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Image: zenith.jpg   597x715 192422 bytes 2000.11.17

Slightly older pic.. drawn based on a dream n what I would rather the reality be. The lyrics just fit sweetly.. and I don't feel like going into further detail about it. Lyrics Our Lady Peace, bg Getty images, Amanda n drawing thing to me. And I must thank all you sweet lovely people who have shown me support and brought me up and all that for the past few months, namely, Verm, Soanic, Grey Magic, Herve Simard, Skidderz, Angiez, Marumaru, Jessi Pysz, the wonderful folks that did pics for me (I love you, really I do ^_^) an so so so many more.. it's helped me out tremendously.. i just feel god awful about email troubles.. and sorry for being a burden on any of you, or appearing rude... or bitchy.. or whatever.. flame me fer puttin this up here, go ahead. I deserve as much. \n

Image: ambirianna.jpg   474x430 30846 bytes 2000.11.17

Ambience n Rianna. Rianna is drunk. ...or is she? ...god i suck at suspense. x.o;;\n

Image: riannacigflick.jpg   500x645 60675 bytes 2000.11.17

I just fucking well love the angle. I will look back at this and hate it for all I'm worth, I know I will, but for now I say I still do like how I did it. Rianna and cigarettes and photoshop are fun. umm... o.o;\n

Image: lain.jpg   500x725 76039 bytes 2000.11.17

Upload time on a shitty comp. It blows. Yes indeed. blaagh. Anywho.. Amanda layin down.. the cg'ed version of th colored pencil one I've had up on my site for a spell. Pretty quick color job too. And I gotta say it, for I was told to tell who it is she is waiting for. She be waitin fer Verm, yup.. n as for what, ...mwahahaaaa take a wild guess o.o;; mrf. Amanda n image be to me. Yes! o.@; shoot me please.\n

Image: ambience.jpg   567x726 80239 bytes 2000.10.06

I like this. She be a hyrax. I think I'll name her Ambience. Yup. I'm prolly gonna sell this when I'm done with it. whee. Ambience n image to me..\n

Image: incuacecut.jpg   718x776 107987 bytes 2000.10.06

I was so..very..depressed..when I drew this. A nice little preview of things to come... Incubus and Amanda me...\n

Image: harrowing.jpg   591x722 101866 bytes 2000.10.06

Love that blackness, love that cross hatching, love the fact that I wrote in a language I never learned and therefore haven't the slightest clue how to write in correctly. ^_^ \r\nWhat my mind will spit out. All the characters depicted there and that image is to me. \n

Image: itspwetty.jpg   500x592 68481 bytes 2000.10.06

Pic I doodled in a notebook during an especially boring class. Of Angie n Amanda, and I love how that would-be brain fart turned into quite the lovely pic, even if it is on notebook paper. ^^ Angie Heather Breckel, ye cheezit reeses lovin tigress, ye, and Amanda n pic be me. \n

Image: ugh.jpg   216x347 13630 bytes 2000.10.06

I really need to beat my brain with a ten-foot pole. I have no idea why the hell I drew this. It's sickeningly n adorably cute o.O; Incubus me, but then, you knew that already, didn't you? \n

Image: ohyesohyes.jpg   637x896 96220 bytes 2000.10.06

...Oh boy, I uploaded. I know I haven't in a while. That's because I've been unable\r\n to. It's a long story. Shortened, I can say that I don't know when I'll be able \r\nto upload again, cuz for now I have to do this from school. Which I hate doing. \r\nBut oh-fucking-well.. This not really a page outta me comic. It's just something\r\n I did when I was depressed,..which has been happening more and more lately...I should explain \r\nthat I really do believe that there is such a thing as love, just that it's not meant for me. \r\nBah, nevermind. Amanda n Ayzewi n that whole thing there is to me. \n

