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Image: brawen_wings.jpg   327x500 38773 bytes 2004.05.23

Brawen again ^.^ I thought I should try and produce as many pics as possible for Brawen to choose from.\r\nArtwork Amy Evans 2004\r\nBrawen her respective owner 2004

Image: brawen_kneeling.jpg   457x411 41847 bytes 2004.05.23

A sketch of a request made my Brawen. I've tried to follow the desc as much as possible, and because of the pose, some elements may be missing ^.^'\r\nArtwork Amy Evans 2004\r\nBrawen her respective owner 2004

Image: mohini-scar.jpg   170x495 22786 bytes 2004.05.02

This is just a quick sketch of a friend's mouse character, and shows her scar. I left off the hair to show the scar better o.O;\r\n\r\nMohini Dparrot 2004\r\nArtwork Amy Evans 2004

Image: al-sketch5.jpg   400x368 14585 bytes 2004.04.14

The last one for the time being ^^

Image: al-sketch4.jpg   320x448 20421 bytes 2004.04.14

And another!

Image: al-sketch3.jpg   448x320 29156 bytes 2004.04.14

Yet another pose sketch.

Image: al-sketch2.jpg   320x448 26995 bytes 2004.04.14

Another pose sketch.

Image: al-sketch1.jpg   448x320 30554 bytes 2004.04.14

The first of a few random sketches for the pose for a commission

Image: ella-trousers.jpg   208x528 21936 bytes 2004.02.25

The original picture, from which the skirt pictures sprouted ^^\r\n\r\ncharacter Ella Green 2004

Image: ella-shortskirt.jpg   208x528 16836 bytes 2004.02.25

Second Ella pic. These are being posted here for approval before inking them ^^\r\n\r\ncharacter Ella Green 2004

Image: ella-longskirt.jpg   208x528 17832 bytes 2004.02.25

One of three pics requested by Ella Green. I'm doing them for free but they seem to have taken me ages to get them scanned. I kepp forgetting o.O'\r\n\r\ncharacter Ella Green 2004

Image: foxy5-v2.jpg   624x400 45910 bytes 2004.02.25

Okies, this is version 2 of my commission concept. I need to make sure EVERYTHING is perfect for Foxy ^^ Okies, hopefully, you can just make out the 'harem pants' and the tank top. If this is what you want, I'll ink it and digitise it!\r\n

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