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Image: Tichehair.JPG   985x1235 450639 bytes 2000.07.12

A somewhat big pic of Tiche, sorry-- the focus was mainly on her hair, the big, \r\nbushy maroon-neon blue-neon pink thang that it is. Prob'ly cuz she's so frickin \r\nproud of it. And I think I may've over-done the ripple BG. Anyway, Tiche is copyrighted \r\nto me, and only me. You hear? ME!! and NOT you. Very good.\n

Image: femfem.JPG   1320x1245 720774 bytes 2000.07.12

I admit, this pic was inspired by a comment made that my chick chars were all hot. \r\nSo, uh, I drew all my fem chars.. in a kiddie-anime-ish sorta deal.. cuz I haven't \r\ndone one of those in a while, and cuz I was afraid I'd run outta room if I drew em \r\nnormal, and I didn't wanna spend so much time CGin' it. I thought it was a crap \r\ncolor job, but in retrospect, it actually does look nicely done. Wonders. It's \r\ninspired me to to a similar one with all my male chars, as well, just for the hell of \r\nit all. And this just happens to be my 100th upload too, I just noticed. I know; whoop-de-doo. \r\nAnyway... all chars here are copyright me. and me. and me too.\n

Image: Incubusayzewitech.jpg   938x1450 672369 bytes 2000.07.12

uh... What can I say? I was bored during finals last month, and so I decided to \r\ndraw a pic using crap paper and shitty pens that were virtually out of ink. Sorta \r\nto illustrate the hold Ayzewi has over Incubus. Eek.. I know I wouldn't wanna see \r\nthe deepest, darkest corners of my mind pulled from it and displayed on television \r\nscreens... might make me go insane all over again. Incubus, Ayzewi, and the pic are \r\ncopyrighted to me. ...God.. dammit, it's happening again, I know it...\n

Image: crashit.jpg   710x1138 240609 bytes 2000.07.12

For some odd reason, this pic reminds me of "Office Space"--even before the \r\nBG. I guess I'd look that afraid, if I knew the evil ins-and-outs of a huge-ass \r\ncorporation and there was nothing I could do to get away from it... poor Crash. \r\nGive that poor fennec a hug. Crash is copyright me, so you know. \r\n\n

Image: NikkiPacev.JPG   1000x1675 359105 bytes 2000.07.12

Two characters that I don't draw as much as I ought to-- that's cuz the storylines \r\nhaven't called for their involvement for a little while. But they do now ^^! \r\nNikkola and Pacafee Weasel... in evenin attire... lovely. I actually did a \r\nDECENT job CG-ing this sucker... so I'm happy. La-di-da. Nikki and Pac are \r\ncopyright me. \r\n\n

Image: battleAce.jpg   668x1250 313499 bytes 2000.07.12

Amanda, ready fer battle. Ya need shit like that to lead a war, I guess.\r\n I dunno. Whatever. Uh.. the BG is nice... Amanda and image copyright me. \r\n\n

Image: Dashaskew.JPG   1044x1158 389077 bytes 2000.07.09

Dash in comp colored goodiness. Not really askew, but.. I dunno. The words are \r\na verbal exchange between him and another character of mine, from way back when. Dash \r\nand image are copyrighted to me. That is all.\n

Image: faithbutt.JPG   1760x2492 737608 bytes 2000.07.09

Faith LesMercy--One of the few times one of the sisters is without the other two. \r\nI think I'm gonna draw a singular pic of each of them once, as a sort of ref for \r\ntelling the three of them apart. I think I drew her this way to show off the leather \r\npants... mmm...leather... o.o Bah, anyhow, character and image are copyrighted to me.\n

Image: LesMercy.jpg   948x916 531325 bytes 2000.07.07

Three bounty hunter characters of mine. Their names are (from left) Hope, Faith, \r\nand Soul LesMercy. I think it's sorta obvious that they're triplets.. and there's \r\nsomething eerie about them. Characters and image copyright me.\n

Image: Lupoleather.JPG   758x1347 270817 bytes 2000.07.07

What I did IMMEDIATLEY after getting p-shop--I took my time and traced it out and \r\ncolored and the whole nine yards with this. I hope this dispells the seemingly common \r\nmisconception that Lupo is grey, and not a darker blue. Also, a subtle little thing--\r\nI showed his eyes as what color they are--a deep, dark, almost undiscernable shade of \r\nmaroon. And I think I may've mentioned before how I have an animal attraction to guys \r\nwearing leather? ^^ Part of why I did this. Lupo and image copyright me. \n

