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Image: DraykRefShad.jpg   1500x1000 297301 bytes 2012.03.28

Ref Sheet: Drayk F.

Drayk's full ref sheet as was comissioned ^^ In all his glory.\r\nDrayk copyright his player

Tags: drayk dragon male cock red black comission ref  
Image: DrippinglyTastyShad.jpg   900x900 195968 bytes 2013.01.29

Drippingly Tasty?

Hehe Havoc being molested by Goo tentacles! I had fun with the irridescence on these ones. <3\r\nHavoc copyright his player

Tags: havoc male hyena demon male tentacles goo bondage  
Image: DroolyFoxShad.jpg   720x720 73670 bytes 2013.11.21

Drooly Foxy - Rave

Same fox comissioned by Rave a moment ago, this tme a lovely maw shot, and a favorite of mine, so here's to Rave's new character ^^\r\nChubby fox copyright Rave

Tags: yellow male chubby fox vore maw shot  
Image: EddieNeroShad.jpg   900x900 129952 bytes 2012.09.24

Eddie Eats Nero!

Hehe an alien from MIB eating Nero! This one should seem familiar too.\r\nCharacters copyright their respective owners

Tags: eddie bug roach alien human vore nero  
Image: EdnaMid2Shad.jpg   900x900 155872 bytes 2012.02.29

Edna and Deamona

Yes her name is spelled right. LOL Auntie Edna as she sits, forcing the poor jaguar demon, Deamona, up into her hungry butt!. Best way to do it is to sit on your prey first as the lovely Edna demonstrates, while using a hand with fingers in Dae's pussy to "Shovel" her in that hole. Oh she loves it.\r\nEdna copyright Taris\r\nDeamona copyright her player

Tags: female sex anal vore elephant demon leopard  
Image: EggyTassyShad.jpg   864x864 86970 bytes 2013.06.12

Eggy and Taslad

A comission for a friend of mine ^^ Taslad and Eggy copyright thier players, so sweet <3

Tags: foxes male female safe for work hug sweet  
Image: ElectraRef1Flat.jpg   1200x1000 240167 bytes 2012.06.19

Ref Sheet - Elecktra

Roxy's sexy hermy character Elecktra. Elecktra is a species called "Mothra" on Secondlife ^^\r\nCharacter copyright Roxy

Tags: herm female elecktra mothra canine ref sheet colorful  
Image: EleLessons2Shad.jpg   1080x1440 220352 bytes 2013.03.01

Sergey - Elephant Lessons

A biology or anatomy teachere elephant painlessly melts her lower half to teach her students about female anatomy in a strange new hands on way! One of the more unique comissions from Sergey <3

Tags: elephant female melt goo dissect teacher biology  
Image: EnemaPupShad.jpg   720x720 79994 bytes 2013.12.17

Enema Yizzeo

Uh Oh. A full grown adult male HyenaWolf, forced to wear a girls' clothing and diaper, as well as oher babyish things, and being forced into an enema...\r\nA first time thing.\r\nYizzeo copyright his player\r\nTika copyright his player

Tags: tika yizzeo clothing iapers enema humiliation bondage wierd  
Image: EveningElephantShad.jpg   720x720 39722 bytes 2013.10.06

Evening Dressed Elephant

lovely lady Elephant in evening attire for Himeric ^^

Tags: himeric female elephant safe for work dress beautiful  
Image: EvilKitty.jpg   720x720 52096 bytes 2013.12.17

Bafoka - Evil Kitty!

A halloween profile picture for Bafoka. Crazed Evil kitty! Hehe Bafoka copyright his player/Johan

Tags: evil grinning cheshire cat halloween black male  
Image: ExpectingMathyShad.jpg   900x900 208300 bytes 2013.05.06

Expecting Mathy!

A cute little diddy for mathy as her with a full tummy of eggs ^^ A sweetheart.\r\nMathy copyright her player

Tags: gryphon pregnant female pose belly mathy blue  
Image: FattNHappay.jpg   720x720 60000 bytes 2014.03.22

Big Fat and so Happy!

A comission for Happyfeet Hax ^^ Had a bit too much cake, and still wanting more! Nom, noms!\r\n\r\nHappyfeet copyright his player

Tags: happyfeet happy hax bunny fat food play cake weight gain  
Image: FaveHoodShad.jpg   900x900 173182 bytes 2013.02.06

Hoodlum - With Me!

Hehe I drew my thylacine self with shorter hair here, XD hehe I was having a bit of a rough spot, so Hoodlum gave me a good squeezy cuddle <3\r\nHoodlum copyright Mathinic\r\nJere/Anony copyright myself/AnonymousArtist

Tags: anony thylacine rainbow butt hppdlum naga cuddle tail squeeze female male  
Image: FeethugzShad.jpg   900x900 122832 bytes 2012.08.16

Feet Hugs!

