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Image: itsagroupthing.jpg   520x687 309735 bytes 2001.04.05

Secondary characters of friends unite!! hwarharar oo; I'd have stuffed more o my buds on there, if I hadn't of run outta room.. damn small piece of sketchbook paper >.o; 's on the pic ^_^ *huggles th lot*

Image: rahnesaffliction.jpg   375x331 107407 bytes 2001.04.05

Rahne and her psychosis. Well, it's not really a psychosis. She's just got a problem.. the compulsive need to keep her hands cleaned..s'why she wears gloves all the time.. and should the gloves come off..well sometimes a hallucination like this arises in her mind that takes over reality. Poor dear.

Image: offer.JPG   400x359 118430 bytes 2001.04.05

Silas has absolutely no reservations on using others as a means to get him to his projected ends. It's the people who he tries to use's decision whether or not to accept the offer.

Image: serenity_down.JPG   1000x409 270853 bytes 2001.04.05

Hooray for satire!!

Image: boomshakkabw.JPG   600x679 110616 bytes 2001.04.03

Aro, my musclebound chica character. I'm trying to get proportions right. Aro makes for a perfect test subject =P Yes indeedy. I'm gonna color this sucker with colored pencils, too. Then it's gonna scan horribly and piss me the fuck off. Then we'll all have a good laugh over it, and then it will be over =)

Image: logan_xi'an.jpg   520x677 253852 bytes 2001.04.03

New character by the name of Logan-Xi'an. He's gonne play a major part in revealing more about Tides. Already he's become sorta popular o.O; Mwahahaa. The wasps sting and poison his brain, and he don't mind, cuz he enjoys the effect of the pain.. woooo~

Image: bix's_breaking_point.JPG   540x505 150654 bytes 2001.04.03

He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.

Image: shira.JPG   470x813 200757 bytes 2001.04.03

Now hopefully she sees this, my email's not cooperating with me tonight. Tis part of an art exchange wit Fallen Angel.. her char Shira ^^; I wish I didn't take o so very long in finishing this.. goddamn me o.x; bah well, I'm pleased with the end result, so that's all that matters. Hopefully she likes this =P Shira Alaina Rose

Image: true_nature.jpg   620x564 148964 bytes 2001.04.03

A losing battle is lost that much faster when the loser is in denial.

Image: can't_keep_him_down.jpg   602x969 447008 bytes 2001.04.03

As the filename suggests, it's damned hard to keep Annius down and beaten. It's even harder when he's got the evil influence cast over him.

Image: carosel.JPG   610x666 219092 bytes 2001.03.14

I don't dabble in the mystic much with my characters, save for these lot (and Ayzewi too). Totentanz, Noel, an Willi that is, are of a magick sort o bearing..mystical or whatever. Fagan, a part of this little group of destiny, however, is not. It's a curious thing indeed..

Image: davissternla.jpg   550x598 281746 bytes 2001.03.14

Colored a doodle of Davis, and for kicks put in a thought bubble thingy to fill in that icky blank space that woulda been there otherwise. Meheh. Davis is such a silly lil bugger *pinchies his cheeks* XP

Image: wrong.jpg   400x451 89714 bytes 2001.02.20

Amanda thinks she's killing Annius.. but oh, oh my my my, she's wrong, she's wrong...

Image: hooray.jpg   496x558 129131 bytes 2001.02.20

*shrug* Went on back to my style of how I normally draw humans, the subject bein myself.. meh ...sometimes I wish I was purty o.o;

Image: Dash's_heart.jpg   690x524 163283 bytes 2001.02.20

An old storyline, or a date gone horribly wrong? ..The former, actually. Good guess tho. Hey now, dun worry, she lived o course. And now they're bestust buds ^_^; ..sorta..

Image: smakkdown.jpg   550x383 107978 bytes 2001.02.20

Go Jane~!! Whup his ass! =D ahahaha I need to draw a better one >.o;

Image: skideebday.jpg   1000x971 226580 bytes 2001.02.20

Older pic, one I did for Skiddy's bday =P before I had pshop at home and had to do it at school, so it took a bit o_o; bah well, she still luvved it and that's all that matters ^__^ *hugclingz da Skiddy* Skidz be ter Christine Clark, all else me.

