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Image: jsuper.JPG   349x748 48080 bytes 2000.07.12

My second picture of Prowess, the superheroine. She's kind of hanging in midair, while her cape swirls around her head. Maybe she's staring into the sun. Prowess (c) me.\n

Image: jtate.JPG   476x470 75943 bytes 2000.07.12

I WISH I colored this! Actually, my friend Myst did, since it's her character adn all. Plus, I could never work a program like that. My brain would implode or something. Tate Wurfel (c) Myst, from my forum The 13th Gate. Forum (c) me.\n

Image: jupupand.JPG   603x607 92016 bytes 2000.07.12

My superheroine character, the skunk/wolf Prowess. She doesn't really enjoy her job (little pay, long hours, and stupid costume), but you gotta do what you're born for. *sigh* Prowess (c) me.\n

Image: kalbiedrunk.JPG   457x691 62997 bytes 2000.08.06

Albie Seenyu, the drunken Siamese cat. She's skinny, she's a pickpocket, she's a runaway, and she's only sixteen. That's what I want to be when I grow up! Albie (c) me.\n

Image: kcassie.JPG   517x814 76781 bytes 2000.08.06

Please don't let me get in trouble for this. My version of Cassie the rocker vixen, since I've seen so many cool pictures of her. She's (c) EARL BACON, not me. \n

Image: kcatsone.JPG   339x433 65172 bytes 2000.08.06

My character from the CATS part of my forum. Her name is Zenobia. She's a yellow tabby. Isn't she cheerful? Zenobia (c) me.\n

Image: kdamnfloor.JPG   763x443 56084 bytes 2000.08.06

Sheena has tripped. Her reaction? "Son of a...who put this FLOOR here?!" Based on a true incident. Sheena (c) me.\n

Image: kgaydingo.JPG   379x671 58491 bytes 2000.08.06

Brian's boyfriend, the flirty Jordenne Perry. He's a dingo. Jordenne (c) me.\n

Image: khermcoyo.JPG   526x649 76496 bytes 2000.08.06

Caramella Lutransa, the hermaphrodite coyote. Cara, for short. Um, influenced by people more mind-strange than I am. Cara (c) me.\n

Image: klowomoon.JPG   478x460 64215 bytes 2000.08.06

A young female werewolf named Low Orange Moon. She's named this because I looked out the window one night and said, "Huh. A low, orange moon.....Eureka!"\r\nLow Orange Moon (c) me.\n

Image: kmacklin.JPG   502x685 65409 bytes 2000.08.06

My very first picture of Macklin the raccoon. Her real name is Lynette can see why she decided to use a nickname. She's my official anti-violence character. She doesn't even curse, as you can see. Macklin (c) me.\n

Image: kpriest.JPG   716x587 76123 bytes 2000.08.06

An older pic, inspired by a computer-animated bloody knife. The title of the book he's holding is TRUTH. Dying priest (c) me.\n

Image: kpunchline.JPG   862x605 39608 bytes 2000.08.06

Two characters from Myst and Elvis's comic strip, The Punchline. Jimmy the rat, walking naked down the hallway, meets Aimee the fox in mid-air. I think you can understand why they're thinking what they are. :) Both characters (c) Myst and Elvis, but Aimee is also sort of (c) me.\n

Image: kpunkyena.JPG   451x664 62264 bytes 2000.08.06

My hyena char, Brunnea. She's from a couple different forums. I like how she came out, even though this was just a model sketch to show the markings. Brunnea (c) me.\n

Image: ktrain.JPG   751x563 87867 bytes 2000.08.06

Morba (right) and her friend Shayn, sitting and waiting for a train. (Shrugs) Shayn smokes a lot, like Sheena. He's also a pothead. *Ahem* Shayn and Morba (c) me.\n

Image: lsd.jpg   362x552 43185 bytes 2001.02.21

At last, a picture of one of the members of my furry band, Incoherent Species. This would be the drummer, a rather disturbed female maned wolf named Lorri Seraphi Danyals, or LSD for short. Here, she shows off one of her *less* abnormal outfits, along with her blade-stuck-in-a-board, affectionately named "Nose-hair Trimmer". Lorri and Incoherent Species (c) to me.

Image: me.jpg   356x540 44630 bytes 2000.03.21

Actually, it ISN'T me. :) It's my friend Leslie, AKA Myst. A furry picture of her as her favorite animal, a wolf. She's holding one of her drawings. Leslie (c) herself, image (c) me.\n

Image: qbrushread.JPG   445x806 58778 bytes 2000.08.12

The sad young dog, Brush Danter. I love his name. He's got a little wolf and red fox in him, which explains his tail. Brush Danter (c) me.\n

Image: qcheeger.JPG   451x703 55212 bytes 2000.08.12

A cheetah/gerbil mix named Cecile. She's, um, (c) me, I guess. Was trying to draw a mix of something, and this is what came out. (Shrugs)\n

Image: qgraffiti.JPG   517x539 77312 bytes 2000.08.12

Tillie-Long, my other Jellicle cat character from the CATS part of my forum. Here, she uses her tail to paint a masterpiece on the wall. Won't everyone be pleased when they see it? Tillie-Long (c) me.\n

Image: qherodayoff.JPG   700x602 80268 bytes 2000.08.12

What do superheroes do on their days off? Prowess thinks of things she'd rather do than save the world. She's (c) me.\n

Image: qsessanthro.JPG   400x761 53434 bytes 2000.08.12

Exactly like the file name says. Sessa (c) me.\n

Image: smp4.jpg   487x712 34743 bytes 2000.03.21

Shzrina Vertgarden, my Parisian werewolf character. The thing she's holding is a ribbon. Her hair is black, but her bangs are red and blond. Neat, huh? Shzrina (c) me.\n

Image: spear.JPG   478x700 65441 bytes 2001.04.25

Image: taur.JPG   546x462 65014 bytes 2001.04.25

Image: VUTHU.jpg   434x600 69844 bytes 2001.02.03

And here at last is another drawing. Actually many months old, but I have been scannerless for a while, and had to mail it to my friend and ask her to scan it. Sad, huh? Anyway, this is Tracher Vuthu, the goth drone. I know she doesn't LOOK very gothy, but she is. She's (c) to me.

Image: xaq.gif   323x559 40104 bytes 2000.07.08

A colored picture of my Russian wolf char, Lupara Anya Vrodolak Noviskaya. No, I dont' think it means anything, since I made it up. :) She's about to start a dance routine (she's a ballerina). Lupara (c) ME!\n

Image: xb.gif   847x630 106996 bytes 2000.07.08

A drawing I did for a placemat for my brother's boy scout meeting. His group was doing prehistoric themed stuff. So I drew a left-handed anthro saber-toothed cave artist. I know the perspective is off, but he still looks neat. (C) me.\n

Image: xbgfd.gif   438x632 57071 bytes 2000.07.08

I cartoonized Kali Arulani, and pretended she was visiting the Class Menagerie. It's my favorite comic strip. Kali (c) me, Class Menagerie (c) Vince Suzukawa.\n

Image: xbgts.gif   231x536 28701 bytes 2000.07.08

Luke McCain, a 16-year-old anthro wolf guy. Um, that's about it. Luke McCain (c) me.\n

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