Nero given a good loving from gentle feetpaws <3\r\nFreckles and Nero copyright Shorty

Tags: male tyrannosaurus t rex human nerd foot feetpaws  
Image: FinalPageInnerShad.jpg   900x900 145396 bytes 2012.04.04

Deamona Unbirth, Inside View!

The previous picture, but from the inside showing the happy taur!\r\nDeamona copyright her player. Taur is random.

Tags: unbirth preg deamona leopard full taur inside female  
Image: FinalPageOuterShad.jpg   900x900 130762 bytes 2012.04.04

After Unbirth!

Deamona has unbirthed an entire, small taur! This is the outerside shot of her happy and pregnant.\r\nDeamona copyright her player

Tags: unbirth preg deamona leopard full taur outside female  
Image: FingerCamInk.jpg   900x900 116292 bytes 2012.06.16

Roxy on Webcam - Fingering

Another lineart for Roxy, this time she's on webcam! Fingering herself of course.\r\nRoxy copyright her player

Tags: web cam finger female fox canine masturbate exhibition  
Image: FixedKezlickShad.jpg   2400x1200 353734 bytes 2012.05.22

Kezlick Reference

A commissioned Ref pic for Kezlick, Drayk's mate ^^ Fun with color, this one, lol...\r\nKezlick copyright his player

Tags: dragon male purple ref kezlick drake  
Image: FlamCruxShad.jpg   1200x1200 250580 bytes 2012.12.19

Flame Swen. Posing!

Flame's cute little Crux form as she louges on the couch nude. Hehe her tail is a tank to hold milk that she makes <3 \r\nFlame copyright Flame Soulis

Tags: female milk crux naked pose tail pump perked ears green black  
Image: FlatTongueBigger.jpg   900x1400 237093 bytes 2012.02.24

At the Vorelesque Cabaret!

A stage set for both predator and prey. Sound like fiction? Not so! I drew this as a comission for a Cabaret made exclusively for the hungry. In this case, a lovely Cow with an iguana within!

Tags: cow bovine vore female iguana carnivore swallow  
Image: FlyingCunny.jpg   720x720 57345 bytes 2014.03.22

Flying Cunny

Hehe another for Himeric, one of a gryphoness after using the gaping potion, now it is so windy, she just can't resist showing off those lips!\r\n

Tags: labia wind unusual stretch vulva female strange gaping  
Image: ForLatersShad.jpg   900x900 151429 bytes 2012.05.19

For Later!

Hehe myself as a Thylacine, Stuffing little Star down into my pouch for a super good snack later ^^\r\nStar copyright his Player

Tags: Thylacine female pouch micro fox kitsune male vore  
Image: FoxyposeShad.jpg   900x900 137300 bytes 2012.03.10

A Valko Foxy Butt!

A commission from Valko of himself. Happily waiting for that cock. Hehe yes it's a male herm, and he's got the sergal hood too ^^\r\nValko copyright his player

Tags: fox herm pose male blue naked sergal hood canine cock  
Image: FrecklesNeroShadt.jpg   900x1700 176841 bytes 2012.08.12

Freckles and Nero

Awwr. Freckles is your not so typical T-Rex police officer! And Nero luvs him, so he hugged his leg ^^\r\nCharacters copyright shorty

Tags: dino dinosaur t rex tyrannosaurus male human hug vore macro  
Image: Freezy2Shad.jpg   900x900 157342 bytes 2012.05.06

Freezy Gulps!

Freezy Tailrazor again, this time gobbling up a canine of some sort!\r\nFreezy copyright her player

Tags: freezy lizard snake naga vore female canine insect horde  
Image: FreezyBdySjhad.jpg   864x864 89775 bytes 2013.06.18

Freezy Birthday Gift

Freezy comissioned this as a gift for her best friend. He's copyright his player, and a sexy naga he is ^^

Tags: male naga twin cocks masturbation birthday  
Image: FreezyIbnked.jpg   900x900 179132 bytes 2012.04.21

Freezy Tailrazor

A sexy little thing I had the honor of befriending. She's sexy and sweet as pure sugar.\r\nFreezy copyright her player

Tags: freezy insect hybrid scale lizard female sexy  
Image: FreezyRef.jpg   1152x864 134573 bytes 2013.06.18

Ref Sheet - Freezy Tailrazor

A ref Sheet for Freezy, another fun one to do, the colors turned out strikingly amazing on this one though I think it could have maybe turned out even better.

Tags: freezy insect snake woman beauty pretty ref sheet female herm breeder  
Image: FrekSnugglesShad.jpg   900x900 114127 bytes 2012.09.12

Freckles Snuggles

Hehe, Freckles and Nero Snuggling sweetly, one of the easier, cute comissions.\r\nCharacters copyright Shorty

Tags: nero freckles dinosaur t rex human snuggle  

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