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Image: Shaman.jpg   402x520 46459 bytes 2005.04.21

A shaman that didn't scan very well, ballpoint pen.

Image: pandaBW.gif   189x329 12736 bytes 2005.04.21

A panda, in a pose I don't usually do, done with ballpoint pen.

Image: Snake.jpg   639x540 82731 bytes 2005.04.21

This is just what it apears, a snake anthro. Done in mechanical pencil, then inked lines then colored pencils with just a little photoshop.\r\n\r\nImage and Character propery of Anne Terres

Image: mousePeirced.gif   285x286 17193 bytes 2005.04.18

Babu and I were talking about "bubble-lips" those huge shiny lips some characters are drawn with. After talking about it I drew this mouse.\r\n\r\nImage by Anne Terres

Image: WordofCaution.jpg   600x589 130988 bytes 2005.04.17

She's supposed to be holding his heart... It didn't scan well. Anyway, a third entry for the April art compo. To me it is lesser than the other two, but different. It seems I may get all my idea on paper for this compo...

Image: betrayal1.jpg   556x597 82651 bytes 2005.04.06

First entry into the April compo, the items being helb by the silouette are inspired by artifacts from D&D.\r\n\r\nImage property of Anne Terres

Image: CatBoat.gif   500x479 55565 bytes 2005.03.28

I did an oil painting while I was home and I liked the sketch so much I decided to ink it and put it up.\r\n\r\nImage by Anne Terres

Image: GreatSpirit.gif   500x642 104235 bytes 2005.03.07

Raml after burning the forest, being comforted by the Great Spirit, also my first entry into the March compo.\r\n\r\nImage and characters property of Anne Terres

Image: Tiki2.jpg   500x480 55723 bytes 2005.03.05

The real media version of Tikitiki Lili. This is closer to my vision for this picture.\r\n\r\nImage property of Anne Terres

Image: TikitikiLili.jpg   600x573 55298 bytes 2005.03.05

Tikitiki-Lili has broken her bowl, poor Tikitiki... She's a kangaroo, er, from the future.\r\n\r\nImage property of Anne Terres

Image: ChMarrsHelp.jpg   212x600 34632 bytes 2005.03.04

Colored Pencil version of my Valentine's Day picture. Ch'Marr did the clean up on it to show me that levels is not evil... or at least as evil as I thought.\r\n\r\nImage property of Anne Terres, Clean-up by Ch'Marr

Image: Mirage.gif   612x273 59574 bytes 2005.03.04

Raml, the fallen, enduring a mirage of food after abandoning her post in the great forest. Pencil and micron inks for the lines.\r\n\r\nImage property of Anne Terres

Image: Triba.jpg   500x372 39809 bytes 2005.02.28

Triba, brown fur...\r\n\r\nImage Property of Anne Terres

Image: Trell.jpg   700x479 51864 bytes 2005.02.28

Pseudoprint, character Trell, some kind of fur.\r\n\r\nImage property of Anne Terres

Image: Rainbow.jpg   600x485 51171 bytes 2005.02.26

Working on inking and coloring with CPs\r\n\r\nImage property of Anne Terres

Image: Masheir.jpg   300x642 41760 bytes 2005.02.26

This is my Druidic character Masheir and her animal companion Chittur, who I have uploaded a detail of as well. Chittur is a mink though I drew her with no references at all and only a vague idea of what a mink looks like.

Image: Rhapoard.jpg   460x646 53560 bytes 2005.02.21

This has two sources. I have been meaning to do something for Rhapscar in reds and greys and I also have a new tail. So she's a spot-striped snow leopard... I guess...\r\n\r\nImage by Anne Terres, Colors in honor of Rhapscar

Image: Watercolor.jpg   400x544 58890 bytes 2005.02.20

This is an experimaent in free-hand watercolor. I must make it clear, I do NOT use watercolor, pretty much ever so I got some, and sat down with it, the picture came out alright but looked funny so I added ink, then colored pencils... now it looks okay but I don't think I'll watercolor without sketching first again for some time.\r\n\r\nImage by Anne Terres

Image: SpeciesX3.jpg   500x572 38760 bytes 2005.02.16

Version 2, this one is done in greys and reds only.\r\n\r\nImage colors in honor of Rhapscar

Image: SweetRevenge.jpg   650x389 67644 bytes 2005.02.14

Entry for the February compo, a sheepmeleon\r\n\r\nImage by Anne Terres

Image: Speciesx3.jpg   500x572 37134 bytes 2005.02.14

This is probably border-line... She's a werewolf, although she started out as "agony" first coloration\r\n\r\nImage by Anne Terres

Image: Babybird.jpg   500x531 34667 bytes 2005.02.13

Here's Raml again, pre-falling, she's a felitaur helping a baby bird.\r\n\r\nRaml property of Anne Terres

Image: Soren.jpg   585x478 64391 bytes 2005.02.11

This is a LATE Christmas gift for my mate's kid brother. It's a softy cute dragon, sort of a mix between eastern and western, I think.\r\n\r\nImage by Anne Terres

Image: DragonKitty.jpg   700x515 124405 bytes 2005.02.11

I don't know if it's fair to put this in my directory but it didn't fit anywhere else. This is a commission I acquired from Goku-San, I guess she had trouble with it, I was dipleased when I recieved it so I inked it pretty hardcore and I am kind of pleased with it now.\r\n\r\nImage by Anne Terres and Goku-San

Image: speciesx2.jpg   500x379 74056 bytes 2005.02.11

This is the second in an interesing series... Again species unknown, but I really like it.\r\n\r\nImage property of Anne Terres

Image: wolephantVCL.jpg   700x566 135778 bytes 2005.01.24

My entry for this months contest, liked the howling sketch better but oh well...\r\n\r\nImage by Anne Terres

Image: AidingMrMouse.jpg   600x546 59585 bytes 2004.12.06

This is Raml, a trade reminded me that I had not drawn her in awhile and I decided I ought to change that. Unfortunately I used too hard of a pencil lead and the pale, beautiful stripes disappeared when I scanned it. Grrrr... This is the re-scan so the stripes are visible.\r\n\r\nRaml is the property of Anne Terres

Image: CatDrag.jpg   500x540 60932 bytes 2004.12.06

Yeah, it's a little creepy but hey. Alright this one suffered horribly when I shrank it but the idea is that they're a kitty and a dragon (sort of). I drew it during the fencing tournament.\r\n\r\nCharacters and Image Property of Anne Terres

Image: Tiger.jpg   700x492 66455 bytes 2004.12.02

This also is a Christmas gift (though I colored it somewhat to put it here) for a different cousin. I like it ^_^\r\n\r\nImage property of Anne Terres

Image: Mortina.jpg   502x605 63739 bytes 2004.11.29

This is Mortina Vigleco. She's a werewolf from a story I began some time ago and never finished. She's not actually an anthro but looks good as one. This is pencil, color changed in photoshop to look old.\r\n\r\nCharacter and Image Property of Anne Terres

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