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Image: Xenia1.jpg   530x731 220505 bytes 2001.09.18

When I'm not drawing furries, I'm drawing mecha. The result of reading, watching, and playing mecha titles, with a little furry in it. A snow leopard named Xenia sitting on the shoulder of her mighty mech, Kill-O-Vex. Shortly after finishing this, I realized I got the tail wrong (stupid me). Well, I like the way it came out.

Image: Waiting.jpg   585x421 48317 bytes 2001.09.12

'Waiting for the chosen one to come'. A combination colored pencil/marker picture. A dragon woman waits for a person to use the armor she's looking at.

Image: ForTanya.jpg   583x836 160561 bytes 2001.09.12

Hi, this is my first upload here on VCL. This one goes to a special girl who's no longer with me, if not for this girl, I would've never discovered furry art.\r\nThe girl's name is Tanya Walker, my girlfriend. Thank you for your loving support and introducing me to a new world of art.

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