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Image: nobody_home.gif   604x882 80889 bytes 2002.10.30

I prefer denial myself.\r\n\r\nThis time I think I will vomit. Once the denial wears off, that is.\r\n\r\n 2002 to the Underpants Gnomes. That's right, I've sold the rights to this pic to the Underpants Gnomes.

Image: neon_pink_bitch_slap.jpg   413x638 124742 bytes 2002.10.12

Put those pink Prismacolors to good use! Inspired by something Sr. 2 once ranted.\r\n\r\nAnd that's a male, BTW. :P

Image: SpazoNuevo.gif   361x562 37222 bytes 2002.10.03

This is how Spazfox likes to dress on Furry MUCK now, minus his trench coat. He stole those boots from Nny.

Image: Astronomy_Domine.jpg   800x600 153519 bytes 2002.09.20

I must have listened to Piper at the Gates of Dawn several dozen times in the year I've owned it. This pic was inspired by the songs Astronomy Domine and Interstellar Overdrive. Here's Spazzy cruising through space in his bitchin' starship. And the pic's in letterbox format, no less! Stick it on your desktop, I dare ya.\r\n\r\nLong live Pink Floyd! :D

Image: spunkyskunky.jpg   782x1074 154039 bytes 2002.09.15

A little birthday present for Tremaine that I whipped out in record time. Issa Cassie!\r\n\r\nNOTE: At first I didn't want to upload this. I happened to be cruising around the VCL and saw two other pics that are really really similar to this. Then I thought, F*** it. I'm not responsible for a coincidence. Enjoy!

Image: make_it_all_stop.gif   341x611 85690 bytes 2002.09.08

I feel like I'm gonna vomit.\r\n\r\nYou know, there are times when I don't give a fuck about putting a copyright notice on my shit-miserable scribblings.\r\n\r\nGoodnight, and my Bob watch over you all.

Image: Lovin.jpg   812x550 244489 bytes 2002.08.31

I hate this picture, but people seem to actually enjoy looking at it. Go figure. I'm a much better artist now, honest.\r\n\r\nSpazfox and Vix Andy Sikora

Image: STHM.jpg   1024x768 172993 bytes 2002.07.17

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Having said that, here's Spazzy the Homicidal Maniac. Touched it up a mite. I like it better now. Spazfox Andy Sikora.

Image: CasTre.jpg   576x756 197473 bytes 2002.07.05

A loverly bit of prOn with Cassie and Tremmie. They so cute! Cassie Andy Sikora, Tremmie her player.

Image: vixlet.gif   389x615 90766 bytes 2002.04.22

Another pic of Ladie Foxie. Woohoo! Are we noticing a pattern yet, people? Ladie Foxie her player.

Image: HistoryEraser.gif   874x714 66037 bytes 2002.04.02

Woohoo! Stephanie Krus did the most awesomest pic of me and Angela, so this is my half of da trade. Here we see my lame attempt to emulate her style. Go look at her art right now! And no, that isnt Principal Skinner in the background. TabbieWolf Stephanie Krus, Mr. Spock Paramount, idea of the History Eraser Button Spumco, I guess.

Image: tempo.jpg   788x600 214544 bytes 2002.04.02

This has to be the nastiest thing I've ever done. Does it perhaps mean a shift in my artwork toward more messy adult pieces? Don't hold your breath. Poorly done background inspired by Doug Winger. And the first joker who says I'm comparing myself to D.W. can kindly jump up my butt. Ladie Foxie her player.

Image: Valentine.jpg   582x612 99456 bytes 2002.02.14

My little Valentine's Day gift to Ladie Foxie, and to you all! Well...mostly to Ladie Foxie. ;) Ladie Foxie her player.

Image: Kage.gif   327x539 17577 bytes 2002.01.29

Image: nuzzle.gif   387x608 22755 bytes 2002.01.29

Understatement of the cantury: It sucks being far away from the person you love. Ladie Foxie her player, Spazfox Andy Sikora.

Image: nerves.gif   395x621 30920 bytes 2002.01.29

I wonder what's making Spazzy so nervous. Care to guess? Spazfox Andy Sikora.

Image: Snerd.gif   388x620 42517 bytes 2002.01.29

Lord Snerd, my RPG character...if I ever get into RPGs, that is. I tried to play one at Fur Con, but I nearly went mad trying to follow it. Ah well. This fellah is kind of a parody, me. Lord Snerd Andy Sikora.

Image: CLadieFoxie.jpg   638x819 75543 bytes 2001.12.17

I told you I was gonna color it! And nay sayers be damned! I'm gonna try and sell this on FURBID! So THERE! I can't wait to see those few bucks just ROLLIN' in! Hoo yeah!\r\n\r\nArt Andy Sikora. Remember...stealing is for dickweeds.

Image: LadieFoxie.jpg   400x604 82876 bytes 2001.11.20

Little request I whipped up for LadieFoxie. I love Photoshop. Colored pencil version coming soon. :) LadieFoxie her player.

Image: Smudge.gif   617x370 42155 bytes 2001.11.12

An extreme close-up of a gal I like to call Smudge the sketch vixen. \r\n

Image: Sandy_V01.gif   290x549 29209 bytes 2001.09.14

Here's everybody's favorite vixen (She is too. I checked.) kneeling on an office chair. Don't ask me why. This is just how it turned out. Sandy_Vixen her player.

Image: sandy_vixen.jpg   371x531 24535 bytes 2001.09.14

Now here's one I /really/ didn't want to upload. It's a down right copy of work by another artist! Tremaine to be specific. He's on this thang. Look 'im up. Hey, I got permission. This be Sandy_Vixen, that yiffy lady from FurryMUCK. Ah luv yew Sandy. *smoochy noises* Sandy_Vixen her player.

Image: andymug.gif   473x607 31287 bytes 2001.09.14

I was asked to do a quick sketch of my main character Andy Spazfox. Here he is mugging for the viewers! He's wearing a shirt featuring a certain stick vixen. I'm sure her owner won't mind if I use her image here! :) Andy Spazfox Andy Sikora

Image: Waiting.jpg   604x346 36162 bytes 2001.06.14

Sititng in a bunker here behind my wall\r\nWaiting for the worms to come\r\nIn perfect isolation here behind my wall\r\nWaiting for the worms to come\r\nMan, do I get in weird moods when I listen to Pink Floyd. =@.o=

Image: agogo.jpg   480x684 57075 bytes 2001.06.14

The first page in my new sketchbook. Hell of an intro page, ne? Ok, so I doctored it up a bit to look cooler.

Image: Neo-Tremaine.jpg   398x625 41711 bytes 2001.01.19

I did this for Tremaine on his 24th birthday. Too bad I sent it a few days late...ah well! It's Tremaine as Neo from The Matrix! Excellent! Or maybe it's The Furtrix. Who knows? Who cares? Woah...I know kung fu. Tremaine Randy Entinger

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