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Image: tito_mdw.jpg   331x244 53674 bytes 2000.01.27

Here's a picture of my caribou character Meadow, and \r\nher bf Tito, the chinchiila. This is one of my more \r\nadult-like oics, but I usually draw these tastefully.\r\n\r\nMeadow and Tito are (c) by me. \n

Image: lily.jpg   250x404 119675 bytes 2000.01.11

Tee hee. Here's an older, but still kawaii pic of Lily. She's \r\nwearing a lavender see-through night gown with purple-heart panties!\r\nLily is (c) by me.\n

Image: natella.jpg   302x475 143997 bytes 2000.01.11

Here's Umako "Natella" Fushita, my Japanese hedgehog character. \r\nI draw her usually wearing a more gothic-type attire. \r\nNatella is (c) by me. \n

Image: foxie.jpg   519x753 277153 bytes 2000.01.11

This is the newest picture of Lily, my lovely kitsune character. \r\nI just love her sparkling emerald green eyes. Don't you? \r\nLily is (c) by me. =^._.^= \n

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