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Image: pissedoffsmoking.jpg   483x895 31365 bytes 2004.03.13

Anna looks upset about something, needed some nicotine to calm her down. Nicotine sweet nicotine how do I love thee!

Image: Dancingnakie.jpg   612x909 45545 bytes 2004.03.13

A random desert kit fox dancing almost nakie ^.^ oooOOOO

Image: anervoushello.jpg   521x790 31512 bytes 2004.03.13

Hiiiiiiiii =^.^=

Image: Minoriawakens.jpg   736x655 31010 bytes 2004.03.13

Minori finally awoke from her slumber. She's a vamp so... yeah she can do that. Shes all skinny and looks like a crack head or something o.O; Minori copyright Anna Hunter

Image: Punk_Kitty.jpg   360x504 29196 bytes 2004.03.10

Chibi I guess, whatever. Cute little punkish kitty. No name for her copyright Anna Hunter

Image: AnnaLemur7.jpg   224x368 14163 bytes 2004.03.10

Ha ha ha FUCK YOU TOO!!!!!!! =3

Image: AnnaLemur1.jpg   360x504 20248 bytes 2004.03.10

Drew this when I got kicked out, one of the many times my parents didn't want me lol I FEEL SO UNLOVEDEDED not really but thats ok!

Image: Minori.jpg   343x480 25485 bytes 2004.03.09

This is an older pic of my Furcadia character Minori. Little tiny thing 4'3 75 lbs and sicker than shit. I haven't brought her on lately, thinking of saying that she died of something or another but not sure yet but then I keep telling myself she's a vamp so I just decided she's 'sleeping' right now lol poor thing. Minori copyright Anna Hunter

Image: Lioness.jpg   343x480 24191 bytes 2004.03.09

Mean looking lioness bounty hunter girl! Rrrrrraaaah! I thought it might be cool if I actually used silver paint for her boots and everything but it turned out looking like crap. Oh well... DEAL WITH IT FUCK HEAD!!! Misha copyright Anna Hunter

Image: AnnaKitty8.jpg   343x480 28207 bytes 2004.03.09

LOOK AT THE FAKE BOOBS ANNA!!!! LOOOOOOOK! Long story, went to Las Vegas for a weekend, and just happened to see Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson walking in one of the hotels. IT WAS TERRIBLE! Her fake tits were hanging out of her slutty little dress, and it was scarey!!! Kid Rock was even worse in his purple leisure suit with lepoard print fuzzy trim, looked like those pimp costumes for halloween you find at Paper Warehouse.... I wonder if thats where they shop for clothes o.O;; Anna Kitty copyright ME!

Image: Malana.jpg   360x504 25480 bytes 2004.03.08

Sexy blood doll kitty. Long odd story behind her. Too long to go into it lol Malana copyright Anna Hunter

Image: RastafariGirl.jpg   360x504 93361 bytes 2004.03.08

ok ok I know, her paw in her pocket just looks.... strange o.O BUT THE REST IS CUTE... SO LOVE IT DAMNIT!!!! Or I'll eat your soul!!! *munch munch munch* mmm yum Rasta copyright Anna Hunter

Image: Demon.jpg   360x504 28607 bytes 2004.03.08

Yum yum yum Nakie demon girl! Deliciousssss. Don't have a name for her thought lol someone help! If someone is up for giving her names and colors... let me know! Demon copyright Anna Hunter

Image: NightmareDoll.jpg   360x504 30401 bytes 2004.03.08

One... yes, One. The entire world is her toy box and everyone she meets is her 'toy' just ask her, but makes sure you ask and run!

Image: AnnaKitty4.jpg   360x504 29633 bytes 2004.03.08

Woo hoo, ok I put an old Anna kitty and used the Lemur Anna Kitty. Nice nice

Image: Kallysta.jpg   252x328 13875 bytes 2004.03.08

Ahhh evil little Kallysta, what a bitch and sometimes slut lol depending on her mood. I should be getting a colored version of this one soon, plus I finished the body, wait until you see! Its so naughty! =3 Kallysta copyright Anna Hunter

Image: AnnaLemur5.jpg   360x504 27907 bytes 2004.03.06

I really like her hair in this one, and the flames on her shirt turned out decent too.

Image: AnnaLemur4.jpg   360x504 22723 bytes 2004.03.06

It used to read Merry fucking Xmas, see? I do have that christmas spirit shit, now where's the egg nog and scotch bitch? but my hand writting sucks lol XP

Image: AnnaLemur3.jpg   360x504 27661 bytes 2004.03.06

Aww she's all embarassed and acting silly hee

Image: AnnaKitty6.jpg   360x504 30435 bytes 2004.03.05

Ha haaa fuck you too! Anna Kitty blah blah blah copyright so forth and so on Anna Hunter blah blah bitch bitch bitch!

Image: AnnaKitty2.jpg   343x480 23732 bytes 2004.03.05

Another saaaad Anna Kitty, when I drew her in this style and stuff I was really depressed for some reason... Anna Kitty copyright Anna Hunter

Image: AnnaLemur2.jpg   360x504 26447 bytes 2004.03.05

aww its Anna, she looks all sad for some reason. Who cares? NO ONE!!!!! o.O Anna Kitty copyright Anna Hunter

Image: Feral.jpg   360x504 28453 bytes 2004.03.05

This is my feral char. His eyes look really retarded in this pic. He's just a kitten, er cub, whatever. copyright Anna Hunter

Image: AnnaLover.jpg   360x504 25456 bytes 2004.03.05

Its the non color version, need to color it in. I love her hair and the way her paw goes, usually I really suck at stuff like that. Oh well. Anna Kitty and some guy (a different guy) copyright Anna Hunter

Image: Corra.jpg   360x504 18875 bytes 2004.03.05

I know I know we're not supposed to upload hyoomans, but... its Corra, and Corra is hot, so she gets to go on lol. Corra copyright Anna Hunter

Image: Anarika.jpg   360x504 21958 bytes 2004.03.05

Beautiful Anarika, she was one of my first Furcadia character. She's a taur actually but her brother gave her the gift of 3 forms, a wolf furrie, a tiger furrie and her original taur form. The dress was given to her by her good friend Ashone. But poor Anarika isn't doing too well now a days, this is what she would have been like a few years back. Anarika copyright Anna Hunter

Image: Anna_and_Guy.jpg   360x504 25100 bytes 2004.03.05

Its the original Anna Kitty and just some guy I dunno, maybe its her dream man who the hell knows! Anna Kitty and some guy copyright Anna Hunter

Image: AnnaLemur8.jpg   296x440 44909 bytes 2004.03.05

Its Anna, looking all um... sweet and seductive if you can put those two together. Oh well Anna Kitty copyright Anna Hunter

Image: Hippie.jpg   360x504 19952 bytes 2004.03.05

Don't have a name for this little girl yet. Someone could help me with that and if anyone wants to do the background for her... be my guest, just ask first lol Hippie cat copyright Anna Hunter

Image: Faerie.jpg   360x504 20329 bytes 2004.03.05

This was my old char Adara, never actually RPed with her but she's cute anyway. Yeah yeah I know she's hyoomanish but....bite me!! Adara copyright Anna Hunter

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