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Image: TeamBladeGunner.jpg   900x350 130530 bytes 2004.01.20

All 6 members of Team Blade Gunner. Another team in Sabre's story. Here's some things on the members (from left to right):\r\n~Major K.J Coburn (M,Cougar,Team Leader)\r\n~Masamune Nagahashi (M,Panda,Weapons Expert)\r\n~Tsunami Nagahashi (F,Panda,Weapons Expert)\r\n~Killswicth (M,Tiger/Wolf, Weapons Expert)\r\n~Panzer Theta (M, Robot, Weapons Expert)\r\n~Mara (F, Cyborg Hyena, Tactical Expert)\r\n\r\nSome details are still being worked on at the moment. \r\nAnd I don't know why the light green parts on Masamune, Tsunami, and Panzer Theta are different from the others... meh, I'm too lazy to correct that so here it is.

Image: TehKittyCatSez.gif   428x435 34877 bytes 2006.09.17

Bored thing I made using Adobe In Design.\r\nThink I'll turn this into a T-Shirt

Image: Teni1.jpg   425x550 211342 bytes 2002.01.02

Done for R-Chan, who did a wonderful pic of my Kaylie. Made the breasts a bit bigger than I need them to be, but R-Chan likes it still.

Image: The_Stand.jpg   525x720 268829 bytes 2002.02.14

Fucking damn if I remember where I got the idea for this one. I know I got it from something or somewhere and I don't remember it.\r\nAnyway, Sabre and Amber (I seemed to like seeing those two together for some odd reason) in a situation. Amber really looked frightened (and a lil' bloody too) in this one.

Image: Trick-or-Treat.jpg   445x509 101422 bytes 2002.10.28

This is my pic for this year's Halloween. \r\nThese costumes get weirder and weirder every year.\r\nYou'd definitely do not want to get on this \r\ntrick-or-treater's bad side.\r\n

Image: TriggerAssault.jpg   700x500 57705 bytes 2003.07.20

Sabre and a platoon of C-Force troopers came into the scene 'Guns a' Blazin' and left some damage.\r\n\r\nTook me a week and a few tips from Newtype Magazine to do this. I liked the results so much that I'm using this image as my desktop wallpaper for the moment.

Image: Trinity-NanoEnhanced.jpg   444x544 71113 bytes 2005.07.12

Same pic. This time showing off her lines when Nano enhanced (her dad, Sabre, can do the same thing).

Image: Trinity-Normal.jpg   444x544 64713 bytes 2005.07.12

pic of Sabre's daughter, Trinity, done for color layout.

Image: Trinity.gif   517x927 43545 bytes 2005.06.24

Okay, belive it or not.\r\nThis girl is [eventually] Sabre and Amber's daughter.\r\nShe's a mix of ferret, wolf, and puma (Which lead to the name, Trinity)\r\n\r\nI've already used her in some RP sessions with a couple of friends.

Image: Trinity1.gif   789x453 26280 bytes 2005.07.12

Trinity's posing in a [poorly drawn in] bikini. Dunno what her parents will say, but I can guess what it is.

Image: Trinity2b.jpg   444x544 88900 bytes 2005.12.19

Wanted to try a color scheme on Trinity. I like it, might work it into profile.

Image: TrinityBust.gif   460x621 43324 bytes 2005.11.15

Forgot when I drew this. But I'm not too motivated to color it.

Image: TrinityOekaki.jpg   300x400 51512 bytes 2005.10.08

Hated how this one came out, but it was alot of work,\r\nand I hated to see it go to waste.

Image: Trio.jpg   530x731 229439 bytes 2001.12.16

Sabre with two of his friends, Avalon (Top left) and Ace (Top right).\r\n

Image: TygerStKuanGift-colored.jpg   627x419 68895 bytes 2005.12.05

Finished my gift to Tyger St. Kuan at Deviant Art.

Image: TygerStKuanGift.gif   627x419 27533 bytes 2005.11.30

Work In Progress gift pic for Maria Ciron a.k.a \r\nTygerStKuan at Deviant Art.

