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Image: Sabreoutfit.jpg   506x769 165182 bytes 2002.06.20

Sabre's new outfit design done back in February. \r\nOver the past year, people have been telling me how Sabre is similar to Mega Man or The Power Rangers (I don't see how on the latter). I didn't mind at first, but now I'm friggin' sick and tired of hearing that shit,\r\nI even freaked and almost lashed out at a 12 year-old boy when he asked me last November... well not really.

Image: SabreSigmaKitty.jpg   700x429 111801 bytes 2005.03.29

OMG! Sabre and Panzer Sigma have been Hello Kitty-fied.\r\n \r\nResult of boredom and curiosity.\r\n

Image: SabreW4.jpg   442x609 276880 bytes 2002.01.02

My last pencil drawing of 2001 and first coloring job of 2002. Got the idea for this image from the cover of Sega's Outtrigger. Sabre and his friends in a group shot. (also putting that X-Mas present to good use) Sabre (bottom), Panzer-Sigma (left), Wolfgang (top), and Saffron (right).

Image: SabreXbox.jpg   851x623 438749 bytes 2002.06.08

Well it took 6 months of working out details, and it pays off. \r\nA game developer in Virginia wants to put my characters, Sabre and his friends, \r\nin a X-Box game slated for a Fall 2003 release. \r\nLook for 'Sabre: Breaker Limit' in stores next year. \r\nIt's a FPS like Halo with a mix of Time Crisis style stages. \r\nAnd I heard the developers are trying to get \r\nPaul Oakenfold and/or Moby to do the soundtrack. \r\n\r\nGOTCHA! Would've been a good April Fools joke, \r\nif I posted this back in April. \r\nIt's just something I cooked up while playing \r\nHalo. Beat it in just a week, and oddly enough I \r\nfinished this on the same day I beat Halo. \r\nI did everything separately (about 30 different files are put into this) for details. \r\n\r\nCredits: \r\nImage, characters, and art Andy Yuan \r\nX-Box logo, graphics, and layout Microsoft \r\nESRB Labels the ESRB group \r\n

Image: Saffcolored.jpg   509x859 73162 bytes 2003.07.22

Still toying with those CG tips I got from New Type Magazine. Used it on this Saffron pic for more practice.\r\n

Image: SaffDrez.gif   600x450 48871 bytes 2005.07.12

Upcoming gift pic for Dragontmr511 at Deviant Art.

Image: SaffPanzer1.jpg   424x507 106540 bytes 2003.05.04

Saffron and Panzer-Sigma. I thought it was a cute idea to do it.

Image: Saffron.jpg   699x628 204848 bytes 2002.06.08

Saffron, Wolfgang's younger sister (she's adopted), also a weapons expert.\r\nDrew this on the same paper as Wolfgang.jpg.\r\nTried out a different vest though.

Image: Saffron1.jpg   595x819 250954 bytes 2002.06.12

Saffron's got a gun and she knows how to use it.\r\nLiked the sub-machine gun's design.\r\nHad this drawing of Saffron done during a round of Halo and Red Faction at a friend's house, listening to P.O.D, Saliva, Disturbed, and Andrew W.K.\r\n\r\nP.S. Those markings on her body are scars.

Image: SaffronCelShade.jpg   770x561 129319 bytes 2005.03.29

Saffron's got a grenade launcher and she's not afraid to use it. RUN FOR THE HILLS!\r\n\r\nYou would not believe how bored I was when I did this. The lineart was the result of boredom, the coloring job was also done out of boredom, and I posted this at my Deviant Art space cause I was bored. How boring is that?

Image: Saffronlineart1.jpg   448x797 151598 bytes 2002.06.20

Not too happy with this one.\r\nIt'd be fucken waste of my time if I didn't\r\nput this up at least.

Image: samhug2.jpg   384x527 191396 bytes 2003.03.21

Collaboration with Elfwood buddy, Samantha Timms.\r\nShe drew, I color, that's all.\r\n\r\nDrawing and Colors Samnatha Timms\r\nColoring Andy Yuan

Image: SaphireHills.jpg   1350x638 212955 bytes 2004.08.28

This one took a while to do.\r\n\r\nPretty much a scene of Sabre with a (off screen) platoon of C-Force soldiers heading to their insertion point or something.

Image: Sausages.jpg   442x567 175082 bytes 2001.11.24

"Would daddy like some sausages?" -Tom Green- \r\nGot this idea from watching Freddy Got Fingered this past summer. Jenna would rip my guts out for this.

Image: SC1.jpg   880x1170 690492 bytes 2002.09.01

Drawn on my trip to Virginia a few weeks ago.\r\nStayed up till 3 A.M coloring it cause I had \r\ntrouble sleeping one night.\r\nI'll give it a background soon, as soon as I get \r\nthe motivation to do it.

Image: SCAlineart.jpg   900x1117 247222 bytes 2002.03.16

Line drawing of Sabre, Avalon, and Cara looking at something. Forgot to draw Avalon's headpiece though.

Image: SchoolGirl.jpg   460x836 90369 bytes 2006.05.27

Star as a Japanese school girl. Always wanted to try drawing one of those. The hat was based on the same one Berry wore in Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode.

Image: SchoolGirlcolored.jpg   500x850 115539 bytes 2006.06.20

Little experiment on my lineart drawing.

Image: SDNJLC.jpg   553x715 239134 bytes 2001.12.16

Based on two different conversations. One at my college, and one at an Electronics Boutique in a local mall.\r\nJenna and her BF, Slade, as two of video gamedom's popular characters: Lara Croft and Duke Nukem.

Image: SexyKaylie.jpg   539x747 236760 bytes 2002.02.14

Don't ask. Liked the BG though.

Image: SexyKaylie2.jpg   638x825 214513 bytes 2002.04.03

Based on some ad.

Image: SexySable.jpg   660x840 287530 bytes 2001.11.22

Experiment with a new CG method, Sable the echidna as a swimsuit model. Based on a conversation involving some Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazines and some Jay Leno jokes.

Image: SexyTrinity1.jpg   612x849 172045 bytes 2005.11.15

Kinda messed up on some parts during the coloring.\r\nI got the idea from the cover of a magazine, I forgot which one though, I think it was a men's magazine.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

Image: SittingAlone.jpg   553x715 150420 bytes 2004.01.10

Xyphus just sitting alone... pretty much.

Image: SittingKaylie.jpg   438x538 196721 bytes 2002.02.01

First decent Kaylie pic in awhile. Really liked the bird shirt I gave her.

Image: Skunk1.jpg   338x272 29306 bytes 2002.04.05

Cute skunk drawing, the actual size is as small as my thumb. I'd scrapped the paper its on if not for some vital notes.

Image: Sladeheadshot.jpg   372x421 68029 bytes 2003.09.28

Just a simple doodle turned into CG work

Image: Soldier1.jpg   656x1200 194953 bytes 2005.09.11

Finally busted my lazy ass to finish this.

Image: Spill.jpg   660x510 162239 bytes 2002.04.30

Poor Jenna, already her second appearance in months nd she gets soaked. First try at cel shading, not bad for a first try. \r\nAmazing what a real life moment can do for you. Yes, that actually happened to me, but I didn't have to pay for the drink though :)\r\nJenna, Xyphus, and image Andy Yuan\r\nRaspberry Tigress Jeffrey D. Block\r\nThe author of the quote is unknown, if you know the author of this quote. Email it to me, so the proper credits can be given.

Image: ST.jpg   530x731 379664 bytes 2001.09.18

Inspired by a picture in Nintendo Power magazine. Two soldiers a human one and a furry one enter a room through it's new entrance. Copyrights on image.

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