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Image: xd.gif   363x529 48070 bytes 2000.07.08

Paradox, the panda-fox. He's, um...skiing. On invisible skiis. Paradox (c) me.\n

Image: xdgtyi.gif   269x587 35634 bytes 2000.06.22

A Greaser-dog named Dirk. I was bored. Dirk (c) me.\n

Image: xdi.gif   539x567 60715 bytes 2000.06.22

Oh God, looooong story. I had this idea where, some time in the future, Sessa and her friends are dead--all but Sheena. She felt their deaths were her fault, so she fled to Paris and changed her looks (hence the wig, tinted contacts, and dress). Here she's visiting the grave of Kali, who's closer to her than the others. All chars + dumb story idea (c) me.\n

Image: xdrvt.gif   342x699 24833 bytes 2000.06.22

This is Marietta Perrita Ochenta, the girlfriend of Ocho the octopus. She's a flamenco dancer. One of my nicer drawings. Marietta and Ocho (c) me.\n

Image: xe.gif   261x461 33294 bytes 2000.06.22

Morba Macabre, my suicidally-depressed dog anthro char. She's (c) me. NO STEALING.\n

Image: xebns.gif   485x485 51593 bytes 2000.06.22

Shut up, you perverts. This is my jackal gargoyle char, Pheer (pronounced 'fear'). Gargoyles don't HAVE to wear lots of clothing. :) Pheer (c) me.\n

Image: xfre.gif   342x567 33011 bytes 2000.06.22

A cartoonified Sheena Blackjack visits the Class Menagerie comic strip. Class Menagerie (c) Vince Suzukawa, Sheena (c) me.\n

Image: xgft.gif   318x529 22682 bytes 2000.06.22

Kali the dhole in a bikini. Stop staring, you bunch of freaks! Kali (c) me. \n

Image: xhg.gif   366x626 48842 bytes 2000.06.22

More random heads. A dragon, a horse, my werewolf char Shzrina, and my Egyptian lioness char Rakel-Sekhmet. Heads and chars (c) me.\n

Image: xhju.gif   339x458 36813 bytes 2000.06.22

My friend's char, Autumn Foxfire, from my forum, The 13th Gate. Join it! Autumn Foxfire (c) Erin, 13th Gate (c) me.\n

Image: xi.gif   531x803 120312 bytes 2000.06.22

One of my first anthros, a 16-year old wolf. Jalissa (c) me.\n

Image: xlut.gif   607x727 39690 bytes 2000.06.22

Fan art for Greg Luterman's novella, Ley Lines. Ley Lines and chars (c) Greg Luterman, art (c) me.\n

Image: xm.gif   267x441 29427 bytes 2000.06.22

Myst's character, Antiwolf, in an evening gown and tiara. Isn't she pretty? Antiwolf (c) Myst, art (c) me.\n

Image: xmhd.gif   391x531 50174 bytes 2000.06.22

Spyder, the devil wolf. She has evil powers. :) These are her original markings. Spyder (c) me.\n

Image: xnmhfg.gif   305x601 43761 bytes 2000.06.22

I was inspired by Ashryn's art, so I did my best to try and draw like her. Don't hurt me! She's a wolf named Talka (rhymes with 'polka'). Talka (c) me.\n

Image: xrr.gif   457x687 67639 bytes 2000.06.22

Sheena Blackjack as a Road Rover with crappy hair. Road Rovers (c) WB, Sheena (c) me.\n

Image: xsedft.gif   270x396 38581 bytes 2000.06.22

Ivory Thyme Wicce, my witch char. She isn't supposed to have hair, but I drew her neck too skinny. I had to cover it up. Ivory (c) me.\n

Image: yh.gif   286x580 14926 bytes 2000.06.22

Don't think sick thoughts. Myst eating a chocolate bar. Myst (c) herself, drawing (c) me.\n

Image: xse.gif   459x240 24893 bytes 2000.06.17

This is my anthro dingo char, The Melbourne Rose. She's a lounge singer. Kali Arulani used to work with her. The Melbourne Rose (c) me.\n

Image: xsess.gif   265x583 38892 bytes 2000.06.17

My first drawing of Sessa as an anthro. I know her head's too big. This is a good reference pic for her markings and outfit, though. Sessa (c) me!\n

Image: xspy.gif   829x623 65816 bytes 2000.06.17

The werewolf hiding by the tree is my character from my forum, Silv Darrk. This is during the war, and she's spying on some witches. See the guard with the long scythe? (shudders) The knife Silv's holding is only for self-defense.\r\nSilv Darrk and the Thirteenth Gate forum (c) me.\n

Image: xsvfgt.gif   223x625 31897 bytes 2000.06.17

Another pic of anthro Sessa. I don't like this one very much, but it shows the markings well. Sessa (c) me, of course.\n

Image: xv.gif   248x356 21563 bytes 2000.06.16

Two little heads; this time of Nebula Flare and Grimkiss, two wolves. Nebula and Grimkiss both (c) me.\n

Image: xvb.gif   202x270 5943 bytes 2000.06.16

Two more random heads. The one on the top is by my friend Christina (the same one I drew as a lizard). The one on the bottom is by me. It's one of my better heads, I think. I liked 'em both, so I figured I'd share them with everyone. Head #1 (c) Christina F., Head #2 (c) me.\n

Image: xvbfs.gif   510x499 54201 bytes 2000.06.16

Another drawing that needs explaining. Ok, the mouse is Mortimer. See his Mickey Mouse shoes? The tiny squirrel is his friend Rel, and she's angry because he's taller than she is. The fish is named Dan, and it's retarded, which is why it's swimming upside-down. This group of misfits (c) me also.\n

Image: xvbmn.gif   368x448 35897 bytes 2000.06.16

My Russian ballet-dancing wolf, Lupara Anya. She's waiting for a train. *shrugs* Lupara (c) me.\n

Image: xvbn.gif   498x480 52524 bytes 2000.06.16

My jackal gargoyle char, Pheer (pronounced 'fear'). She's (c) me.\n

Image: zzzz.gif   412x463 42976 bytes 2000.06.08

Inspired by the Broadway art of Heather Riesen (did I spell it right?) AKA Auryanne/Shenandoah. This is a Japanese Spitz as the main character from the play Madame Butterfly. Go see it. It's sad. Madame Butterfly (c) ummm....whoever first wrote it, I guess. Image (c) me.\n

Image: zzx.gif   259x581 34689 bytes 2000.06.08

My first pic of female anthro Sheena. Doesn't she seem like a nice, friendly person? Sheena (c) me, like I already said. Don't even TRY and steal it.\n

Image: zzs.gif   605x764 63343 bytes 2000.06.08

Oh God, my one revolting attempt at a furry comic. It's called "Treat Your Friends Like Your Enemies". The characters shown are Lucana and Dougie. Inspired by the wonderful strip, The Class Menagerie. TCM (c) Vince Suzukawa. Chars and comic TYFLYE (c) me.\n

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