Image: Aeoniasit.jpg   502x776 155079 bytes 2000.07.07

Well, I got a computer and a scanner, so my art'll go on thru summer. I also got \r\nmy own p-shop program, so I'm gonna use it to death, too. ^^ This is Aeonia, one of Weasel \r\nWoman's characters. I absolutely LOVE the design of the char and I just had to draw her for WW, and I hopes ya like it, Weasel! \r\nAeonia copyright Amethyst O'Brien, image copyright me. So THERE. Nyaa.\n

Image: Allgroupfinal.jpg   850x1095 606784 bytes 2000.06.07

I think this may be my last upload for a little while--I'm going somewhere for the \r\nsummer that doesn't have a scanner, so I don't think I'll be able to upload pics. \r\nIf I owe you a pic, don't worry, I'll get it done; I just dunno when you'll see it. \r\nIf I can get to a scanner, then I'll scan and upload and stuff, but for now, it's all \r\nup in the air. I hope y'all can understand. In the meantime, have a great summer, and \r\nI should be back (at the very latest) by September. Luck n love, ppl! ^.- Oh, and the \r\ncharacters and image are copyrighted to me. Don't take, copy, gank, rip, bite, etc.\r\nLaterZ!!\n

Image: Catlawexch.jpg   620x539 280675 bytes 2000.06.06

My half of a pic exchange with Catlaw. 0.@ I may've screwed up with how the char \r\nlooks, but otherwise, it looks nice! Hope ya like it, Catlaw! ^^ Catlaw (c) Forrest \r\nInness III, art (c) myself.\n

Image: Jayguitar.jpg   341x525 17587 bytes 2000.06.02

Jay and his guitar. Since I did this one in school, I couldn't use my guitar \r\nas a model for his, so it looks crappy. And why must I torture you poor souls with\r\n googood drawings on crap paper? Jay is (c) me.\n

Image: Pacafee.jpg   432x615 18790 bytes 2000.06.02

Pacafee Weasel...a pic I did today, just for the hell of it. It makes for a \r\ndecent ref pic. I like his shoes here. Pacafee is (c) me.\n

Image: mineJayKillall.jpg   758x617 99924 bytes 2000.06.02

Okay, I guess I revealed why these two are antagonistic towards each other a \r\ntad sooner than anticipated, but I couldn't seem to be able to draw anything \r\nelse last night. So, I did this. Heh, I didn't even think it would be anything \r\nuntil I finished it. I stayed up an extra hour to do that, too. No worries, \r\nI'm an insomniac, so it's cool. Another thing I'd figure they'd dislike each \r\nother about is the fact that Jay had hired Killall to assassinate Lupo, and Killall \r\ndidn't do it, per Amanda's request. Strange, she's supposed to hate him, yes? \r\nJay and Killall are (c) me.\n

Image: KBwall.jpg   674x803 80873 bytes 2000.06.01

Kilbourne up against a wall, holdin one of them thar Bounty rap sheets, or smthin.\r\n I dunno. I drew this last night. I just wanted to do a colored one of KB. \r\nThat's all. And I guess it makes for a semi-decent ref pic...or not. I don't \r\nknow. I'm too fucked up to think of anything at the moment. So I'll leave it\r\nat that, for now. KB and Sykes are (c) me. \n

Image: killallmoon.jpg   795x763 64852 bytes 2000.05.31

While we were taking some stupid test way back when, I drew this for lack of \r\nanything better to do while waiting for other ppl to finish with their tests. \r\nI drew it on notebook paper, for lack of something better to draw on, and I think\r\nI was depressed or smthin when I did it...I tend to draw nightime and the moon \r\nand other quiet, dark stuff when I am... or violent crap, whatever I want, I guess.\r\n And plus, I wanted to try a nifty sort of angle, maybe to semi-amplify Killall's\r\nlove of the moon and stars and stuff. Killall is (c) me.\n

Image: killalljay.gif   411x480 141717 bytes 2000.05.31

Killall Stone and Jay Suquel... they have smthin of a dislike for one\r\n another, for one reason or another.. that'll be revealed sometime down\r\n the line, if I so choose. And I probably will, too... Um, on notebook\r\n paper, drawn yesterday while loafing in an empty don't\r\n mind the lines. Oh, yeah, and Jay is wearin the "Fül 000" shirt that another one of my chars wears. I wonder why? Killall and Jay are (c) me.\n