Image: ValkyrieNikita.jpg   510x660 274368 bytes 2001.12.16

Played too much Gauntlet Legends (and maybe some Dark Legacy also) one time. Nikita as the Blue Valkyrie from the game. Valkyrie Atari games.

Image: VulpixGirl1.jpg   479x832 103822 bytes 2006.06.01

Miss Vulpix gal poses for you in a dress.\r\nWhat's this? she's clothed. Might as well give her a break considering how I draw her the last few times.\r\n

Image: Waiting.jpg   585x421 48317 bytes 2001.09.12

'Waiting for the chosen one to come'. A combination colored pencil/marker picture. A dragon woman waits for a person to use the armor she's looking at.

Image: WateryCave.jpg   960x960 230686 bytes 2002.03.08

Sabre and a feline soldier walking through a water filled cave. \r\nSpecial thanks to Jeffrey D. Block for letting me use his catgirl character for the pic. \r\nSpent a week on the background, mostly involving the water.\r\nSabre Andy Yuan \r\nCatgirl soldier Jeffrey D. Block

Image: WindyDay.jpg   638x825 221973 bytes 2003.06.03

It got a lil' windy over the weekend in good ol' Long Island the last few days. So... I drew Star in MS Paint.\r\nThe hat came out somewhat bad, but who gives a shit, I'm sure guys'll be focusing on another part of this pic.

Image: winter.jpg   548x794 195948 bytes 2001.12.16

By next friday, Dec 21, 2001. This pic will be 1 year old, Jenna next to a snowman she made.

Image: Wolfgang.jpg   584x678 155048 bytes 2002.06.08

Wolfgang, the weapons expert.\r\nForgot the vest over the chest section of \r\nhis armor. but I think it turned out okay.\r\nHis Eyepatch may be off though due to the coloring.

Image: Wolfgang2.jpg   800x1137 564845 bytes 2002.07.29

Redone of the previous Wolfgang pic. \r\nHis right side is corrected in this one.\r\nAnd yes, he's a heavy smoker.

Image: WolfgangCG.jpg   264x503 98560 bytes 2002.10.20

Colored this doodle of Wolfgang I did in class.\r\nA decent attempt at Dirty CG (that's what they call it right?).

Image: WolfgangSmearEx1.jpg   456x551 144788 bytes 2002.11.17

Playing around with the smear tool. Two things with this pic.\r\nI wanted to draw Wolfgang in his old red helmet, tried to make it look beaten up, but it was a miserable failure.\r\nAnd try out an eyepiece that'll replace his eyepatch on some missions.

Image: Xenia1.jpg   530x731 220505 bytes 2001.09.18

When I'm not drawing furries, I'm drawing mecha. The result of reading, watching, and playing mecha titles, with a little furry in it. A snow leopard named Xenia sitting on the shoulder of her mighty mech, Kill-O-Vex. Shortly after finishing this, I realized I got the tail wrong (stupid me). Well, I like the way it came out.

Image: Xyphus1.jpg   424x550 177663 bytes 2002.02.20

Finally colored Xyphus. Seems like he's got some admirers.\r\nBased on a RL situation at my college. These two girls were looking at me like an owl, while waiting for my ride to show up.\r\nI liked the Gundam shirt I gave Xyphus, amazing what you can get from the net these days.\r\n(That's Gundam GP-01 'Fullburnen' on the shirt by the way.)

Image: Xyphus_Sprite.gif   72x32 1666 bytes 2004.06.15

Practicing some sprites to help Jack McSlay with his game project. These sprites were based on the sprites he provided for references.\r\n\r\nIn this one, Xyphus is walking (left), standing still sideways (middle), and facing away (right)\r\n

Image: Xyphusdrink.jpg   650x1200 296544 bytes 2002.09.28

A pic of Xyphus drinking some soda.\r\nThought of this after drinking a whole lot of Pepsi\r\nand Mountain Dew at Taco Bell.\r\nUsed the blend tool on my outlining, think I might\r\nuse it again soon.\r\nNow if you'll excuse me... I gots ta pee... *runs off*

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