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Image: RoachAro2.gif   430x168 5468 bytes 2003.11.07

Two of my rat chars. Addicted Rat [Aro is her nickname] is a female orange-hooded grey rat, and is meant to represent me on some level, hence the hair. That's a toilet-paper tube holding her ponytail up, by the way. Roach is a tan-hooded rat. The two are lovers.

Image: AssEnd.gif   218x254 3769 bytes 2003.11.07

The ass-end of Youngblood's mate. She hasn't got a name yet. Instead of arm and tail-tip hair, my Karma Dragons will keep their head fur, and have a strip of hair from their lower back, usually extending to the tip of their tails. This is their new look, but it hasn't been like this very long, and some art I upload in the near future may still be the old look.

Image: RhinoRaptorProfile.gif   320x200 4103 bytes 2002.05.25

New piccie of Rhino Raptor. Tried hard to shade it nicely...I like pretty much everything but the horn. And it's not that bad, I guess. Meh.

Image: horsechar.gif   220x189 2892 bytes 2002.05.25

This is my horse character...I'm not sure of his name yet, but I'm leaning towards Eafrio. Besides that bit of cream on his face, his right front leg is that color until about halfway up. I just wanted to get this up before a flood of horse chars comes due to Spirit. :)

Image: ArseColor.gif   468x557 11627 bytes 2002.05.25

This is Arse. I created him on April 9, 2001. He was born because people at school had taken to calling me Eeyore, and it was pissing me off. So I gave them an Ass that could kick theirs. He's softened up since then, good ol' boy. I am Arse on Furry MUCK...if you can catch me on there, that is. I really like the way this pic turned out. :)

Image: moot_point.gif   318x358 4718 bytes 2001.12.01

Heh, this is my first color upload in a while. It's Moot Point, my black raptor...this pics alright, it's just a little old. I'm practicing coloring on the comp...getting a little better each time...I guess. meh.

Image: photogram.gif   480x401 170326 bytes 2001.06.12

This is a photogram I did in Photography class a while ago. (c) to me.

Image: rhino_raptor_sig.gif   270x118 3084 bytes 2001.06.03

Here is a new creature. He is a cross between a rhino and a velociraptor. This is also my sig at a JP3 message board. RhinoRaptor (c) AMR 6/2/01

Image: Tweakfourtwenty.gif   624x449 8974 bytes 2001.04.20

Here is Tweak again, he's all into his favorite "holiday". His hair is right this time, I wuv my Tweak, though I inadvertently stole my friends nicname. Sorry Brian. Anyways, Tweak and Karma dragons are me. Enjoy 4/20/01. Peace out!

Image: lennytheschoolnurse.gif   268x250 2911 bytes 2001.01.25

It is also National School Nurses I proudly introduce to you, Lenny, the\r\nschool nurse. His eye looks funny 'cause he's blind in it, I really can't explain\r\nwhat happend to it, because I didn't write his story yet. Lenny: The School Nurse\r\nis (c) to me and D.R.E. ^_^

Image: happynewyear.gif   360x384 5829 bytes 2001.01.25

Besides being my birthday today, it is the Chinese New Year. So happy year of the snake to everyone, the one in the picture looks like he can't breathe. Poor guy ...-_-' Karma and snakey dude (c) to\r\n me.

Image: happybirthdaytome.gif   351x489 7474 bytes 2001.01.25

It's my birthday today...although few of my family and friends remembered \r\n::::sighs:::: I suppose that accounts for the look on my face. Karma(c)me.

Image: holiday_tweak.gif   188x297 3696 bytes 2000.12.24

Here is Tweak, with his hair dyed for Christmas!(usually it's blue and orange)\r\nThis crazy guy is (c) me. Happy Holidays everyone!! ^_^\n

Image: what_the_hell.gif   446x411 6633 bytes 2000.11.25

Funny story friend ( who has yet to find out I turned him into a furry dragon...) passed out at a party...and he woke up with no eyebrows and his ass shaved...hehehe... I feel so bad for him. Anyways, kyootie Jyou dragon with a shaved ass-end (c) to me ^_^

Image: denushead.gif   733x451 7147 bytes 2000.11.21

This is just a piccie of Denu's head. I tend to do head shots like this a lot when I draw on the 'puter, not quite sure why. As always, Denu and Karma Dragons to me.

Image: youngdenu.gif   733x451 5861 bytes 2000.11.21

This pic sux...but it's kind of cute in its own way. It's a younger Denu...I'm guessin' aroung 11 or 12, he looks so innocent...anyways Young Denu and Karma Dragons are me.

Image: denucharsheet.gif   733x451 7374 bytes 2000.11.21

A character sheet of sorts of one of my dragons, Denu...he is based roughly on this guy I know...but he doesn't know that.^_^ Denu and Karma Dragons to me.

Image: bluedraggie.gif   733x451 7757 bytes 2000.11.21

Just a random blue draggie with an orange mohawk and purple eyes Kyoot dragon and Karma Dragons to me.

Image: kingphilipalexander.gif   733x451 11748 bytes 2000.10.18

Here is King Philip and his son, Alexander. Karma Dragons to me.\r\n

Image: karmapose.gif   450x496 8298 bytes 2000.10.18

Here I am....I am no good at drawing on the computer...hopefully I'll have my \r\nscanner soon....^_^'\n

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