Image: angiezbdayz.jpg   564x684 75511 bytes 2001.02.20

Twas Angie's birthday pic! ^_^ I kinda dislike how pixelated it looks.. but there's precious little I can think to do to fix that =' Angie tha sexay tigress herself, everythin else ta me.. *sing* sumone's gotta birthday, ah wunder-who, someone's gotta birthday, ah wundeeerrr who.. XP er.. sorry oo;

Image: xmasace.jpg   580x526 241692 bytes 2001.02.20

Christmas pic done way back .. on.. Christmas. Yes. o_o;

Image: haveibeenpunished.jpg   319x245 19007 bytes 2001.02.20

Mouse art. Killall. He's feeling badly. Who's to blame? Guess.

Image: dokuvsblaine.jpg   555x724 260852 bytes 2001.02.20

Well slap me silly n call me a dumbass, I never uploaded this here.. and dammit it's one o the few pics I remain proud of for more than a month or so o.-; bah well. Doku making good use of Blaine's face as a mop =P ah, violence at nifty angles, what beauty is of thee.. *ahem* Doku Emily B., all else ter me. yah.

Image: It_Can_Change_So_Fast.jpg   360x504 97316 bytes 2001.02.20

It was more of a stab at poetry than anything o.o; Had some fun with pshop with the bg so it wasn't just words floating on white space. Because then it would be boring. Cuz I can't write poetry for shit =p

Image: amigothree.jpg   580x673 67103 bytes 2001.02.18

Last one..not feeling up for more.. *sigh* Skeet, Mellie, Reisarr.. damn good friends.. very poorly done pic. At least Mellie looks -somewhat- like the ferality I was goin for there.. whff..

Image: anniuspeace.JPG   439x480 98512 bytes 2001.02.18

A quote, and a character, I can, unfortunately, sympathize with a great deal of the time.. well hell why not that quote is really somethin I've said anyways..

Image: totentanz.jpg   410x734 79619 bytes 2001.02.18

Totentanz Macabre, Raccoon dog, somethin mystic, somethin odd, bah. She's just weird I suppose o.o; well that and a bit more.

Image: devcrashfight.jpg   565x683 159349 bytes 2001.02.18

Deville n Crash fighting. Old one, and I went to town with those damnable pshop filters.. probably due to boredom. I don't know. Yessir, fighting in midair when there's fireballish things flyin all about you is most certainly a talent to admire. ohyes ohyes.

Image: bitchnincubus.jpg   610x1022 238658 bytes 2001.02.18

*gnaws her comp some more* it's shitacular =_=; frmf. Bitch admirin Incu's pendant, drawn cuz they've got similar hair, yet another oldold pic ^^; Once again, apparently Incubus is also a sexy bitch o_o; hmm.. Bitch Christine Clark, all else moi. mewl o.o;

Image: trevshori.jpg   680x1034 179474 bytes 2001.02.18

Older one o Trevor wit Shori clinglin to him.. cuz he is, apparently, a sexay beetch ^_~; heheheh well so is Shori oo; who is Christine Clark n meself. Image is just ter me. Who's th sexayest beetch in th whole wide world? _O;

Image: Charismawall.jpg   740x763 246580 bytes 2001.02.18

Cain't believe I didn't upload this before.. one of the few pics I'm proud of for more than just two months o.@; Charisma sits against a wall, thinking, ponderin, contemplating.. and in the end will make a few decisions pivitol to her life and others. *sigh* Isn' that just always th way..?

Image: aira1.jpg   510x1382 276589 bytes 2001.02.18

More older image uploading fun. *shrug* Don't ask me why I'm uploading older stuff o mine that I look back on as being rather poorly done these days o.o; mmrf. Aira leanin 'gainst a wall, just lookin all cool n stuff ^_^ Aira Jessica Bogardus =P

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