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Image: 08BlueCat.jpg   378x800 82811 bytes 2008.05.30

Blue Instead Of Black Cat

Just a doodle from today, meant her to be black but couldn't be bothered to run up and get my real colored pencils, also in my MS notebook,\r\n\r\nArt and Character property of Anka

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Image: 08FrogAndScorpion007.jpg   1000x372 122943 bytes 2008.08.13

The Frog and The Scorpion

The assignment was to take a fairy tale and illustrate the whole thing with a single image. Now, that works fine for a story like, say, little red riding hood, where everybody already knows the story, but not everyone knows the frog and the scorpion. So I figured the minimum number of images you need to tell the story is three. One to show the relationship beginning. One to show things moving along and a final one to show the conclusion. In addition I added the text, which is also as short and complete as I could get it.\r\n\r\nIf I carry you, you will sting me, and I will die./If I sting you, we will both die./Alas, I am a scorpion.\r\n\r\nIt's a story about... the inescapability of one's own nature. It's also about not trusting scorpions.\r\n\r\nArt by Anka

Tags: Frog Scorpion illustration triptych watercolor   [Comment]
Image: 08MooseRennel.jpg   769x800 187814 bytes 2008.08.08

Sugar and Caffine; Our Drugs of Choice

Done for a highschool Science teacher of mine who recently opened a rather excellent ice cream shop. If it looks a bit like a fellow who used to make cigarettes look Oh so cool, well, that's intended! ^_^

Tags: Moose Ice Cream Mountain Dew Joe Camel Sunglasses   [Comment]
Image: 3Mermaids.jpg   800x419 66229 bytes 2006.12.22

3 Mermaids

An octopus, a fish and an eel, formatted together for my art-school aplication portfolio... Wish me luck!\r\n\r\nArt and characters by Ankat

Tags: octopus fish mermaid cyclops eel   [Comment]
Image: AdamFinal.jpg   350x362 60720 bytes 2006.04.11

A doorsign/conbadge for my friend Adam\r\n\r\nArt by Ankat

Image: AidingMrMouse.jpg   600x546 59585 bytes 2004.12.06

This is Raml, a trade reminded me that I had not drawn her in awhile and I decided I ought to change that. Unfortunately I used too hard of a pencil lead and the pale, beautiful stripes disappeared when I scanned it. Grrrr... This is the re-scan so the stripes are visible.\r\n\r\nRaml is the property of Anne Terres

Image: air.jpg   400x586 45019 bytes 2004.11.09

This is Air, she was sketched and inked on computer paper the colored in photoshop 6.0 I was actually trying to draw a cat-gorl for a request but it got messed up so I messed with it till this resulted. Fire, Earth and Water all to be added later.\r\n\r\nThis image is the property of Anne Terres

Image: angel.jpg   435x507 32439 bytes 2004.11.03

This is Francis the white dog, he has angel wings today and is sitting on a building. The image was sketched and inked on computer paper then colored in photoshop 6.0\r\n\r\nFrancis (c) Anne Terres

Image: AnkatBrownTigerFem.jpg   252x500 53201 bytes 2006.04.07

Tiger, Furry lifedrawing, brown paper\r\n\r\nArt by Ankat

Image: AnkatGreenGerbilMale.jpg   150x480 32548 bytes 2006.03.22

Gerbil boy, lifestudy on green paper, bookmark.\r\n\r\nArt and character Copyright Ankat (Anne Terres)

Image: ATC1.jpg   450x317 39502 bytes 2006.12.22

My First Ever ATC

Well, I finally completed an Artist trading card, so if anyone wants a trade this is what I have done! A few more on the way soon, but till then this is it. Standard ATC size.\r\n\r\nArt and character property of Ankat

Tags: ATC Trading Card Cat Psychotic Apron Mohawk Cleaver   [Comment]
Image: BabuBookmark.jpg   120x367 20602 bytes 2005.08.11

A bookmark done for my dearest.\r\n\r\nArt by Anne, property of Babu

Image: Babybird.jpg   500x531 34667 bytes 2005.02.13

Here's Raml again, pre-falling, she's a felitaur helping a baby bird.\r\n\r\nRaml property of Anne Terres

Image: betrayal1.jpg   556x597 82651 bytes 2005.04.06

First entry into the April compo, the items being helb by the silouette are inspired by artifacts from D&D.\r\n\r\nImage property of Anne Terres

Image: BS_Rock.jpg   506x575 68508 bytes 2005.05.12

Meet Rock, he's a boy, I drawed him real good! Er, yeah, anyway this is concept art for an old idea slowly being re-born. The comic is titled "Beast Sequence" and should be up sometime this summer or perhaps in the fall.\r\n\r\nImage, character and comic property of Anne Terres