Image: nm.JPG   400x946 104844 bytes 2000.08.19

The RL me again, and it ain't morbid this time. Cheers. Anyway, I know whiteish-grey \r\ngloves don't match black all that well, but my black fingerless gloves disappeared, \r\nsorry to say. Hrmph. Yes, those are blow pops in my right hand. Yes those are RL scars. \r\nStop looking at me like that. And now it's time to play "When will Manda be \r\nOnline Again?" er.. whatever. I hate goin back to that place where I call home nine months out \r\nof the year x.X;; *muttermumble* dammit..*grumble* Anyways, as always, the image and myself are \r\n to me. Amanda Don't friggin steal me or any of my stuff. I'm too depressed right now to be witty.. sorry. \r\nHave a grand day.\n

Image: restful.JPG   368x250 56232 bytes 2000.08.19

Doodle I did with a mouse on a group whiteboard. Insomnia attacks me all too often. Amanda and image are me.\n

Image: sarr.JPG   550x542 192779 bytes 2000.08.17

An old bw of Reisarr I felt like CG'ing yesterday. Took about an hour and a half. And it actually looks decent. Whoah. Scaaaryy... and I'm somewhat happy with the BG. Yep. Reisarr is always me. Amanda. ohyes ohyes.\n

Image: tetra.JPG   600x916 195693 bytes 2000.08.17

Birthday pic fer Tetra. ^^ Lookie me, whippin out alla these here b-day pics. It's really much fun. heehee.. Tetra K O'Brien, image meself.\n

Image: cisbday.JPG   600x907 151575 bytes 2000.08.17

Ugh. I'm lazy. I only just now upload this here.. it's already been floatin around fer a while. No matter. Birthday pic fer Ciseal. ^-^ Prettyness. Ciseal & Lestat Vicki Lo, image me. \n

Image: janett.JPG   620x1130 287049 bytes 2000.08.07

For TOOL, cuz he drew so many damn fine pics for me, and I feel as though I've been \r\na bitch taking my sweet time repaying them. I'm gonna draw more, cuz this doesn't \r\nnearly repay him at all. I'm sorry again buddy, please don't be mad, and I'm sorry \r\nif I screwed up the colors. ^^; Janett Adam Tizen, dammit.\n

Image: Skid.JPG   730x1588 236879 bytes 2000.07.22

A pic of Skiddy for... um, Skiddy ^^ The cool Skid. Yup. I hope I didn't screw the wings up at all, and I apologize for the boring pose. I must get those out of my system. Well, I hopes ya like it! ^^ Skid copyright Christine Clark, image (c) me. Do not rip it, kay? Good.\n

Image: page2.JPG   1000x1293 813068 bytes 2000.07.21

Page 2 of the previous comic page. I've gotten a lot of emails and stuff asking \r\nme to put up more, which is why I decided to put it up. I won't put the whole thing \r\nup here; I might, however, put up complete issues on my website, which is under lots \r\nof construction (would be nice to know HTML, agggh! >.<) So... wait and see, kay? \r\nOkay. Characters and content are copyrighted to me, do NOT copy or alter it in ANY way.\n

Image: killallmoon.JPG   790x731 98533 bytes 2000.07.21

It's crap. It was a concept from long ago, and it's crap now. I don't like it. \r\nI screwed up the stars and the whole nine yards. That stupid poem is no good, either. \r\n-.- Anyway, it's Killall, sitting up on a roof, like he's depressed or something. \r\nKillall and content copyright me.\n

Image: aceBusted.JPG   650x713 136841 bytes 2000.07.21

Yee... Amanda in the bust. Well, sorta. I don't think I'm particularly good at \r\nit. It's in pencil, it's a sketch, and I'll put up a nice colored one someday. \r\nAnd look it up-- that's what the name "Amanda" means. Okay, whatever. I'm done now. \r\nAmanda is copyright me, dagnabbit.\n

Image: flipit.JPG   700x667 223059 bytes 2000.07.21

I felt this way the other day, or at least something similar. I was engaged in \r\nconversation, and this image popped up in my head. That neat-o spiffy poem (of sorts) \r\nwas a spur of the moment deal, because, it wouldn't be the Fucked Up Wall if it didn't \r\nhave writing all over it! I like this, anyway. Turned out just the way I wanted it to. \r\nAmanda and content copyright me, so do NOT steal any of it.\n

