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Image: WEEK8.JPG   657x851 167683 bytes 2007.01.04

Week 8

Week 8 of AFbtE.\r\n\r\n~Jerod T.

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Image: week7.jpg   657x851 205503 bytes 2006.12.27

AFbtE Week 7

Well, it's Wednesday, so here's week seven of my comic. Remember, the comic site updates on Sundays... ;)\r\n\r\n~Jerod T.

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Image: Week6.jpg   657x851 208128 bytes 2006.12.20

AFbtE Week 6

The strip that heralded the return from a month-long hiatus, with improved artwork. Uploaded on Wednesday as usual, but the comic actually updates on Sundays: if you want to see it at the actual site, click on the [More Info] link.\r\n\r\n~Jerod T.

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Image: week6p1.jpg   326x423 50986 bytes 2006.12.15

AFbtE Week 6, Panel 1

I don't usually upload single panels, but...\r\n\r\nAs Foretold by the Elders will be back online this Sunday!\r\n\r\nI know I've been slacking off, and haven't updated in a few weeks... thanks to all those who have been patient. I've learned a few techniques from my anime art that I'll be applying, so hopefully the art quality will improve (and I know the writing can use a little improvement... the transition from writing fiction novels to comics is not smooth).\r\n\r\n[More Info] link takes you to the comic site.\r\n\r\n~Jerod T.

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Image: week5.jpg   657x851 233263 bytes 2006.11.22

Week 5. Looks like Deanna likes too talk...\r\n\r\n~Jerod T.\r\n

Image: week4.jpg   657x895 225140 bytes 2006.11.15

Week 4 of the comic. As stated, this week marks the appearance of Deanna.\r\n\r\n

Image: week3.jpg   657x895 161668 bytes 2006.11.07

Week 3 of the comic... I'll still upload them here, though most likely a day or two after the site's update ( like I did this week.\r\n\r\n~Jerod T.

Image: week2.jpg   657x895 180845 bytes 2006.10.30

The 2nd week of "As Foretold by the Elders"... partly to prove I'm still working on it. Yes, I know that it's been more than one week; I'm waiting for my ComicGenesis account to be created, and so I'm kind of taking my time to get around to this... once my account is up I'll stay faithful to the weekly updates (I hope! ^^;)\r\n\r\n~JeddyWulpase

Image: week1.jpg   649x887 188764 bytes 2006.10.17

Aha! Didn't believe me when I said I was working on a comic, did you? ;) Here it is, week 1 of "As Foretold by the Elders". Now I just need to apply at Keenspace (or whatever it's called now), and get going on week 2.\r\n\r\nBwa ha ha!\r\n\r\nRachel and AFbtE JeddyWulpase

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