Image: bubblegumprincess001.jpg   334x800 78850 bytes 2008.05.30

BubbleGumPrincess 001

So I got a guitar for free and after $50 in repairs it would be fully functional if I hadn't busted one of the strings trying to tune it... Did I mention I don't play the guitar? Anyway, it's atrociously pink and sparkly so I have resolved to paint a princess on it... I guess she needs a crown... Anyway this was the first attempt at that, also trying to get less sucking with a well-pen... as you can see, I really do suck. I can't make a straight line to save my life, let alone a graceful curve, is that weird? Oh well.\r\n\r\nArt by Anka,

Tags: Pink Princess Girly Cat Parasol Princess   [Comment]
Image: Caine.jpg   584x754 214115 bytes 2006.05.10

Caine, Grar!\r\n\r\nArt and Character property of Ankat

Image: CamelSL.jpg   586x650 55616 bytes 2007.01.07

Camel Still life

This is a peice done for my portfolio. The original is on 18x24 inch paper but there's about a 7 cm space at the top of the paper.\r\n\r\nArt By Anka

Tags: Camel Oxfam Candle   [Comment]
Image: Candlesnuffer.jpg   588x342 27683 bytes 2007.01.10

Candle Snuffer

Just a little mini still life, not much too it, trying to get into art school.\r\n\r\nArt by Anka

Tags: Candle Coaster Snuffer   [Comment]
Image: CatBoat.gif   500x479 55565 bytes 2005.03.28

I did an oil painting while I was home and I liked the sketch so much I decided to ink it and put it up.\r\n\r\nImage by Anne Terres

Image: CatDrag.jpg   500x540 60932 bytes 2004.12.06

Yeah, it's a little creepy but hey. Alright this one suffered horribly when I shrank it but the idea is that they're a kitty and a dragon (sort of). I drew it during the fencing tournament.\r\n\r\nCharacters and Image Property of Anne Terres

Image: catinhat.jpg   600x304 37799 bytes 2004.10.13

This is a Cat in a Hat. She's one of my very first photoshop coloring jobs and I think that she also was an inked sketch on computer paper to begin with (though I am not 100% sure). She is merely "cat" because I have not named her properly yet. \r\n\r\nCat is property Anne Terres

Image: CatTaur.jpg   614x700 95374 bytes 2006.12.22

CG Cattaur

I have gotten better with the CG, yes? These lines have been sitting about for *ages* and it may or may not go into my portfolio now also... I wish I could do half-way decent backgrounds on the computer, rather than just color mush... Ah well. This is an X-Mas gift for my mum.\r\n\r\nArt and character property of Ankat.

Tags: Cattaur cat shaman feathers jewels blue moon   [Comment]
Image: Chagrin.jpg   785x398 85812 bytes 2005.11.14

Chagrin is my Blink Dog character in a D&D campaign. She's a rogue and she's got a 5 charisma if that means anything to anyone so I tried to make her look a tad mangy.\r\n\r\nArt and character property of Ankat (Anne Terres, Yatenstar, Chibi_yoma)

Image: Chakat.jpg   400x452 28790 bytes 2004.10.21

This is my very first Cat-taur. Her name is Raml, and she's got three braids. The picture is mechanical pencil on printer paper and now has a CG fluffy cloud background done in photoshop 6.\r\n\r\nRaml is property of Anne Terres.

Image: ChMarrsHelp.jpg   212x600 34632 bytes 2005.03.04

Colored Pencil version of my Valentine's Day picture. Ch'Marr did the clean up on it to show me that levels is not evil... or at least as evil as I thought.\r\n\r\nImage property of Anne Terres, Clean-up by Ch'Marr

Image: dance.jpg   500x568 78516 bytes 2004.11.06

I drew this in class the other day, it's the first thing I've done with a frame in a long time and I'm pleased with it. I probably could have done a better job on his stripes but I sort of like it this way.\r\n\r\nThis image is the property of Anne Terres

Image: DancingFool.jpg   531x698 78933 bytes 2007.05.10

Dancin' Fool

He's a guinea Pig, modeled after my own little Danny, though I had to change the colors, because he's white and spotted. Painted with Watercolors in my watercolor class.\r\n\r\nArt and Character Property of Anka

Tags: Guinea Pig Hat Fedora Feather Cane Dance Dancing Happy   [Comment]
Image: DragonKitty.jpg   700x515 124405 bytes 2005.02.11

I don't know if it's fair to put this in my directory but it didn't fit anywhere else. This is a commission I acquired from Goku-San, I guess she had trouble with it, I was dipleased when I recieved it so I inked it pretty hardcore and I am kind of pleased with it now.\r\n\r\nImage by Anne Terres and Goku-San

Image: DragonsGold2.jpg   600x393 75321 bytes 2007.05.21

Dragon's Gold

Reposting a better scan\r\n\r\nWatercolor. I've always had an image in my head of a great big dragon and a teensy little kitty, just sitting together. This still isn't it, but I like it. So I share it.\r\n\r\nArt by Anka

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