Image: Dlm.jpg   700x1282 264217 bytes 2000.07.20

I saw the pic DLM uploaded as part of our art exchange, and I felt I had to load up \r\nthis fer her. DLM X-13, for Elaine Will. Hope she likes it, tho I messed the tail \r\nup. DLM copyright Elaine Will, image copyright me.\n

Image: ChibiAngie.JPG   900x1115 415802 bytes 2000.07.19

A pic I did fer the cool Angela. I was more 'n happy to do this lil gift for her. \r\n...It actually looks pretty... And I did it all today, too. I can't believe I did \r\nanother good color job... eek... er, well, anyhow, I hope ya like this 'un, Angie! \r\nAngie is copyright Heather Breckel, image copyright me. Do no take. If you do, you \r\nwill suffer consequences.\n

Image: malegroup.JPG   1000x895 348490 bytes 2000.07.15

ooo, I can just smell the testosterone. XD I said I'd do a pic of all my guys in \r\na kiddie anime style, and I did just that. So... now I'm done. Happy days. All \r\ncharacters are copyright me, don't STEAL, for chrissake! Geez...\n

Image: Devon.JPG   800x1113 248564 bytes 2000.07.15

My other half of an art exchg. with Lupienne... it's Devon, she's at an oddish angle, \r\nand I fucked up the CG. Poo. I'm sorry. I just hope she thinks it's halfway decent...\r\n Devon is copyright Allison Fluery, image (c) me. Remember that.\n

Image: angularStar.jpg   915x725 234040 bytes 2000.07.15

An old pic of Starbane at an angle. And for once, she's not virtually naked. \r\n...Too bad I guess, for the male fans out there who liked her for that. Erm... like \r\nshe has any fans... or myself, for that matter... x.x Starbane is copyrighted to me, \r\nand ONLY me.\n

Image: dirty.jpg   570x636 163555 bytes 2000.07.15

Dying would be fun, about now. Yes. My demise would be an interesting turn of events, \r\nthat's for sure. What fun it would be. Mm-hmm. -.- Reliving my past sux. It's not \r\nfun, and I hate my life. It'd be so easy to end it, if I didn't despise suicide. So I'm \r\njust gonna continue on punishing myself. It just seems like I deserve it sometimes. \r\nI am copyrighted to myself, of course, and if you steal me, I will kick where it hurts most, \r\nand blow out an eardrum or two. So do not kidnap me. I'll take my inner rage out on you. And \r\nyou can feel the clarity of the knives...\n

Image: Elisebridge.jpg   724x949 267994 bytes 2000.07.12

Elise, for the very talented Lupienne, cuz she drew such kickass pics for me. The x-change is only half-done, tho--\r\nI'll finish it at a later time (soon) I hopes ya like it, Lupienne! (even though the BG sux, cuz I got sick of trying to use layers, so I opted to just use airbrush stuff--sorry!) \r\nElise is copyright Allison Fluery, and the image is (c) me. You rip, you catch hell. As per usual ^^\n

Image: LupoRax.jpg   991x1133 398842 bytes 2000.07.12

If you remember (probably don't; who cares about me? -.-) I drew a pic of Rax and \r\nAmanda based on comic events from a little while back. Rax was bein bad. Lupo found \r\nout. He got mad. Rax laughed. Lupo got stark-raving pissed off. Rax still laughed. \r\nLupo nearly beat the little shit to death. Lesson to be learned: Pissing off big blue \r\nwolf=near death expirience. uh...think about it. It makes sense. 9.9 Lupo and Rax \r\nare copyrighted to me.\n

Image: Sykespissed.JPG   504x649 118910 bytes 2000.07.12

There's only one thing I like about this pic: the backround. \r\nAnd the fact that it's mah sexy lil Syksie.\r\n\r\nOkay, two things. EXCUSE-me.\r\nCharacter and stuff copyright me.\n

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