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Image: Lupoace3.gif   348x390 136212 bytes 2000.05.10

Every picture has its lengthy story to tell, and this tells a small part of it. Lupo and Amanda there, Lupo looking menacing like always, and Amanda (yes, ppl, she nekkid o.o) in the backround, looking unusually submissive. As I said, there's a lengthy story here, but I can't go into it. It's just comic stuff of mine nobody really gives a fuck about anywayz. btw, I drew this with a sketching pencil... oh, yeah, I got skills c.c Lupo and Amanda (c) me. Take and suffer.\n

Image: Lupoace3.jpg   477x1101 51620 bytes 2000.05.18

I worked on pshop with this romantic-ish one from Christmas mornin... Looks kinda crappy, but I couldn't find the better one. Ah, well.. here, I illustrated a scene from me comic... long story, it surely is. I don't feel like explaining it now. Lupo and Amanda are (c) me\n

Image: Lupoace4.jpg   370x663 45807 bytes 2000.05.10

Lupo and Amanda again... you may or may not be getting the idea about those two yet. Okay, see, here's how it is: Lupo has been in love with Amanda since they met, when he was young and she was REALLY young. Well, he's got some temper issues and just plain mental issues, and he did some things to her when she was young; he's made many mistakes with her and gave her the impression he hates her, which is just fine by her, because she hates him more than anything in the world. That's as far as I go into my little comic-thang there, so if you wanna know more (not likely, I'm sure) you'll have to ask me yourself. Lupo and Amanda (c) me.\n

Image: Lupoace6.gif   624x630 275509 bytes 2000.05.18

Another pic tweaked with pshopy goodness... only now, with lyrics from Korn to emphasize what's happening and what has happened concerning the history of Lupo and Amanda. That's all I really feel like saying right now. Cheers. Lupo and Amanda and pic (c) me, doncha dare copy, lyrics (c) Korn... god help you if you copy offa them\n

Image: lupoacefight.JPG   500x766 137606 bytes 2000.12.20

Older one o Manda n Lupo fightin each other. I drew it waaaay back in August.. and\r\nonly just recently-like got ta color it. Overall? ...meh. I can do better.\r\n I think..\n

Image: lupoacereststuffz.jpg   650x567 124312 bytes 2002.03.19

Huh, this is old.. like, a year or more. I just realized that I never uploaded this here for some strange reason.. So, please pardon how bad it looks. I wasn't very good back then.. Although I still enjoy the feeling in it...\r\n...Hello o_o

Image: Lupoback.jpg   473x811 70558 bytes 2000.04.27

Lupo Wolfe from the back. I should draw him more often...after all, he's like, one of my faves...And yes folks, he's a Malboro man. n.n Lupo is (c) me.\n

Image: Lupobloodreign.gif   833x1058 274501 bytes 2000.05.24

I tried a lil expiriement with this. I did not work at all on this at home,\r\nor anything like that. What I did was, I wanted to see how long it'd take me\r\nto finish a very good looking drawing-in pencil-if I only worked on it in the \r\nthree-to-ten minutes I had before or after each class. Well, I started this\r\n'spiriement back in like, February or smthin, and I stopped working on it for\r\nabout five weeks. Anywho, it's done now, and just for kicks (and filler) I \r\nadded a nifty lil quote from Lupo in my comic that seemed to fit the mood and\r\nthe pun ^.- Looks good, I think.. drawn on a Strathmore with a mech pencil.\r\nLupo, quote, and Tides (far wall, brick, under the big ole splotch of blood-\r\nhe IS alive, amazingly) are (c) me.\n

Image: Lupoleather.JPG   758x1347 270817 bytes 2000.07.07

What I did IMMEDIATLEY after getting p-shop--I took my time and traced it out and \r\ncolored and the whole nine yards with this. I hope this dispells the seemingly common \r\nmisconception that Lupo is grey, and not a darker blue. Also, a subtle little thing--\r\nI showed his eyes as what color they are--a deep, dark, almost undiscernable shade of \r\nmaroon. And I think I may've mentioned before how I have an animal attraction to guys \r\nwearing leather? ^^ Part of why I did this. Lupo and image copyright me. \n

Image: LupoRax.jpg   991x1133 398842 bytes 2000.07.12

If you remember (probably don't; who cares about me? -.-) I drew a pic of Rax and \r\nAmanda based on comic events from a little while back. Rax was bein bad. Lupo found \r\nout. He got mad. Rax laughed. Lupo got stark-raving pissed off. Rax still laughed. \r\nLupo nearly beat the little shit to death. Lesson to be learned: Pissing off big blue \r\nwolf=near death expirience. uh...think about it. It makes sense. 9.9 Lupo and Rax \r\nare copyrighted to me.\n

Image: lupotrench.jpg   394x798 53525 bytes 2000.04.18

Eh...a decent one of Lupo when he was a bit younger, and when his hair wasn't dyed grey (yes, he did dye it grey; the purpose was so that he could look older. Intimidation is important when you lead an entire army in a war, no?) And he has his ever-present pack of cigarettes with him, and is wearing his not so common trenchcoat, too. Lupo is (c) me.\n

Image: malegroup.JPG   1000x895 348490 bytes 2000.07.15

ooo, I can just smell the testosterone. XD I said I'd do a pic of all my guys in \r\na kiddie anime style, and I did just that. So... now I'm done. Happy days. All \r\ncharacters are copyright me, don't STEAL, for chrissake! Geez...\n

Image: malevolent.JPG   550x471 67538 bytes 2003.01.10

Lydia looking all.. devious. \r\nI just wanted to draw and color eyes one day, and this popped out of me in PainterClassic.. yay.