Image: incubusayzewi.gif   602x504 276456 bytes 2000.05.31

My mood is greatly reflected in this pic. My mood sorta took a major downward\r\nspiral since Saturday, when I drew this. Just reading the Fucked-Up Wall will \r\ngive you a clear view into what I was thinking when I drew it. And I used poor\r\nabused Incubus as the physical subject...aaannd I gave you a small idea of why\r\nhe is what he is and why he does what he does. (hint: checka Ayzewi ;P) NE way,\r\nIncubus, Ayzewi, and the Fucked-Up Wall (c) me.\n

Image: SarrTides.jpg   741x961 145810 bytes 2000.05.31

Sort of a "spur of the moment" pic I drew.. I was beginning to think alla my\r\npics were sort of boring with little or no action to them. So, I tried this--\r\nkind of a battle between two short, stocky men with odd thoughts, and their\r\nmood being amplified by the NMIFB, and psychotic lil Ayzewi. I thought it was\r\nat least sort of funny... or not.. x.x Reisarr, Tides, Ayzewi, and the Neon\r\nMood Instigating Floaty Ball are (c) me. Mine. Whee..\n

Image: Lupobloodreign.gif   833x1058 274501 bytes 2000.05.24

I tried a lil expiriement with this. I did not work at all on this at home,\r\nor anything like that. What I did was, I wanted to see how long it'd take me\r\nto finish a very good looking drawing-in pencil-if I only worked on it in the \r\nthree-to-ten minutes I had before or after each class. Well, I started this\r\n'spiriement back in like, February or smthin, and I stopped working on it for\r\nabout five weeks. Anywho, it's done now, and just for kicks (and filler) I \r\nadded a nifty lil quote from Lupo in my comic that seemed to fit the mood and\r\nthe pun ^.- Looks good, I think.. drawn on a Strathmore with a mech pencil.\r\nLupo, quote, and Tides (far wall, brick, under the big ole splotch of blood-\r\nhe IS alive, amazingly) are (c) me.\n

Image: Projekt33.jpg   461x732 60040 bytes 2000.05.24

Amanda 33. Yepperz. She's (c) me. And only me. Praise originality. Woo.\n

Image: SykesSkeet1.jpg   834x799 163956 bytes 2000.05.24

Sykes and Skeet... it's sorta strange, how ya think that you're the best of \r\nfriends with someone and nothing can come between ya, and then, the ONE thing\r\nyou never expected to happen happens, and then, *poof*-- you become worst \r\nenemies with one another. That's sorta what happened with them... Sykes and \r\nSkeet are (c) me, lyrics (c) Our Lady Peace.\n

Image: camsmile.jpg   259x358 90247 bytes 2000.05.24

My first attempt at coloring a pic on the computer, here--and I'm proud of myself\r\nI didn't think I could do it all that well, I'm afraid... but actually, it looks\r\npretty darned good, in my humble opinion. Camille is (c) me.\n

Image: Sykessit.gif   426x488 120312 bytes 2000.05.23

Just a quick lil drawing of a concept for a future pic of Sykes I did this morning and spiffied up in pshop. Nuthin too spectacular. Sykes is (c) me.\n

Image: Shanebusted.jpg   719x779 80511 bytes 2000.05.22

A pic of Shane done up completely in colored pencils. As always, I didn't sketch in pencil first, but the unusual thing is, I didn't draw it out first at all. Just wanted to see if I could do it, is all. And lookit-I did. Shane is (c) me.\n

Image: BouniformBW.gif   310x423 115572 bytes 2000.05.22

Bo Raccoon, in the war uniform he wears in battles. I drew it this morning when I was supposed to be paying attention in American Cultures, on the back of a WW II worksheet (so don't mind the type). I thought it looked nice for a BW, so I scanned it and put it up. I think I'll do a colored one of him in it tonight. Bo (c) me.\n

Image: Raxplushz.gif   842x728 406150 bytes 2000.05.22

Rax with lil plushes. Two of which are Charisma and Tiche, the survivin' slaves, and the last is one of Amanda, with the Revenge Nail through her. >=D I didn't really feel like coloring it...Too much, and I was tired anyway. Rax, Charisma, Tiche, Amanda, and Lupo (he's on there--look for him! Ah! hey! First one to find him and tell me gets something special! How about that? <=D) are all (c) me.\r\n\n

Image: Starwhipped.jpg   482x853 70266 bytes 2000.05.22

Starbane in fishnet clothing.. I think it'd be interesting to wear smthin like that.. I drew this at around 4 am Sunday morning.. my arm was tired as hell, so the coloring isn't as good as I'd have liked it to be.\r\nUh... I have a whip...\r\nDo you have a Happy Fun Ball? ;P\r\nStarbane (c) me. Just for future reference.\n

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