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Image: enderknight.jpg   500x704 138843 bytes 2005.07.01

I don't really have a catchy title for this one... it's an theme I've been wanting to put to pencil for a while, and finally sat down and did it. Ender, my MD:TAS fan character, has over the years developed a sort of knightly aura about him. This was purely unintentional on my part, it's something that sort of evolved as the character did. First to Shine, his first, ill-fated love, then later to Leila deSilver, and her family line, because of what they come to represent to him. \r\nThe red cloth is reminiscent of the bandanna in his usual style of garb - it once belonged to Shine, and he kept it as a reminder of his greatest failure and loss. The real tragedy, of course, is his own refusal to forgive himself for her death. \r\nCharacter Amy Steele, 1998 - 2005\r\nArt Amy Steele, 2005

Image: coldcrow.jpg   500x465 154643 bytes 2004.11.13

This pretty much sums up me at the moment... I've been in Phoenix four years and counting, and the slightest drop in temperature freezes me right to the core. Let's hear it for thin-blooded birdbrains!\r\n\r\nCrow and Garrett Amy Steele, 2004.

Image: barleans.jpg   450x509 91360 bytes 2004.09.03

Never did get around to shading this... I'll have to rescan it, unfortunately. Lost the .psd. \r\n\r\nEnder McMallard, looking mildly sloshed. I love my ducks. X3 Ender is Amy Steele.

Image: tengu.jpg   350x450 138382 bytes 2004.09.03

No cats were harmed in the making of this oekaki. Just pixels, and they don't deserve pity. Hah. Drew this on Negakii Pro, which is currently down for the count while the server is being restored. Hungry Tengu is copyright Amy Steele. And the cat's copyright the tengu, I guess.. cuz he ate it.

Image: catenabandb.jpg   475x572 191815 bytes 2004.08.16

Fanart for Tracy Pierce... Catena Manor kicks rear. ^.^ Copyrights are on the picture.

Image: buucho.jpg   450x523 85092 bytes 2004.07.09

This is a re-upload for a previous image. I softened the lines a bit... Definitely like that look better. His lil lub handles are so cute. X3 Buucho, in his anthro-form, is Amy Steele, 2004. Buu is my 4 year old Australian Shepard dog, IRL, furry-ized here for the hell of it.

Image: luckyhead.jpg   300x352 58120 bytes 2004.07.09

My other living dog, Lucky... newest addition to the family. He has the neatest markings... Lucky, in his furry form, is Amy Steele.

Image: chillin.jpg   600x595 203303 bytes 2004.07.03

Based on an AU version of the BotB, though it's not that important for this pic - Ender's seriously out of character for the normal universe setting, though. For one, he doesn't play guitar, and two, he's far too modest to be so underclad in front of Ranger. AU Ender is another story entirely.... I like the beanbags, they look so squishy and comfortable. Ender Amy Steele, Ranger Vicki Eden.

Image: daceyredvio.jpg   230x716 96023 bytes 2004.07.01

Dacey Raven, of the mighty duck fandom... Amy Steele and Tania Walker. I love how her outfit came out. She was a joint effort character, for Vicki Eden's League guild.

Image: endycolsmple.jpg   450x652 120667 bytes 2004.07.01

Ender McMallard, my mighty ducks fan character... celshaded for your viewing pleasure. ^_^ He's to Amy Steele, 1998-2004.

Image: enochcolor.jpg   235x350 15885 bytes 2000.03.03

This is one of my oldest images still on the net, aside from what's in Side7. I'll probably be going through that soon as well. I left it up because it's one of the few that I still really like. ^_^ Cute lil guy, isn't he?

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