward\r\nspiral since Saturday, when I drew this. Just reading the Fucked-Up Wall will \r\ngive you a clear view into what I was thinking when I drew it. And I used poor\r\nabused Incubus as the physical subject...aaannd I gave you a small idea of why\r\nhe is what he is and why he does what he does. (hint: checka Ayzewi ;P) NE way,\r\nIncubus, Ayzewi, and the Fucked-Up Wall (c) me.\n

Image: Incubusayzewitech.jpg   938x1450 672369 bytes 2000.07.12

uh... What can I say? I was bored during finals last month, and so I decided to \r\ndraw a pic using crap paper and shitty pens that were virtually out of ink. Sorta \r\nto illustrate the hold Ayzewi has over Incubus. Eek.. I know I wouldn't wanna see \r\nthe deepest, darkest corners of my mind pulled from it and displayed on television \r\nscreens... might make me go insane all over again. Incubus, Ayzewi, and the pic are \r\ncopyrighted to me. ...God.. dammit, it's happening again, I know it...\n

Image: incubush1.gif   599x951 173888 bytes 2000.04.18

A pencil one of Incubus I did in a Strathmore drawing book. I like this one of him, it looks very nice. n.n Incubus is (c) me.\n

Image: Incubushither.jpg   762x991 79562 bytes 2000.05.19

Pencil drawing of Incubus I did on notebook paper a while back. Looks so nice, so very haunting... so very handsome... *sigh* Incubus (c) me. Dare not take. Is bad 4 U. \n

Image: incubuspaint.jpg   598x788 85641 bytes 2000.04.18

A colored one of Incubus Hollow, a punkish gerbil. I drew this a short while ago, when I was in a very hurt and upset, angry mood. The pic reflects it quite nic. Incubus is (c) to me.\n

Image: insult_me.JPG   545x329 54725 bytes 2003.01.10

Amanda and Starbane aren't exactly fond of one another, it'd seem.. Done entirely in opencanvas.. *coughiwannahaveasessionwithsomeonesomedayhackwheeze* ._.; ..\r\nI still think this is funny.

Image: is_it_enough.JPG   550x569 156443 bytes 2001.08.07

Evidently not.

Image: isabelledoodle.jpg   466x355 130803 bytes 2001.04.12

Austin's sister, Isabelle. Hey, who's picked up yet that whenever "doodle" is in the filename, that it's just that, a doodle, usually notebook doodle? =D

Image: It_Can_Change_So_Fast.jpg   360x504 97316 bytes 2001.02.20

It was more of a stab at poetry than anything o.o; Had some fun with pshop with the bg so it wasn't just words floating on white space. Because then it would be boring. Cuz I can't write poetry for shit =p

Image: itsagroupthing.jpg   520x687 309735 bytes 2001.04.05

Secondary characters of friends unite!! hwarharar oo; I'd have stuffed more o my buds on there, if I hadn't of run outta room.. damn small piece of sketchbook paper >.o; 's on the pic ^_^ *huggles th lot*

Image: itspwetty.jpg   500x592 68481 bytes 2000.10.06

Pic I doodled in a notebook during an especially boring class. Of Angie n Amanda, and I love how that would-be brain fart turned into quite the lovely pic, even if it is on notebook paper. ^^ Angie Heather Breckel, ye cheezit reeses lovin tigress, ye, and Amanda n pic be me. \n

Image: izzaquirk.jpg   209x603 27715 bytes 2000.11.17

I drew it on a charicature study sheet during art class, which is why it's rather shitty looking. Tried a dynamic-ish pose with Tiche and Elijah.. and no I did not do well o.o; All that stuff there (cept the text and stuff you can read, for which I apologize o.@) be to me. myar.\n

Image: jacksad.gif   324x631 111374 bytes 2000.05.10

A pencil drawing I did during American Cultures yesterday, or Monday, or smthin. One of Jack Weasel, looking unusually distraught. He's usaully fulla good humor and stuff... I guess I just drew him looking this way due to my mood that day. I've been depressed lately and extremely irratible... its all I can do to keep myself from hitting and hurting other ppl who snap a nerve with the smallest thing... still, I'd rather beat the hell outta the school bathroom and myself like I did the last time I felt this way than hurt ppl, so I'm bottling up my feelings as best I can. Jack is (c) me.\n

Image: jackwrkout.jpg   519x891 76546 bytes 2000.04.18

Jack Weasel, after a workout. He's a cop, so it'd be advisable for him to stay in shape. Wuz sorta workin' on my anatomy for this one, and I like how it turned out. n.n BTW, Jack is a Weasel-mink mix, and he is (c) me.\n

Image: janett.JPG   620x1130 287049 bytes 2000.08.07

For TOOL, cuz he drew so many damn fine pics for me, and I feel as though I've been \r\na bitch taking my sweet time repaying them. I'm gonna draw more, cuz this doesn't \r\nnearly repay him at all. I'm sorry again buddy, please don't be mad, and I'm sorry \r\nif I screwed up the colors. ^^; Janett Adam Tizen, dammit.\n

Image: janibday.JPG   575x594 156101 bytes 2001.05.08

Pretty and sweet birthday pic for Jane~ ..heheh, I guess it's for Sahara too, but it's all good ^_^ and very sweet, too.

Image: jayace1.jpg   750x916 139932 bytes 2000.04.13

Jay again, and Amanda's with him. Not exactly what it looks like...she's unaware of anything going on at the moment, as he's gotten her doped up. Jay and Amanda are me. Ah, the symbol is back...\n

Image: jayacezzz.jpg   821x502 33508 bytes 2000.04.27

Jay and Amanda, sleeping, no not like that, you perv! Git yer mind outta the gutter! ;P j/k My bed n a bit of my room is sorta the model. Done pretty quick, cuz it was pretty darn early...4 am...Insomnia can be fun...@.@ Jay and Amanda (c) me. Don't copy.\n

Image: jaycut.jpg   459x700 105341 bytes 2001.02.11

Jay. Ready ta fight. Quothe the Skiddy: "Yaume!" n.n;

Image: Jayguitar.jpg   341x525 17587 bytes 2000.06.02

Jay and his guitar. Since I did this one in school, I couldn't use my guitar \r\nas a model for his, so it looks crappy. And why must I torture you poor souls with\r\n googood drawings on crap paper? Jay is (c) me.\n

Image: jayscream.gif   240x392 69897 bytes 2000.04.13

*giggle* Jay Suquel in SD Anime. As if he could get any cuter, right? Heh, I guess he likes his ice cream after a tough day on the battlefield. That monkey Mt. Lion is to me.\n

Image: jaysuh.jpg   490x415 68192 bytes 2001.01.29

Hahaa, my weekend was so fun. Tried to reply a very kind email from Chris Goodwin (and others) about six times and each time aol felt like shitting out on me, so that never got done, and a couple drawings/art/whatever I did ended up hurting a few people's feelings, that was unintentional and now I feel like garbage. Skipping school was good fer me. Oh, and here's a sketch of Jay drawn on me new sketchbook. That's nice. Thank you for alottin me a mini rant, feel free ta flame if you don't like it. Danke sheun.

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