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Image: annihilation.gif   500x720 35181 bytes 2001.04.03

My char I RP, Annihilation. Been a character of mine for awhile, and I've been meaning to upload a picture, but then I haven't been doing so good lately in drawing... Annihilation (c) me.

Image: bloodgale.gif   500x394 16956 bytes 2000.12.09

A picture of my chacater, BloodGale. He's a pup, but here he looks more grown-up... (c) me

Image: boredem.gif   500x482 118406 bytes 2001.01.06

I'm bored... thus this came out of the depths of my mind. Look, I hand colored it. So it sucks, I still like the picture. (c) me.\n

Image: catthingyripoff.gif   500x729 143954 bytes 2001.07.16

Neat-lookin', it's the same kinda thing as just some creature.. only better? (c) me.

Image: chia.gif   450x569 44821 bytes 2001.01.08

It's a request.. done for Chiassai (I think that's how ya spell it). I offered to do it for her... so I had to get it done.... Chia (c) her player, picture (c) me. *must copyright everything... just in case Shadow decides to steal something... pretend like you understand.*\n

Image: clod.gif   450x791 82058 bytes 2001.01.23

Clod.... Erm, Cloud... no, wait! That's Dis! After three hours of FF7, this is what happened. (c) me.

Image: deathh.jpg   414x229 12255 bytes 2000.11.18

Colored this for a friend... also Risk. Uh, I suppose this is (c) him... and the little flood fill part is (c) me...\n

Image: determination.gif   400x303 78748 bytes 2001.03.25

...Sultan Pride, now and forever.... (c) me.

Image: disbone.jpg   400x328 21034 bytes 2000.12.06

Finally, damn scanner decided to work. It's Distort.... with a bone. .... *nods. Silence settles in* Well... um.... (c) me.\n

Image: disbone2.jpg   400x328 22267 bytes 2001.02.13

You know that old picture of Dis with a bone? This is the same one. Only better looking, and ment for a black backround. (c) me.

Image: disneedshelp.gif   500x687 235174 bytes 2001.02.05

Somebody slap Dis. (c) me.

Image: distort2.jpg   400x272 22084 bytes 2000.10.15

OK, look me straight in the face and say, "This picture does not kick ass." Can't, can you? Heh. I've finally mastered PSP6. Distort (c) me.\n

Image: hunter.jpg   500x310 19687 bytes 2001.01.28

ShadowHunter, an old friend and now a little more. Shadow (c) her player, picture (c) me.

Image: hybrid.gif   400x334 30147 bytes 2001.01.01

What I was doing while everybody else celabrated the fact that the earth has rotated around the sun again. This is a picture of my friend's... or friends'... hybrid, Rip. He's part "lion, tiger, hyena, wolf, *poisonous* snake, python, 'n' one other. Eeevill... (c) to Hunter and Disa.\n

Image: hybridhyena.gif   500x392 16887 bytes 2001.02.24

No, there is no color. This guy here is called Saberneo, or Neosaber. I haven't decided yet. He's a hybrid created in a lab, part of the Sabersmith hybrid project. But this doesn't belong to Sabersmith, he belongs to me. I convinced him to let him be part of the "branch." He looks like a hyena. *shrugs* (c) me.

Image: hyena2.gif   500x392 38169 bytes 2001.02.25

The Saber hybrid, colored, and properly named Neo Saber. Eh hem. Thank you Sabersmith. *sot* Well, he's (c) me. Surprise surprise

Image: justsomecreature.gif   450x466 118933 bytes 2001.04.30

Just some creature. Kinda cat like. Red 13 like. Oh, well, inspired by some art I saw. It's not finished, probably never will be, but I like it. And I don't get enough hand colored art up I guess. (c) me.

Image: kitty.gif   258x174 11234 bytes 2001.04.16

Sorta a request 3D type thing. Whee! (c) me.

Image: landscape.gif   480x360 85882 bytes 2001.04.22

Fun with 3Dness. A landscape created in Bryce- special. (c) me.

Image: leper2.gif   500x401 35309 bytes 2001.06.27

Leper Priest in color! No, he really doesn't look like that in Neopets, but I'm working on it. Leper Priest the eyrie (c) me.

Image: leper5.gif   600x540 73474 bytes 2001.06.28

Interesting. Leper Priest, again, sorta... rearing or something... and cawing... with a background of the sun. I like the lighting and whatnot. Leper and image (c) me.

Image: leperfront.gif   500x815 64257 bytes 2001.06.28

Alright, alright, this'll be the last one of Leper... for awhile. (c) me.

Image: lucidblood.gif   500x563 52405 bytes 2001.01.06

Lucid Blood, part coyote, part wolf. I should be working on requests... hell, never get around to half of them, but I just couldn't help this one. Now that I got my lamp drawing out of the way... y'know, the one with the wings... I can continue on with *normal* drawings. (c) me.\n

Image: maka.jpg   500x410 25142 bytes 2001.04.17

'Tis Makavelli. I didn't know how I was supposed to do the scars on the eyes, so I just kinda did what I thought looked best. Hn. This is actually a pretty good picture, I was getting tired of drawing wolves just standing still... and at first I uploaded the .gif image, but it looked so bad I made it a .jpg picture. Better turn out OK. Maka (c) her player, image (c) me.

Image: osiris.jpg   480x270 26429 bytes 2000.07.30

This is Osiris... don't have much to say about him, except he's (c) me\n

Image: pathetic.gif   400x550 157209 bytes 2001.02.21

Something I drew in first grade. I was damn proud of it at the time, and was until I got into 5th grade. Don't ask me why I scanned it. I just did. Oh, yes, on the back we had this little guessing game. The teacher would put stuff into a jar, and we would guess how much was in it. It was done in Feb., and so we were guessing how many candy hearts there was. I guessed 10. There was 98. (c) me

Image: ranik.gif   500x530 31807 bytes 2001.04.29

Castle Marl is coming back again, and just because I'm a CM freak. Ranik (c) me.

Image: rekk2.gif   300x292 42537 bytes 2000.09.23

Naw, he doesn't have the chicken pox, just red shimmers. I think it turned out pretty cool, with all the coloring and stuff. Rekk (c) me.\n

Image: risk.jpg   500x610 35570 bytes 2000.11.12

Gotta be my best picture yet. Done for Risk, coulda tell? (Had to make it nice for my cult leader...) Risk (c) his player, the picture (c) me.\n

Image: saberixx.gif   500x464 43868 bytes 2001.02.01

Saberixx, made from the genes of Sabersmith. Another lab hybrid. I did this one for my friend, Sabersmith. He's a artist too, and I was showing him how some markings might look... 'cause we were working some out for 'Ixx... eh yea. Saberixx (c) Sabersmith, picture (c) me.

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