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Image: 777angelsend__copy.jpg   640x480 65361 bytes 2004.12.27

done on the tablet!. i cant wait til i get my own. this was done Fairly quickly on my friends tablet. its me yea thats head phones on him. i know i need to do better! but for somthing quick i am happy how it came out. \r\n\r\nwanna see me draw your char?\r\nContact me!

Image: 777tangelsend875765_copy.jpg   640x480 82480 bytes 2004.12.27

ITS KOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes so cute, one of my newer furries i love to draw with her sex slave/lover, shes 3' and hes 7'. so its makes for a nice pair. same thing 15 mins on tablet. awsome i cant wait to get one. also done in photoshop\r\n\r\nwanna see me draw your furrie!?!?\r\ncontact me @ or AIM Beautifulchaosss

Image: aaaaaaaaaaaa333.jpg   640x480 38573 bytes 2004.12.27

didnt have time to color this one but i would have likes to. its ME and zak in more "traditional" looking forms of ourselfs...he asked me why i wasnt his size >.<. N~E how. tablet. \r\n\r\nwanna see me draw your furrie!?!?\r\ncontact me @ or AIM Beautifulchaosss

Image: angelsend86tytyyt6_copy.jpg   640x480 116869 bytes 2004.12.27

Hook line an sinker...they can make me so sick\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nwanna see me draw your furrie!?!?\r\ncontact me @ or AIM Beautifulchaosss

Image: ello_rose554645.jpg   800x600 169086 bytes 2004.11.29

I used a friends Wacom tablet for this *drools* i want one so bad. this entire damn thing was done on it!!!! it would have taken me FOrever@$*@#@$#$ TO DO THAT!. i am kinda mad and still very pleased with how it came out...\r\n\r\nbtw thats the Katterbye...shes blonde i'm blonde \r\nwe have alot in common\r\nblondie kitty with no wings© Angel DeKay

Image: i_am_without.jpg   800x992 238006 bytes 2004.08.29

i like how this one came out then again i dont...i didnt have my comp for a while so any one who really reads the Crap i spew. i will have more up Very Soon. \r\n\r\ngrrr i know i could have done better i just got Lazy................................................................................................................... Enjoy

Image: i_died_again_...damn_itg34534534543.jpg   384x544 110410 bytes 2004.07.29

fucking "The Crow" made me want to draw and shit, and its not even because its all uber black and um bird spooky. its the story of Eric and his would be Bride...its seems to much like a sick forshadowing for personal things. i didnt NEARLY draw this how i wanted it to come out in fact i hate it. i spit on it and now spit drips down the screen...grrr. but i do like how Zak came out he looks really nice. i look like shit. damn death \r\nWTFisupwithmyhairkatterby{c} Sextehanubiszak mine too {c}

Image: I_love_your_Butt.jpg   640x790 351861 bytes 2004.07.17

"i love your butt and its all mine"\r\n\r\n\r\no.0 ok...i am not gonna aruge with that.\r\n\r\nMe {c} to me Albino Anubis {c} to me damn his cocky smirk

Image: joy.jpg   504x752 122427 bytes 2004.11.23

MEEEK i havent uploaded forever....but i have so many i just have to fix them up give me time!!!!!!!!!\r\n\r\ni drew this and colored it with marker and color pencils. the rest i fixed up on the comp YAY.\r\n\r\nhow come no one loves me :-/ {c} Angel DeKay

Image: Katterby.jpg   300x541 40680 bytes 2003.08.27

so i decided to upload after my long absence. THis is my Katterby..she is i. Angel. Shes a Chubby Pink and black kitty with butterly wings i dont think i will be drawing her so pretty it was just somthing that came out. Damnit Chubbys cute on her lol ^_^\r\n\r\nKatterby (c) to Angel

Image: Katterby2.jpg   520x504 49636 bytes 2003.08.27

heheh towels...\r\n\r\nfun to draw. ...dont ask me where her tail is damn it .

Image: Katterby3.jpg   356x479 35678 bytes 2003.09.01

TOooooooooooooooooooooooo much pink *gag*\r\nheh still its cute yes i think so *mwahs*\r\n\r\ blah..i am thinking about drawing a gift..for who? i dunno yet

Image: Katterby4.jpg   501x463 76504 bytes 2003.09.03

I hate it\r\n\r\nit was cuter *pouts* \r\n\r\nthe way i drew it was purdy now it isnt *crys*\r\n\r\n

Image: Katterbyprofile.jpg   616x696 84793 bytes 2004.07.11

so i quickly got home scaned then fucked it up, but i dont care because i still like it even though i hate it and could have done better. I drew her at the bowling place *rolls eyes*. Any how. i did her in PSP8. i have never messed around really in that one and i really do think once i get the hang of it i am going to like it. but af for right now i am turning out shit :-p . Blah...its not like Anyone looks at this any how...\r\n:-(\r\n\r\nAnother Wingless Katterby {c} to Angel me DeKay

Image: Kerri4536536.jpg   504x576 73593 bytes 2004.07.29

This is Kerri. i dont know how offten i will Draw her. but shes my Friend From PA. shes a teddybull! i am already working on coloring this one but i wanted that original to be on here i hope you like. she has Dragonflywings

Image: Reign.jpg   436x679 94416 bytes 2003.10.11

this is Reign what the katterbys and Albino Anubisis son would look like. heh i think its cute ^_^\r\n\r\ni could have colored it better ~.~

Image: Singitoutkatterbye234.jpg   456x456 74502 bytes 2004.07.07

i like to sing. so i do. it might hurt your ears. i am going to color it on the computer.\r\n\r\nOdd legs Katterbye {c} Angel DeKay

Image: VCLDeKaykitty.jpg   456x680 109717 bytes 2004.06.29

This Is the Katterby Angel i a Sari. i did this in the motel as well with color pencils....the ONLY...color pencils i had T.T.....i dont like it really. i do and i dont. i think i could have done better and made her look more like a cat then a fox.T.T i am going to do a BG on the comp\r\nThe winged Fox imposter Katterby is {c} to Angel DeKay

Image: Wings_wings_Skull435435435345.jpg   464x648 250212 bytes 2004.07.29

skulls yesh skulls. thoses are te markings on the wings. i dont care what kind as long as they are there. and the wings a baby blue. i couldnt do that here because i used water colors and the blue wouldnt be the blue i wanted anyhow so i didnt care to try. but damn it BABY bLUE AND SOME BLACK. ok i am done. ok no i am not. why dont i ever dress them?\r\n\r\nKatterby{c} to me A.Anubis is muh bitch too

Image: Zak.jpg   474x527 38061 bytes 2003.08.29

YAY! i did it finaly. Me zak hes a albino Anubis sexy sexy sexy yesh *drooolz and rapes*...heh

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