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Image: wicked_one.JPG   390x508 54618 bytes 2003.01.10

Evil Katreda for Jocelyn Dunn, an outstanding artist.. I'd have colored this, if I knew what EK's colors were.. o_O;;

Image: winding_down.JPG   500x478 54945 bytes 2003.02.06

Deville, getting set to unwind after a long day...\r\nI think I'll do the same.

Image: wrong.jpg   400x451 89714 bytes 2001.02.20

Amanda thinks she's killing Annius.. but oh, oh my my my, she's wrong, she's wrong...

Image: xmasace.jpg   580x526 241692 bytes 2001.02.20

Christmas pic done way back .. on.. Christmas. Yes. o_o;

Image: you_liar.JPG   340x346 33844 bytes 2001.06.01

Well, to be precise, tomorrow. But hey, who's counting? *snort* ...

Image: you_listen_to_ME.JPG   700x401 82895 bytes 2002.07.31

She's lecturing someone whom she still believes is her puppet.. There just may be other agendas on Incubus's mind right now, though..

Image: younguns.jpg   540x443 109111 bytes 2001.05.09

An inseperable group when they were younger, they were. But was Kat, Bo, Kittie, Davis, and Amanda aware of just how fucked up their lives would become? Were any of us when we were kids? Either way, just because the shit hit the fan, that doesn't mean that they'll desert each other. Because they're friends, and that's what they're for: one another.

Image: zenith.jpg   597x715 192422 bytes 2000.11.17

Slightly older pic.. drawn based on a dream n what I would rather the reality be. The lyrics just fit sweetly.. and I don't feel like going into further detail about it. Lyrics Our Lady Peace, bg Getty images, Amanda n drawing thing to me. And I must thank all you sweet lovely people who have shown me support and brought me up and all that for the past few months, namely, Verm, Soanic, Grey Magic, Herve Simard, Skidderz, Angiez, Marumaru, Jessi Pysz, the wonderful folks that did pics for me (I love you, really I do ^_^) an so so so many more.. it's helped me out tremendously.. i just feel god awful about email troubles.. and sorry for being a burden on any of you, or appearing rude... or bitchy.. or whatever.. flame me fer puttin this up here, go ahead. I deserve as much. \n

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