Image: mandabolighted.jpg   490x613 97411 bytes 2001.05.09

Manda and Bo, when they were kids.. probably about twelve or thirteen in this pic here. So.. I guess they were a little more than kids. Either way, they've remained loyal and best friends to each other, and that's all that really matters.

Image: mandikamineato.jpg   610x666 67352 bytes 2000.12.20

Smthin I did fer Kami, cuzza that damn wonderful pic she drew me a lil bit back ^^; \r\nI hope she sees (or has seen) this, cuz I can't email anymore ^^; damn dead modem. \r\nKami n th cute lil green guy (dunno his name, sorry ^^;) be Aja Williams, all else \r\nter me. Hope ye like eet, cuz we all know how much better Kami be than me ^_^\n

Image: marbdayness.jpg   532x688 335174 bytes 2001.04.11

A birthday pic I did for Maria-Ki. Her birthday was months ago, and I drew this months ago, but I found it just recently ^^0 The scanner mangled the reds. Goddamn that scanner, it always mangles the reds. I need a scanner at home. Ah well. Maria-Ki Lizzie Johnson-Webb ^_^

Image: Mellie.gif   473x886 305507 bytes 2000.05.11

I was bored, and I wanted to draw something in a different style than I normally do. So, this one of Mellie is what I churned out. Older, but still interesting...I guess...I suppose I'd best credit the style to Jhonen Vasquez, who is one helluva artist and writer. Mellie (c) me.\n

Image: mellsbells.jpg   633x853 83645 bytes 2000.04.14

Mellie on her own, now. A little creepy, but hey, that's who she is. "Not all there", I guess you could say. A little sick, wild, violent marten. She is to me. Joy!\n

Image: melsarreet.jpg   443x476 125079 bytes 2000.04.14

From left to right-- S. Melanie "Mellie" Marten, Reisarr Prestar, and Skeet Sable. They've been friends for a while--in me comic, that is. Mm-hmm. Mells-Bells, 'Sarr, and Skeet are me, myself, and I. Yep, all three of us.\n

Image: memory.jpg   550x570 119588 bytes 2001.09.18

Father, mother, children.\r\nAnd then, not long after the family photo was taken, Lupo started cutting them down one by one. \r\nThey dropped like flies..

Image: mine!.jpg   740x561 136396 bytes 2001.09.16

I'm quite angry with Spree.\r\nNow then.\r\nThis, this was a spur-of-the-moment drawing for Dema, just claimin' ownership (^_~) over Kilbourne. Even after a couple months, I still like how it came out, drawing and coloring n_n Mewl~

Image: mineJayKillall.jpg   758x617 99924 bytes 2000.06.02

Okay, I guess I revealed why these two are antagonistic towards each other a \r\ntad sooner than anticipated, but I couldn't seem to be able to draw anything \r\nelse last night. So, I did this. Heh, I didn't even think it would be anything \r\nuntil I finished it. I stayed up an extra hour to do that, too. No worries, \r\nI'm an insomniac, so it's cool. Another thing I'd figure they'd dislike each \r\nother about is the fact that Jay had hired Killall to assassinate Lupo, and Killall \r\ndidn't do it, per Amanda's request. Strange, she's supposed to hate him, yes? \r\nJay and Killall are (c) me.\n

Image: mister_winkles.jpg   500x523 78123 bytes 2001.09.25

Also pretty old. \r\nAccording to the scribble I had written down on the corner of the paper, I was just making use of crappy paper.\r\no_o

Image: mistlemctoe.jpg   620x475 69494 bytes 2001.09.25

A doodle of Incubus.\r\nGuess when I drew this! Guess! XP

Image: mJackstand.jpg   553x807 70805 bytes 2000.05.11

A quick and crappish one I did of Jack Weasel. I think I drew him in his uniform just because I could, or to show whoever gave a fuk what his uniform looked like colored. Whoopee, I'll tell ya what, whoopee. Jack (c) me.\n

Image: mosey.jpg   301x456 81494 bytes 2001.04.11

Well, it's true, isn't it? Christ, that motherfuckah ain't never happy, is he?

Image: nabbed.JPG   480x560 49142 bytes 2002.05.29

Sam's primary personality nabbing Gina from behind. Sam teases, messes with her mind, because he feels that she's messing with his, when in fact, she's just trying to piece together the man's fragmented mind. Needless to say, she's a tad surprised by this advance either way.\r\n

Image: need_you_here.jpg   755x450 76960 bytes 2002.12.28

Killall and a hallucination of his ex-ex girlfriend.. This was much fun to draw and color :D

Image: needle.jpg   600x384 73048 bytes 2001.04.12

I leave you to draw your own conclusions on what is truly transpiring here.. and if you've heard the song, then you have a pretty good idea already.

Image: never_again.JPG   489x420 43397 bytes 2002.08.06

In the comic, Sykes is through taking shit he doesn't need. So, he takes a stand.\r\nWho needs shit anyway, yes? Of course.

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