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Image: zza.gif   767x537 84780 bytes 2000.06.08

My first pic of Sessa as an anthro. She's a hippie, along with a couple others. Sessa can't stand violence. :) Sessa and peaceful hippies (c) me.\n

Image: zz.gif   561x772 110462 bytes 2000.06.08

Morba, after cutting herself up a bit. Told you she's depressed. Morba Macabre (c) me.\n

Image: zxcv.gif   403x512 46569 bytes 2000.06.08

Another friend of mine, Subina, as a raven. I CANNOT draw birds! Oh well. Subina (c) her twisted self; ugly pic (c) me.\n

Image: zv.gif   347x451 40247 bytes 2000.06.08

Morba in her black cloak. I didn't color it because then you couldn't see the subtle wrinkling. :) Excerpt from poem by Edgar Allan Poe (c) Mr. Poe. Morba (c) me. Trust me, you don't want her. She's a major pain in the @$$.\n

Image: zss.gif   397x612 49311 bytes 2000.06.08

I think the title explains it all. :) Poor Sessa (c) me, of course.\n

Image: zsa.gif   374x545 46665 bytes 2000.06.08

Morba in an Elvira-type dress, fuming at the world in general. Morba and anger (c) me.\n

Image: zf.gif   328x564 37885 bytes 2000.06.08

Sheena as a male, AKA Blackjack. In his/her favorite outfit--camouflage pants, tank top and cigarette. :) Sheena (c) me.\n

Image: zdr.gif   481x568 62508 bytes 2000.06.08

Morba as an angel. I made up the quote. Morba (c) me.\n

Image: zc.gif   193x528 37196 bytes 2000.06.08

My friend Erin as an otter in a bathing suit. Isn't she cute? Erin (c) herself, image (c) me.\n

Image: zaz.gif   547x789 86461 bytes 2000.06.08

A cat-shifter woman slashes the page. (C) me.\n

Image: zasx.gif   280x564 35261 bytes 2000.06.08

Ok, see the name? Amarilla Lia Sophia Bernado Petra. It's the name I made up for myself in Spanish class. Seriously! I would say it really fast just to confuse people. It was fun. :) Roughly translated, Amarilla would mean "yellow girl." So I figured a giraffe would be best. No, she has no spots. I didn't feel like drawing them. Amarilla (c) me, mi, moi.\n

Image: zasa.gif   508x405 44513 bytes 2000.06.08

My first drawing of my character, Morba Macabre. Like the poem? Morba the suicidally depressed dog (c) me.\n

Image: zas.gif   336x509 52330 bytes 2000.06.08

An armless, legless profile of my character, Nebula Flare. I like her hair, but her outfit was hard to draw. Nebula (c) me.\n

Image: zaa.gif   267x485 30346 bytes 2000.06.08

A friend of mine, Cynthia, drawn as her favorite animal, a turtle. Not very good; I need practice with reptiles. Cynthia (c) herself, image (c) me, turtles (c) God.\n

Image: za.gif   405x540 47049 bytes 2000.06.08

My attempt at a blond BBV. Her name's Fulva. She's (c) me, but not a permanent character or anything.\n

Image: hztse.jpg   485x355 27424 bytes 2000.03.21

Myst's character, Huston the wolfdog. (He thinks he's a super hero.) Myst also colored it for me, since I'm very ignorant when it comes to computers. :) Huston (c) Myst.\n

Image: me.jpg   356x540 44630 bytes 2000.03.21

Actually, it ISN'T me. :) It's my friend Leslie, AKA Myst. A furry picture of her as her favorite animal, a wolf. She's holding one of her drawings. Leslie (c) herself, image (c) me.\n

Image: smp4.jpg   487x712 34743 bytes 2000.03.21

Shzrina Vertgarden, my Parisian werewolf character. The thing she's holding is a ribbon. Her hair is black, but her bangs are red and blond. Neat, huh? Shzrina (c) me.\n

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