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Image: Dance_me_awaywefwfwef_wf.jpg   440x560 62936 bytes 2004.07.29

i really like how this came out but its all pencily and shit...i might redo it..or not. but HERE IT IS DUN DUN dun.....\r\n\r\nMinekatterby {c} to AngelDeKay

Image: Hang_me_out_i_am_eMpTyVCLsketch.jpg   544x712 89081 bytes 2004.07.17

Why do you make me feel so fucked up so nothing so empty. and why do i take it and make it better. just to hear that damn thing ring again..\r\n\r\nbecause i know i love you and i know you love me. and things will get better. but it hurts so much right now.

Image: KerriArron_Angel123231123.jpg   456x608 80684 bytes 2004.07.29

me kerri and aaron. aaron is my other Friend, i dont have a good enough sketch of him ready. hes a neat mix i will talk about later

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